Why Uber for Maids Are In Vogue?

Why Uber for Maids Are In Vogue?

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Gone are the days when we could only get the cabs with a single tap on our smartphones. Uber is at our doorstep for many other services which is considered the most hectic task! It has been our savior for so long now that we almost forgot about giving recognition to one the biggest issue of our nation that is, finding maids for our household chores and to run other different errands. Haven’t each one of us once in our life regretted about fighting with our maid and had to ultimately end up doing all the work on our own?

In the world where most of the people are busy getting their lives and careers on the track, our house is the one who suffers the most. It needs to be cleaned and organized too. A house is a most essential part of a human beings life and therefore needs special attention. So, enough of appreciating and digging into the need for maids, Let’s get to know more about on-demand app development like Uber for Maids. And, what it has to surprise us and make our lives easier and bring the missing pieces to us.

Why is “Uber for Maids” Special?

There are quite many examples and features that make Uber for Maids a standalone concept in the market.

Most popular apps are getMaid, Handy, Dazzling Cleaning, Dectar etc.

Such apps are utilized for hiring services like house cleaning, apartment cleaning, furniture cleaning, or availing routine maid tasks.  What benefits Uber for Maids provide? Let’s see.

Benefits to service providers / admin

No matter if you function as an individual or a company, you can sign up with house cleaning apps and make your services of supplying maids and servants to reach the highest pace and can manage it too within the same platform. This app makes easy for the service providers to track payments and provide their customers with the best of experience.

Benefits to maids, helpers, and others

Just like how Uber has three dimensional view i.e. taxi drivers, customers and admin panel – Uber for Maids also falls in the same category.  With Uber for maids, anyone who wants to provide services like home cleaning, cooking, washing, laundry etc. can get registered. They no need to search for hirers. They can have a choice of jobs, rates and job seekers.

Benefits to end-users (customers)

It is obviously the customers for whom all these services are designed. So, let’s have a look at what they will be acknowledged with when they will use house cleaning apps. They have an option to choose from the wide range of maids and helpers signed up with the app according to the service they want to avail. Not to forget, they are all registered maids with a foolproof background verification. After signing up to the app, one can hire personal maids and helpers too. Special needs and suitable timings can be provided by the customers for better experience; some of the features are:

Search for the perfect candidate

The users can find the perfect candidate or the maid according to their requirements and the services that they require.

Schedule and book according to the suitable timings

The next step is to book the maid or the house help according to the timings that suit the user.

Services will be provided when the maid reaches your destination

All the timely tasks that are being performed by the maid is updated in real time on the app.

Payment method to be decided

After all the tasks are performed by the maid, the payment is made either by cash or card.

Let’s Get Into Tech-aspects of Uber For Maids

If we study the technical aspects, these are the features one can get in ondemand home cleaning apps.

User identification

This feature is designed for the maids. And, it helps them to see the  details of the user and their locations prior to accepting the job offered by  the user.

Pay through cards

Payments are not only limited to be paid through cash as it is done   in traditional methods, but the app also provides the users to pay through credit and debit cards.

In-app navigation

Reaching the user is not a hectic or difficult task as the app provides proper navigation for the maids to reach the destination hassle-free.

Wallet payment

The app provides a payment mode in which a user can pay through   in-app wallets.

Schedule booking

Managing the timing according to which the booking has been scheduled  is taken care properly by the admins of the app.

Instant chat and push notifications

There is a feature in the app which provides a place for the direct  conversation with the maid to stay organized and informed about the tasks and status of the maids. These features are notified through the feature of push   notifications.

Maids availability switching

Maid needs to stay online to accept a job with a single click. Therefore, the online/offline status of the app helps in determine the availability of a particular maid.

Job history details and background checks

Maid and the user can easily track the information about the jobs done by the maid in the past.

Transaction history

All the detailed transactions are provided in the app including all the services taken by the user.

Detailed profile view

Users can have a brief look at the maid and the services provided by them and the prices for each service.

Bank details

Maids can add the banking information to use them in the future.

Loyalty programs

Admin can provide promotional offers and coupon codes for the users and maid to keep them intact with the app and take its advantages for a longer period of time.

Over to you! 

Uber for Maids

Undoubtedly, the market opportunity for an on-demand cleaning service is huge. Such services allow you to spare time from busy schedule and cheer up with friends and families. Moreover, getting cleaning and maintenance done from professionals ensures best quality at affordable rates.  Day by day generations are getting busier. Everyone constantly hunts for novel and innovative ways to get tasks done, so why not Uber for Maids?  Do let us know about your opinions.


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