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Top 10 Mobile Game Development Companies in 2022

Top 10 Mobile Game Development Companies in 2022

Top 10 Mobile Game Development Company

The rising popularity of smartphones has resulted in the rise of mobile gaming. The ease of availability of smartphones and internet connection have readily propelled mobile gaming to a significant extent. This, in turn, has resulted in the demand for mobile game development companies that are experts in the field of developing superior games to offer an engaging experience to every gamer. Professional mobile game development requires a specific skill set as well as expertise, and hence it is always recommended to hire only professional service providers in the field rather than newbies.

However, the availability of a large number of service providers creates a lot of confusion among gaming companies. Choosing the right and most appropriate mobile game development company involves a lot of difficulties and hassles which need to be properly dealt with. Otherwise, the choice might not be a fruitful one, and the gaming companies might end up in a crunchy situation. In this regard, it will be ideal to go through the list of top 10 mobile game development companies, which in turn will be extremely helpful in making an informed decision.

So, let us waste no more time and directly jump into the topic to know the top 10 companies in this field and choose any one of which will ensure the delivery of fantastic results.



SoluLab is a top mobile game development company catering to the varied needs of the mobile gaming industry in the best possible manner. The proficient team of SoluLab has an in-depth understanding of the industry as well as its working procedure to ensure the delivery of apt services and solutions that fetch outstanding results. In addition to this, the team is an expert in dealing with complex gaming projects in an effortless manner.

SoluLab houses highly knowledgeable and experienced mobile game developers who have the potential to design and develop stunning games that deliver an unmatched experience to every gamer. With about ten years of experience in the mobile game development industry, SoluLab has a clear idea about the current trends in the sector to craft appropriate solutions that ensure not only fantastic results but also provide a great return on investment. Hence, SoluLab is certainly the first choice when it comes to developing mobile games.  



Fluper happens to be another name in the list of top 10 mobile game development companies. The company came into being in the year 2013, and since that time, it has been doing an exceptional job in the mobile gaming industry. The company houses an outstanding team of mobile game developers who are adequately skilled and vastly experienced to deliver stunning results, ensuring a hundred percent satisfaction among the clients.

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Most importantly, the company develops games for both Android and iOS, thereby making it easier for clients to get a complete package of services under one roof. This, in turn, eliminates the need for hiring separate mobile game developers for Android and iOS platforms. Therefore, Fluper has always remained a preferred choice among clients.



Cubix is an award-winning mobile game development company serving clients across the globe. The company has earned a lot of fame in delivering highly functional services and solutions to ensure complete satisfaction among its clients. The team of game developers in the company has a sheer level of expertise in effortlessly dealing with complex projects and delivering great results.

The company boasts of providing mobile game development solutions within a very quick turnaround time. Faster delivery has certainly been one of the major reasons for the preference of Cubix as a mobile game development company. Although the delivery time is quick, there is no compromise in the quality of work, and hence a top choice among the players in the mobile gaming industry.



Another renowned name in the field of mobile game development is Arrible. The company has been doing superb work for the past five years. Arrible came into existence in the year 2016, and within a matter of just five years, the company has been phenomenal.

With a fantastic team of game developers, Arrible had tamed down some of the most complicated mobile gaming projects quite easily and conveniently. Their superb dedication to work and strict adherence to project deadlines have made the company one of the favorites of the industry within such a short span of time in the market.

Digi Trends

Digi Trends

Digi Trends is a leading mobile game development company catering to the varied needs of the gaming industry in the best possible manner. The company knows the industry trends quite well and delivers services according to the same. It is precisely the reason why clients tend to choose Digi Trends at the time when it comes to needing the trending mobile game development services.

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Digi Trends has a team of experienced and expert mobile game developers who know exactly what to do and how to do it. The team’s expertise in the field has made them a popular choice among mobile gaming companies. Most importantly, the company has been known to deliver projects on time without any delay and hence a top option.

Nine Hertz


The Nine Hertz is one of the fast-growing and top mobile game development companies delivering high-end products into the mobile gaming space with no compromise in quality. The team of The Nine Hertz helps clients in properly identifying the risks as well as opportunities that address both challenges in the short-term and the creation of values in the long term. Hiring the team is like enlisting a top-notch development team, a highly decisive business consultant, an eminent marketing leader, and a top-notch product manager.

After its inception in the year 2008, The Nine Hertz has been creating prodigious mobile games for some well-known brands in the world. The Nine Hertz has delivered innumerable mobile games to clients globally within both native as well as cross platforms. The company is among the top mobile game development companies and will certainly be a fruitful selection when looking forward to developing superior mobile games.

Appetite Creative

Appetive Creative

If you are looking forward to hiring one of the top mobile game development companies, Appetite Creative will certainly be a very good choice. The company takes pride in announcing several awards and accolades to its name. With more than ten years of experience in the field of mobile gaming, the company has excelled in its services.

Appetite Creative has been offering highly creative services and solutions with a classic touch of innovation which is readily preferred by all clients. The team of specialists at Appetite Creative has been the pillars of the growth and success of the company since its inception.



Chimpare is another popular name at the time when it comes to the list of top 10 mobile game development companies. The company is headquartered in Whitely, Hampshire, in the United Kingdom, but its services are spread across the world. The company has offices in London, Toronto, New York, and Dubai, from where it manages its global clientele.

Chimpare has a team of highly experienced mobile game developers who possess in-depth knowledge about modern gaming tools and technologies to build stunning games. The games developed by the team of Chimpare have been known to offer unmatched gaming experiences to every gamer.  

Game Ace

Game Ace

Game Ace is an experienced campaigner in the field of mobile gaming and has been delivering high-end services for more than two decades. The company came into existence in the year 2001, and being in the industry for such a long span of time; it has deep know-how of the industry, which facilitates the delivery of suitable solutions to match the needs of clients perfectly.

Although an old member of the mobile gaming industry, the company has consistently updated itself with the latest tools and technologies to ensure the delivery of modern-world solutions giving none of the clients even a single chance to complain.  

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory

Chaos Theory is the final name that enters the list of top 10 mobile game development companies. The company focuses on bringing about social change with the use of interactive entertainment. Since its inception in the year 2012, it has successfully lived up to its mission by developing highly interactive mobile games.

The interactive and engaging mobile games built by Chaos Theory are a clear indication of the company’s prowess in the field. Most importantly, mobile game development solutions are available at a very competitive price which happens to be one of the major reasons for preference of the company.

Closing Thoughts

After reading through the post, it is clear that the top 10 mobile game development companies can be selected without any kind of hesitation. At the time when you have the list ready, it becomes immensely easy and convenient to make the most appropriate selection without much trouble. Most importantly, choosing any mobile game development company belonging to the top 10 list ensures the delivery of top-notch services, thereby not giving anyone even a single chance to complain. Moreover, the top companies house top-class mobile game developers who have in-depth knowledge about mobile games, and hence superior services can be expected.  

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