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  • They are built on similar technology; they both use AI(Artificial Intelligence) for advanced user interface and also semantic web
  • They are both in the early stages
  • They both evolve with changes in blockchain technology

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  • OBJECTIVE; web3 objective is to create a decentralized and democratic internet while metaverse wants to establish an interactive 3D reality for users’ effortless and realistic interactions.
  • APPLICATION; Web 3.0 is the process engine that uses the blockchain’s advances while metaverse uses web3 advances to function properly and grant access to users.
  • OWNERSHIP BATTLE; the goal of web3 is to make the internet a public-controlled property, an example is BTC, while the goal of a metaverse is to facilitate full ownership of one’s intellectual property
  • PERCEPTION OF REALITY; Web 3.0 is primarily concerned with who will rule and govern the internet in the future(this is because they want the people to rule), and the Metaverse is concerned with how users will interact with it.
  • APPLICATION; web3 has applications like Bitcoin(the first and largest cryptocurrency), Apple siri, and Opensea, while metaverse has features like online shopping, NFT, and video games.

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