What are the Best Upcoming ICOs?

What are the Best Upcoming ICOs?

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What are the Best Upcoming ICOs

Initial Coin Offerings, also known as “ICOs,” are a crucial component of the cryptocurrency world that allow companies to raise money by offering tokens to early adopters. These ICOs then allow investors to make enormous gains if the project ultimately lists on a major exchange, albeit not all ICOs will make it to this point.

This article explores ten of the most promising best upcoming ICOs, explaining what they are and how every token functions before listing numerous factors that make ICOs a sound choice for investors.

Discovering New Upcoming ICOs

Thanks to the phenomenal expansion of the bitcoin sector over the past few years, finding new ICOs to follow is now simpler than ever. Here are just a few methods that investors employ to find ICO projects:

  • Providing real-time information on new projects, social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter have developed into useful tools for cryptocurrency investors. Many of the top cryptocurrency YouTube channels also cover forthcoming ICOs in-depth and objectively.
  • Much like an NFT calendar, ICO calendars present an overview of upcoming ICO projects, along with the date that they are set to launch and close. The calendar offered by CoinMarketCap is an excellent tool as it clearly shows when each ICO will begin and the funding goal for each project.
  • ICO calendars, like NFT calendars, provide a summary of forthcoming ICO projects along with the dates when they are scheduled to open and close. The CoinMarketCap calendar is a great resource since it makes it obvious when each ICO will launch and what its financing target is for each project.

Best New ICO Crypto Projects

The list of the best ICOs given above was compiled using extensive study and analysis, making sure that each project has the potential to gain value. Let’s take a closer look at each of these best crypto icos to invest in, discussing their use cases & roadmaps:

1. Meta Masters Guild 

The concept of play-to-earn (P2E) is turned on its head by the new virtual gaming cryptocurrency platform known as Meta Masters Guild. Meta Masters Guild is leading the way in the play and earn (P&E) paradigm, which discourages people from playing to make money. Users come to play high-quality games, so the revenue is a bonus.

This is significant because it implies that Meta Masters Guild will attract users over the long term rather than only in the initial weeks when the platform starts. Since consumers come for the games rather than simply for the money, it also enables the enterprise to be more financially viable.

The fact that Meta Masters Guild is releasing many games for users to try sets it apart from other P2E initiatives. Three games—Meta Kart Racers, Raid NFT, & Meta Masters World—are included in the initial release. Players can possess their virtual goods as NFTs in each of these games. Additionally, they get Gems, which can be exchanged for the project’s native cryptocurrency, MEMAG, or used to buy more NFT products. MEMAG may be staked to Meta Masters Guild by users to reinvest in the system and get benefits. A 5% royalty charge across all NFT sales goes to the project’s treasury. The money raised may be put to use creating new games, forming alliances with renowned players, and giving Meta Masters Guild additional features.

MEMAG is still up for presale, and an ICO will happen right after that. And over $1.25 million has been raised for the project by Meta Masters Guild. Pre-sale MEMAG tokens, which made up 35% of the project’s finite amount of 1 billion MEMAG tokens, are almost completely gone. Investors can purchase MEMAG tokens at a reduced cost of 0.013 USDT for 1 MEMAG during the current presale stage. The MEMAG token will be listed by the project’s development team at 0.023 USDT during the ICO.

2. FightOut 

In Q1 2023, FightOut will hold an ICO for its native coin, $FGHT. Only 10% of the limited quantity is available for exchange liquidity, therefore investors anticipating this ICO must think about purchasing the token during its presale. Due to the restricted supply and high demand brought on by the tremendous exposure, it will get during its listing, $FGHT is anticipated to climb during that time. This token’s potential for growth isn’t just due to its rarity; it also rewards users who are committed to leading active lifestyles.

Investing in FightOut tokens now, during the presale, will help investors avoid paying excessive prices during the ICO for $FGHT. The very first stage of the presale is presently being hosted by FightOut, allowing early buyers to purchase the currency for $0.016. Throughout the presale, the coin’s value will not change, but investors will get bonus coins based on their investments and vesting schedules. Early investors now have an edge over those who purchase $FGHT throughout its ICO because of this.

The fact that 90% of the 10 billion capped supply is made accessible during the presale is another benefit of purchasing this currency before its ICO. As opposed to fewer coins at possibly higher pricing on exchanges, more coins are offered at lower prices. Users of FightOut get in-app cash known as REPS in exchange for completing workouts, developing the community, & earning badges. With $FGHT tokens, users may purchase more REPS or exchange them for FightOut goods, NFTs, and virtual trainer sessions. The tokens may also be used to join FightOut gyms, which will soon be opening in major cities all over the world.

3. C+Charge (CCHG)

C+Charge is an industry-leading project looking to expedite the adoption of carbon credits by rewarding EV drivers for charging their vehicles. C+Charge has already raised nearly 30,000 USDT within days of its stage 1 presale launch. Buyers have the option to buy the $CCHG tokens at a discounted price of 0.013 USDT per token. Traders should consider buying the tokens while the prices are still low.

An innovative startup called C+Charge wants to speed up the use of carbon offsets by compensating EV drivers for charging their cars. Within days after the introduction of its stage 1 presale, C+Charge already raised close to 30,000 USDT. The price reduction of 0.013 USDT per token is available to those who wish to purchase the $CCHG tokens. Traders must think about purchasing the tokens now, while they are still inexpensive.

Additionally, the organization has developed an app for its customers that enables them to instantly follow the status of their carbon credit balances. Additionally, EV drivers may monitor real-time data on costs, wait times at charging stations, as well as other things. The distinctive C+Charge app has a geolocation function that enables users to find the closest charging station. To learn more about these features, customers may download the project’s whitepaper.

4. RobotEra

In the brand-new metaverse world of RobotEra, users may participate in a digital ecosystem by adopting the form of robots. These Robots are issued as NFTs, and they may be bought using TARO, the project’s native cryptocurrency, which is presently undergoing its ICO. VC investments in crypto games have grown in 2022, rising by 33% to a predicted $12 billion for the year. At a moment when investors are eager to buy new gaming assets with high usefulness, TARO is launching its initial coin offering.

The RobotEra ecosystem also includes virtual land that may be exchanged on the in-game market, aside from Robot NFTs. By completing in-game tasks, staking TARO tokens to generate interest, and sometimes even mining tokens themselves, players may obtain prizes. The TARO token was on presale in November 2022 for about $0.020 per token. Three rounds of this future ICO will distribute 90 million tokens each. The hard cap for the ICO is $6.93 million. Since their ICO, the value of other cryptocurrency game ventures like The Sandbox & Axie Infinity has soared by over 1000 times.

5. IMPT 

Another brand-new cryptocurrency project, IMPT, launched its ICO in 2022’s fourth quarter. The presale for IMPT generated $20.5 million, and on December 14th, 2022, the tokens will be sold on the decentralized market Uniswap. By filling their accounts on December 13 at 10:00 and trading the currency on December 14 at 10:00, investors may also purchase IMPT on the controlled exchange LBank. Contrary to many new cryptocurrency initiatives, which find it difficult to live up to their early excitement owing to having few practical applications or value, IMPT is addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time: climate change.

Providing carbon credits that may be purchased or obtained while shopping, will do this. After being screened and approved, the initiatives and organizations may utilize the credits to help finance them.

With IMPT’s worldwide leaderboard for tracking the carbon footprint scores of people and businesses, credits can be purchased, kept, or retired to earn one-of-a-kind NFTs and points. IMPT has previously engaged with companies like Amazon, Microsoft, and LEGO, as well as others, and its doxxed staff has years of senior expertise in a variety of commercial and telecom sectors.

Throughout 2022, Best ICOs outperformed the bear market and offered investors significant value. IMPT has been selected as the top cryptocurrency project of the year by unbiased websites CoinCodex.com and CryptoPresales.com and appears to be one of the finest future cryptocurrencies thanks to the development of a project that offers a practical use case.

6. Tamadoge

Tamadoge raised its price three times during the presale after its July 2022 launch, from $0.01 to $0.03, earning $19 million and selling out in less than eight weeks. Following its debut on OKX, TAMA has maintained its upward momentum and is presently trading at just under $0.09, up about 900% from the opening price of the presale and 300% from the list price.

On October 5, the currency will now list on LBank and MEXC, while a listing request for Binance has also been made. Forecasters anticipate the coin’s price to increase once again as a result of this news and an impending NFT drop that will release shortly. The P2E game’s use cases are one of the primary causes of its early success. This NFT game’s main advantage is that it lets players earn prizes while vying for the top spots on the scoreboard. To raise their pets, players may purchase food NFTs and toys NFTs. Players are ranked in this cryptocurrency game based on how well-developed their pets are. The most TAMA, the platform’s native token, is awarded to the top-ranked participants. The prize money comes from the prize pool.

7. Battle Infinity 

Search no further than Battle Infinity for ICOs in 2023. A variety of play-to-earn (P2E) games is included in the upcoming blockchain-based gaming platform Battle Infinity, which is built around a vibrant virtual environment. As a result, Battle Infinity aims to take a novel approach to the market by fusing the expanding idea of the metaverse with the possibility of gaming-based revenue.

With its presale sold out in just 24 days and a subsequent 700% increase after launching on PancakeSwap, Battle Infinity has already established itself as one of the top ICOs of the year. Users have a lot of opportunities to produce rewards valued in $IBAT, Battle Infinity’s native coin.

Last but not least, the Battle Infinity team also unveiled its roadmap, which includes even more alluring features. The Battle Infinity platform allows users to own virtual land plots, which they can use to advertise on billboards and increase their income. This is one of the most famous features. All things considered, these qualities work together to make this new endeavor one to keep an eye on in the coming weeks. Battle Infinity has subsequently been listed on LBank, and the project appears to be on track for significant development with other listings in the works and a current market valuation of $40 million.

8. O-MEE 

O-MEE is another of the top emerging ICOs to keep an eye on. O-MEE is a social subscription network and NFT market that enables artists to profitably advertise their work. The subscription element of O-MEE will enable content producers to get paid for their work, whether it be digital art, movies, photography, or anything else, through adaptable pricing schemes.

O-MEE will provide users the ability to follow others, like material, and interact, just like other social networks. The network’s native currency, $OME, which has several applications inside the ecosystem, will be the focus of this next ICO. Purchases of NFTs, contributions to content producers, staking, yield farming, and governance are a few examples.

As a result, O-MEE appears to have a good chance of being one of the top ICOs of the year, which is made even more likely by the project’s strong community support. Over 46,000 people follow O-MEE on Twitter, while the project’s Telegram group is getting close to 70,000 members. Overall, it appears that as 2023 approaches, this new ICO coin will enjoy a bright future.

9. Fusotao 

Fusotao is a trustworthy verification protocol for order book-based matching systems that aims to provide the best DeFi exchanges more scalability. The core philosophy of Fusotao is to “execute off-chain, verify on-chain,” allowing programmers to leverage the protocol for developing decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

As a result, Fusotao will give these exchanges reduced latency and zero-cost GAS, giving them a performance on par with the greatest cryptocurrency exchanges. This will be accomplished by implementing an innovative method—an order book-based system—into DEXs. Users will still have total control over their assets despite the fact that this is clearly a novel method.

The Fusotao protocol’s native token, $TAO, has a 100 million total supply. The majority of these tokens will be used for community incentives, which let network users profit from staking and validation. Fusotao appears to be one of the most popular new ICOs for 2023 overall because of its distinctive use case.

10. MetaClash

MetaClash is yet another excellent forthcoming ICO to be aware of. As stated in the project’s whitepaper, MetaClash is an interesting P2E game built on the blockchain. Players can create their own Digital Avatars of Destruction, which are NFT-structured avatars within the game. As players go through the game, these avatars may be improved, giving them more abilities and speed.

This awesome NFT project offers players a variety of in-world factions to join and was made using the Unreal Engine. Players may engage in combat with other players to receive prizes, and they also have the option of upgrading their avatars by locating auto components inside the virtual environment of MetaClash. Players can also buy virtual land parcels on which they can dig for resources.

To guarantee that the ecosystem functions properly, MetaClash will use a number of tokens, with $PCORE serving as the primary one. There will be 100 billion $PCORE tokens in circulation, and these tokens may be spent for acquiring land, improving avatars, and participating in government. One of the finest new ICO currencies of the year may be MetaClash as a result of its intriguing gaming components.


The opportunity to invest in a high-potential business at the beginning of its life cycle is provided by cryptocurrency ICOs. However, given the erratic nature of the cryptocurrency market, we advise investors to diversify their holdings rather than invest all of their money in a single initial coin offering (ICO).

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Nevertheless, this article has covered some of the best upcoming ICOs to take into account in 2023. Before moving on, investors should take the time to research upcoming ico projects from our list of initial coin offerings. This will help them make an informed choice. Right now, Meta Masters Guild is our top selection in the market; tokens are now available for $0.007, but they will climb to $0.023 by the end of the presale, representing a 228% gain. The initiative is creating the first mobile gaming platform specifically for Web3.


1. How can you choose a good ICO?

Examine the community and the media of that ICO. Every ICO must have a sizable and, most importantly, open and welcoming community. In general, a live Slack or Telegram conversation for all investors is a particularly promising indicator. Alternative sources such as Facebook, Twitter, or Reddit might be extremely useful when evaluating an ICO.

2. What is the process for buying ICO tokens?

There are five steps for buying ICO tokens which are proper research on the ICOs, registering for the ICO, setting aside funds for payment, exchanging, receive & store your ICO purchase.

3. How can an ICO be successful?

When ICOs disclose more data to investors (i.e., have a higher profile rating), receive higher quality ratings from cryptocurrency experts, get a pre-ICO GitHub repository, hold a presale, forgo bonus schemes, have shorter planned, and other factors, they are more successful at raising money and ICO.

4. Why should you invest in ICOs?

Initial coin offers are a well-liked method of raising money for goods and services that are typically connected to cryptocurrencies. ICOs resemble initial public offerings, but the coins that are created in an ICO may also be useful for a software service or product. Investors have received payouts from a few ICOs.

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