Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team in Canada

Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team in Canada

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Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team in Canada

Want to hire a dedicated software development team in Canada? 

Pairing highly skilled developers with a project guarantees successful product development. However, finding top developers is more challenging than finding a top software development company in Canada.

As the demand for developers is high these days, it makes things worse for many companies, especially those who seek out in the end and don’t get the ripest fruits that provide the taste they need. 

Let’s not forget about pricing, which plays an equal role here; because not every client can afford the high prices, they won’t be able to obtain the most specialized skills.

Not unless they come across an article such as this, which provides insights into hiring dedicated software development teams in Canada at affordable prices.

Interested? Then let’s get things going.

What Are Dedicated Software Development Teams

Before hiring dedicated software development teams, you should know some basics. 

The dedicated software development team model is a practice among companies to outsource their development to a third-party vendor worldwide.

It could be a long or short-term collaboration between the client company and the third-party outsourcing vendor where the development teams work just for the client, the same as their in-house propaganda. However, their engagement model may differ per the client company’s requirements, such as part-time, full-time, or any other.

The vendors’ teams are the key elements that work on the client’s product development phases, following all the protocols for quality development and other testing procedures to ensure flawless functioning. 

This collaboration model is best when the client company doesn’t have a defined scope for a particular project. Whether the client needs QA specialists, developers to fill the resource gaps, or any other technical role, the dedicated software dev team model is ideal for all.

The Competitive IT Market in Canada

Canada is home to some of the best top software development companies, tech giants, and startups. So even if you were to hire developers from top software development companies in Toronto or elsewhere, the competition wouldn’t let you have them.

Among the reasons for this is its possession as a growing tech hub which attracts entrepreneurs to take advantage of its momentum and rapidly create a startup or an innovation hub. 

Considering the high living cost in any city in Canada, the salaries offered to developers are indeed high, which leads local talents to join their clubs. Hence it almost becomes impossible to find and hire a dedicated software developer in Toronto or any locality of Canada who is ready to work at an affordable price.

How Do I Hire Dedicated Software Development Teams?

How Do I Hire Dedicated Software Development Teams?

Indeed the problems of finding quality developers are real in Canada, but every problem has a solution, and the following are among them.

Play Smart (Host Hackathon/Dev Events to Grab Developers)

You don’t always have to reach out to the market for resources; instead, you can host Dev events/ hackathons to lure developers. This is because the most qualified professionals don’t apply for jobs; rather, they get in touch with people with similar objectives.

For these events, you can use your marketing team’s help to develop engaging content to spread awareness of your event and host it in a tech innovation area.

This cunning strategy builds your brand image in the dev communities and attracts those interested in working with you.

You can even collaborate/sponsor events for dev communities for greater reach and to get the most qualified professionals.


  • Time-consuming
  • Costly 
  • Requires efforts to organize, plan, and host events
  • The developers may not feel aligned with your services/product development
  • If found suitable developers, they may ask for higher packages

Referral -The Good Old Method

The referral method doesn’t need any introduction; it’s among decades-old practices in which the employee suggests candidates from their connection for a particular role.

If you are an IT service provider, your developer may know some of their friends or any professional who may be interested in the role; certainly, you can use them to fill the resource gap in your teams.

You can inform all the developers and professionals via a newsletter or by using proprietary communication software in your group. And compensate for the one who gives you the most suitable candidate.


  • The developers may not be up to the mark
  • Possibility of biased refereeing
  • Costly as the developers may expect more 
  • Might get only a few members, not a team
  • Have to compensate the employee regardless of whether the developers are good or bad

Freelancers (Reliable But Not Always)

Surely this thought will strike your mind whenever you think of hiring developers, and it’s a fair deal. You can work with developers worldwide with elite skills and experience at a cost that barely covers your vehicle fuel expenses. It sounds and is a bang-for-the-buck option.

However, while opting for freelance development, you should keep some things in mind.

Get a Better Hold of Market

You should be aware of your options when considering freelance development. Mainly there are two options for freelance development; freelance sites and freelance talent marketplaces.

Freelance Sites

Upwork and Fiverr are freelancing sites where you can get developers at the lowest price. Just mention your requirements, and you will see a flood of developers raging to take on your project and promising to deliver it ahead of deadlines with the lowest prices.

But these sites are often filled with scammers and threats you might want to avoid. Still, even if you manage to get developers, controlling and monitoring their tasks will become a hassle.

On top of it, these sites won’t give you any support or maintenance system where you can reach out and explain the issues of your product.

Hence you should avoid this method because of its implications that might be detrimental to your business.


  • Offered developers are not pre-vetted, which impacts on quality
  • Monitoring and controlling development phases is nearly impossible
  • Time zone difference
  • Possibility of Scams and other threats 

Freelance Talent Marketplaces

These new platforms aim to connect clients with top global talents in the most affordable way. Freelance talent marketplaces are well-managed with plenty of pre-vetted developers to cover multiple grounds of your project.

If diversification is what you need, it’s among the best options because the developers they offer deliver products from every corner of the world. You can choose the marketplace which aligns with your needs and project requirements and hire developers at your pace.


  • Time zone difference 
  • Cultural difference

Recruiting Platforms (The Long-Standing Tradition)

Just like referrals, this method doesn’t need any introduction. It has been the most used technique to recruit developers into a client’s powerhouse. LinkedIn and indeed are among the most popular professional networking sites for hiring developers.

Here you get the option of hiring in all engagement models, such as part-time, full-time, remote, and location-based. Even so, you have the option of real-time application tracking and other options, making things easy for you.

You can even filter out the developers based on their profiles and skills to ensure your project gets what it needs.


  • Time-consuming
  • Possibility of bad hires
  • Causes confusion with tons of applications
  • Have to assess each profile, lacks automated screening

Outsourcing- A Well-Known Corporate Strategy 

Outsourcing is the elite strategy for all companies regardless of their size, needs, or other things. It has been used for decades to get quality products at affordable prices.

Outsourcing is handing over your project to a third-party vendor located near or away from you in different parts of the world.

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The vendor takes full responsibility for your product development and effectively allocates professional teams to bear IT responsibilities. The team is the main element here; it works on each development phase from the ground up by following industry standards and rules to develop a sustainable and flawless product ahead of the deadline.

This practice is beneficial, especially if you want your productivity, as the outsourcing vendor handles everything from scratch to deployment.


  • Choosing the right vendor takes work.
  • Compromises on quality if choosing the wrong partner
  • Full control over development phases is not always possible

Why Outsourcing Might be Just What You Need

Why Outsourcing Might be Just What You Need

Outsourcing agencies provide clients with all the comforts regarding software development. 

These include;

  • Pre-vetted dedicated teams with expertise and experience
  • Top-of-the-line consultation and collaboration 
  • Positive work attitude
  • Trial work period
  • Less legal hassles
  • Flexible engagement models
  • Affordable and budget-oriented engagement
  • 24*7 support and maintenance
  • And more.

Even so, the dedicated teams from outsourcing agencies offer many benefits; let’s look at each.

They Save Time And Money

Among the most important factors for business are time and money, even counting money as time and currency as a resource to access quality development. 

The Money Part

Dedicated software development teams are always affordable. You don’t have to take care of their payroll or any additional perks since the vendor does everything for you. 

The best part is you don’t have to bear the office infrastructure and other costs that account for more than 70% of employees’ salaries.

The Time Part

Dedicated teams are experienced professionals from all around the world with unique minds and innovative ideas to change the dynamics of your product development. They can cover up development ground much earlier than in-house developers. In addition, they are easy to hire since they are pre-vetted.

They Are Global Talents

Diversification is the thing that facilitates greater business reach in unknown markets of the world, giving momentum to international operations. If this is what you eagerly want, then it’s time you strategies your development and consider outsourced dedicated teams for your greater reach.

These dedicated teams bring new ideas to the table for any complex problems and issues that may arise in the development phase, effectively clearing every hurdle within the least amount of time.

They Facilitate Innovation 

Innovation is infinite and will keep happening just to get something new out of technologies and make human lives easy. Innovation drives your business to greater heights in the corporate world, no matter how small it is; hence it’s always good to invent a new chain/line to build a strong image in the market.

The dedicated team is such developers who believe in developing the best; they master the art of creative building, which always lets them come up with ideas to introduce next-gen features for smart and top-of-the-line solutions.

On top of it, they have the added advantage of working with hundreds of clients, and they can take unique approaches from that solution and implement them into yours to make it cutting-edge.

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They Grant You Scalability At All Levels

Scalability is among the unique advantages of outsourced dedicated teams. The vendor can scale the team as your technical requirement changes and can even allow you to rapidly scale up and down if the market conditions become volatile. So you don’t have to deal with resource management.

Things to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team in Canada

Things to Consider When Hiring a Dedicated Team in Canada

Before you move to some prerequisites of hiring dedicated software developers in Toronto  or elsewhere in Canada, you should always get a hold of,

  • Your project requirements, objectives, scope, audience
  • Technology stack
  • Budget for the project
  • Deadlines 
  • Required number of developers 

Once you figure out these key elements, you have to start looking for companies connecting you with top-of-the-line dedicated software development teams to assess their ability to deliver software solutions.

Here are some of the factors that you should consider.

  • The Portfolio 

To assess their credibility, know their past projects, and how they helped clients.

  • Testimonials/ Reviews 

To know what clients have to say about a particular solution.

  • The Developer’s Passion for the Domain

To get an idea of how the developers are eager to work on the project

  • Development and Deployment Methodology

Lean, Agile, Waterfall, DevOps, and Rapid; determine whether they adhere to the one you require.

  • Domain Expertise and Experience 

To assess mastery, especially in technologies, you need

  • Collaboration and Consultation 

To assess work attitude

  • Hands-on Support and Maintenance 

In case something goes wrong

Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team in Canada

Final Words

Yes, hiring a dedicated software development team in Canada can sometimes be tricky. However, it’s not because of a shortage of developers but because you need to use the most viable methods. You may have to get creative and change tactics to get what you need.

Still, the above ways and some prerequisites are sufficient for any who wants to hire dedicated development teams for all sorts of IT needs. That being said, feel free to ask expert professionals at SoluLab regarding custom software development.


Why Should I Hire a Dedicated Development Team?

A dedicated development team brings plenty of benefits to the table, such as

  • Affordable and quality development
  • Elite developers
  • Innovation 
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility 
  • Global talent pool
  • Support and maintenance

When To Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team?

It depends on the client’s requirement but here is when a client should approach a dedicated software development team.

  • When requiring a skill immediately 
  • When you are running for a short time and need a team to take control of your product development
  • When you have a limited budget for your MVP or any digital product
  • When you require scalability and flexibility

How To Find Software Developers in Canada?

Based on your requirement you can reach out to the market for resources and hire developers from,

  • Hosting hackathons/ dev events
  • Recruiting sites
  • Freelance talent marketplace
  • Referral 
  • Outsourcing agencies

What is The Most Cost Effective Option When Hiring Software Developers In Canada?

Outsourcing vendors and freelance talent marketplaces are two of the most cost-effective ways to hire software developers.

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