Top 10 NFT Minting Platforms to Watch Out

Top 10 NFT Minting Platforms to Watch Out

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

NFT or a non-fungible token is a unit of data kept within a blockchain or digital ledger that identifies a digital asset as entirely unique and non-interchangeable. A non-fungible token is usually held on the Ethereum blockchain. The digital asset which an NFT identifies can be a video, a painting, an audio snippet, a video clipping, a GIF, a video collectible item, and the list continues. Although the non-fungible tokens function as cryptographic tokens, they are not interchangeable mutually like the cryptocurrencies which means that each of the non-fungible tokens is able to represent an entirely different asset and possess starkly alternate values. The non-fungible tokens are technologically quite advanced that provide the opportunity to be integrated across a wide array of use cases like collectibles, real estate, gaming, music revolutions, and a number of others.

What is NFT Minting?

NFT minting refers to the process of turning digital art into a part of the Ethereum blockchain as a public ledger. It is the process that makes digital art become a part of the Ethereum blockchain that is tamper-proof and unchangeable. It is a similar process by which metal coins are minted and added to circulation. Similar to the process of creating coins through minting, the addition of non-fungible tokens to a blockchain is referred to as NFT minting. The non-fungible tokens are also tokens that get “minted” once they are created. The digital artwork is represented as a non-fungible token so that it can then be easily purchased as well as traded in the market. These tokens can be tracked digitally as it is resold or collected again in the time to come.

Concept of NFT Minting Platforms

Now, we have an idea about NFTs and NFT minting. So, let us understand the meaning of NFT minting platforms. These platforms are specially created platforms that play a significant role in the facilitation of the creation, buying, as well as selling of NFTs or non-fungible tokens. NFT minting platforms allow the creators or artists to mint non-fungible tokens. These platforms enable the artist and creators to mint NFTs and sell them on an NFT marketplace to the buyers who are interested to own an NFT on the blockchain. Let us now have a look at the top 10 NFT minting platforms to watch out for in the year 2021.

1. Rarible

Rarible is a creator-centric NFT minting platform or marketplace that comes with a community governance program. Moreover, Rarible is the first NFT marketplace that is community-owned. The users can very easily create, sell or collect digital items or assets secured with blockchain. Non-fungible tokens happen to be unique digital items like collectibles, artworks, or game items. As an artist, you need to make sure that your artwork is unique and brand it as your work. This can be done by tokenizing your work and the actual ownership is managed by blockchain. RARI happens to be the native governance token of Rarible.

2. Xooa

Xooa is another of the top NFT minting platforms that allow users of all blockchain expertise levels to create NFT marketplaces as well as other blockchain applications on the cloud fast via a streamlined interface that is quite easy to use. The users can make the most use of the advantage of Xooa's low code tools, API gateway, along with a number of other powerful features in order to generate up to a 10x faster time-to-app and a 95% shorter learning curve.

3. NFT Stars

Another very popular NFT minting platform is NFT Stars. It is an NFT marketplace based out of Australia and has accumulated a unique set of products as well as services that are relevant to investors, artists, start-up founders, digital art lovers, NFT gamers, and musicians. NFT Stars follows a selection approach that happens to be quite strict. Each of the creators featured on the platform is either selected by the executive board or voted for by the community. Therefore, each of the artists present on the platform enjoys unbiased attention from the entire team and the community which happens to be like an extremely special treatment.

On this platform, the creators enjoy Gas-free minting which means that the non-fungible tokens are minted at the time of purchase and the buyer covers the costs. The platform supports the free flow of ideas and allows the artists to mint their artwork as a team through the feature of collective NFT ownership and share the proceeds equally from its sale. NFT Stars also allows each of the artists to build an AR room where they are able to display their works and host their first exhibition.

4. FTX

FTX is another popular platform to watch out for in the year 2021. It is a cryptocurrency exchange built by traders, for traders. The platform offers an array of innovative products that include options, industry-first derivatives, leveraged tokens, and volatility products. The platform happens to be sufficiently robust to be suitable for professional trading firms as well as sufficiently intuitive so as to be suitable for first-time users. The platform takes pride in having partnered and collaborated with a number of top cryptocurrency firms.

5. VeVe

VeVe is a very popular NFT minting platform and VeVe digital collectibles come in limited-edition releases. These can be purchased, sold, traded, customized, upgraded, placed in virtual showrooms, shared on social media, and many more. All these transactions can be very easily and conveniently done through the VeVe app. The collectors are able to display their collectibles and at the same time, they can also create as well as customize virtual showrooms for the purpose of showcasing their digital collectibles. In addition to this, the users can easily share this experience with other VeVe collectors around the world.

The users can conveniently move across the virtual showrooms on their phone, and even bring life to their showrooms to life in Augmented Reality and physically walk through them on their smartphone. The Augmented Reality features of this platform allow the users to stand side by side with their favorite characters and heroes, in the real world. The users can very simply scan their surroundings and just tap to drop their digital collectible in Augmented Reality.

6. MakersPlace

MakersPlace is another NFT minting platform to check out in the year 2021. All of the digital creations available on this platform are genuine and unique. The creations are signed and issued by the creator which is possible because of blockchain technology. By any chance, if the digital creation is copied, it would not be the genuine and originally signed version. Each of the creations on the platform happens to be digitally signed by the creator that is permanently recorded and verified via the blockchain.

Each one of the creations is issued as a unique digital edition. Any of the creators can make sure that only a limited number of genuine editions can be owned by making use of blockchain technology, thereby ensuring scarcity as well as the uniqueness of digital creation. Buying any unique digital creation means that the buyer is given complete ownership over the creation, which is later transferred and stored in their digital wallet for keeping it totally safe. Each of the users can simply collect unique works from amazing digital creators and show off your collection to the community.

7. Foundation

Foundation is a platform that is creating a new system of support for digital art that needs mutual respect between collectors, creators, and curators. The platform offers an unprecedentedly open cultural community and works towards creating a welcoming community that empowers creators and collectors alike. The platform always wants to center artists along with their perspectives that includes ensuring the work uploaded to the Foundation platform is authentic to the creator.

8. SuperRare

SuperRare is an NFT minting platform that is reinventing art collecting for the digital age. The platform allows anyone with an internet connection to be an art collector. SuperRare platform is authenticated by the Ethereum blockchain where the users can earn crypto and trade digital artworks from artists all over the world. The mission of the platform is to create a global art economy that happens to be an appropriate fit for the digital age. The artists issue authenticated single edition digital artworks that are certified on the Ethereum blockchain for the prevention of forgery along with providing historical provenance.

The users can make a purchase at the asking price or make an offer by simply placing a bid. Once the users own a piece, they can conveniently sell it again in the secondary market to other collectors. There are options for customizing the profile of the users for showing off their collection of art to other members across the world. The users can also display their works in a Virtual Reality gallery, digital display, or anywhere as preferred by the users. Most importantly, the creators can digitally sign their work by creating a tokenized certificate and then fix a price or let the collectors bid on the piece of art in the digital art marketplace.

9. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a very popular platform to watch out for in 2021. The platform comes with a completely functional interface that makes it superiorly easy for the users to use their NFT project. It is the premier platform for Nifties, which are digital items that can be owned by users. The platform has partnered with some of the top brands, artists, athletes, and creators so as to bring in ultra-exclusive works on-chain. Nifty Gateway was founded with the mission of making Nifties easily and conveniently accessible to everyone. The platform is a centralized, and USD-based marketplace for easy buying as well as selling Nifties.

10. NFT Showroom

NFT Showroom is a digital art NFT platform built on Hive. Hive is a free & quick blockchain that makes creation as well as a collection of rare digital art extremely simple and accessible. The creators are allowed to register their digital creations and issue rare tokens for the purpose of being traded on the platform. Hive makes the entire process of collection of rare digital art quite convenient and easy.

The users can browse through the gallery of different artists from all over the world and begin their collection. The platform is globally accessible, thereby helping to unlock a complete ecosystem of services for both the creators as well as collectors. The platform is easy to use, and inexpensive to make transactions for creators and collectors, thereby solving the problems that exist in the sphere of crypto art.


The given list presents a very clear picture of the top NFT minting platforms which the users can make use of in the year 2021. With the non-fungible tokens on the rise, the demand for the NFT minting platforms has also been on the rise. The need for these platforms is expected to further rise in the time to come. Thus, at any point in time, you are looking forward to minting an NFT, choose the right NFT minting platform to make the most out of it.

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