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Why Salesforce is a necessity for your logistics business

Why Salesforce is a necessity for your logistics business

Why Salesforce is a necessity for your logistics business

Customer satisfaction and loyalty drive growth and sustained profitability. However, if your clients aren’t happy, sales will drop and in the end you may lose your business. This is especially true for the highly competitive transportation industry, where customers are often very selective about Logistics Service Providers (LSPs). They look not just at affordable prices and on-time delivery, but at the overall quality of interactions. Therefore, to keep your customers contented and deliver them exceptional experience, you need to empower your business with a Salesforce solution.

Capture more value from relations with your customers

The use of Salesforce is a best practice approach for a wide range of businesses, including logistics, transportation, shipping and freight forwarding. It helps optimize customer service, manage the sales pipeline, drive successful marketing campaigns, identify and retain valuable customers, encourage unstable ones to spend more, etc.

Salesforce can help you strengthen relationships with your clients and thereby gain a competitive advantage over other LSPs. Salesforce is the right tool for you to:

  • Take advantage of the complete view of interactions and communications with customers
  • Design customer service strategies
  • Determine factors that affect customer behavior
  • Understand the actual and potential value of customers
  • Define your most valuable customers
  • Analyze customer feedback
  • Discover customer preferences
  • Find CRM levers that are most effective in ensuring customer loyalty
  • Deliver better all-round customer service
  • Win back customers gone over to competitors
  • Optimize business workflows.

Your 5 key benefits

Consider the following 5 benefits for your logistics and transportation business:

  • Maximized quality of customer service
  • Strengthened marketing and sales
  • Improved image of your business
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Increased profit.

Why choose Salesforce

Maintaining strong collaborative relations with customers is a strategic imperative for your logistics business. In comparison to out-of-the-box software, customizable IT solutions are designed to streamline and automate processes within your particular organization in the most efficient way. With a Salesforce, you can flexibly and quickly plan, design, implement, and execute a number of customer-oriented initiatives. Tailored to the specific needs and priorities of your company, Salesforce is the very instrument you need to succeed.

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