A Complete Guide For Successful Pre-launch ICO Marketing

A Complete Guide For Successful Pre-launch ICO Marketing

A Complete Guide For Successful Pre-launch ICO Marketing

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A Complete Guide For Successful Pre-launch ICO Marketing

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a process of raising funds for a crypto project. It is similar to an IPO, where investors purchase company shares. ICO marketing’s best practices involve utilizing a set of tools designed for promoting an ICO chain, with the primary goal of attracting as much attention as possible and accumulating financial resources.

How To Promote Your Initial Coin Offering (Ico):

There are several steps involved in initiating a pre-launch ICO marketing strategy. The listed below are the primary steps to achieve a successful ICO marketing strategy.

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A well-designed website can act as the foundation for the pre-launch ICO marketing strategies. A good website provides an impression to the target audience. The website should be well-optimized, easy to navigate, and with a simple design that will enable visitors to extract as much information as possible in the shortest time possible. A website that has a lot of unnecessary information can drive visitors away which will hurt the impression of the user’s ICO marketing.

To Post Everything About Ico On The Website:

Providing as much information as possible about ICO on the website creates trust among the visitors hence promoting the user’s ICO. Easily accessible information also attracts quality traffic to the website. And to tap this quality traffic, ensure that the website is provided with a call to action function where investors can invest in the pre-sale.

Use Social Media To Reach The Cryptocurrency Community:

Social media is an essential tool for the success of a pre-launch ICO marketing campaign. The difference between the success and failure of an ICO lies in how the communication about the user’s ICO is delivered to the target audience. Social media platforms provide a great opportunity to promote the ICO project and build trust among the community and potential investors.

Some of the commonly used social media platforms for the promotion of ICO marketing strategies are listed below.


There are many Facebook groups and pages that discuss blockchains, ICO, and cryptocurrency. This would be a good social media platform to update the community and build the ICO.


Reddit is one of the largest social media platform communities in the world. Reddit exposes the user’s ICO to the largest community of cryptocurrency. Users can tap into this exposure by creating subreddits as well as commenting on the already-created threads.


Telegram holds the potential of being the next big performer in community building and messaging. This platform is growing each day and has been embraced by the crypto community. This makes it a must-use platform for ICO marketing.

PR and Media Outreach:

Once the website is ready, the user needs to do an extensive public relations outreach. The best and most effective method to give your pre-launch ICO marketing project a large outreach is the use of press releases. There are several top-tier websites that the user can approach to publish the press release. Some of these sites are specific to crypto and therefore help the user to reach the intended audience. While most of these sites require the user to pay a premium, there are other outlets that will be happy to publish quality well-written content for free.

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In order to maximize the outreach, the user needs to do prior extensive market research and create good relationships with top-tier websites. The secret to doing it yourself lies in creating good content that can go viral easily.

Key Elements For Success:

The user may choose any marketing strategy to promote his/her Initial Coin Offering (ICO), when there is heavy competition, the user should focus on the key elements that would give them the edge over their competitors.

The listed below are the key elements for success:

Target the appropriate audience:

Despite the rising popularity of cryptocurrency, it does not mean that all masses should be targeted for the promotion of ICO. The user will end up spending a lot of time and resources for very little response. In order to be on the right track, ensure to understand the target audience and direct the efforts to that particular group. Segmenting the audience helps the user in choosing the right marketing campaign for each group. This way, the user receives better results.

Seek advice from ICO marketing service agency advisors:

An ICO expert has the required experience to help the user to promote the ICO. Therefore, the user should retain an ICO advisor to assist in overseeing the project. This will reduce the losses that come with putting efforts into non-productive ventures.

Make the offer to be transparent:

The most important thing to make an ICO successful is to make it transparent. Transparency creates trust and confidence in the buyers, which increases the funds collected during the initial offering. To create confidence among buyers, give information to all team members behind the project. The user should also give all financial information. Making people ask questions about the ICO is a crucial step. So, the user should make sure to have a very responsive team on all online platforms to respond to potential buyers’ questions and concerns.

To make an ICO compliant:

ICO is a relatively new venture, and as such compliance is very important. There is a need for any ICO to be compliant for potential customers to think of investing in it. If the user wants to be successful in this field, he/she must make sure to follow all the guidelines from the word go. This will help the user to make his/her ICO strategy successful.

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