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Smart Contract Audit Cost Calculator

Estimate how much it will cost to audit your smart contract based on your custom requirements in a few clicks. Select the options below which best describe your project to get the cost.

What type of Contract you need to audit?

What type of Audit do you need?

Which Language is your Smart Contract written?

For which chain you want to make smart contract?

What are number of Contracts in your Codebase?

What are number of lines in your contract

Total Cost to Audit Your Smart Contract

Please note all cost estimates are intended to be indicative of auditing  costs and timescales only and are exclusive of all hosting costs, paid services, or purchased assets of any kind. All prices are in USD and inclusive of sales tax.


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How Does the Cost
Calculator Work?

If you're planning to do smart contract audit, proper planning, and an organized budget are immensely important factors for success. To end up with your designated goal as planned, it's essential to understand the total idea of Smart Contract Audit and to market it beforehand. However, SoluLab's next-level Smart Contract Audit cost calculator is there for your rescue.

Our smart contract audit cost calculator is the perfect tool to determine an accurate cost estimate of your smart contract audit project. Just fill up relevant fields concerning your needs and requirements, and our smart contract audit cost calculator will provide you with a highly accurate cost estimate to audit your smart contract.

Cost Calculator Breakdown

The major cost of Smart Contracts Audit depends on the following factors.

Number of Features Included

The number of features you want will decide the cost of your smart contract audit project. Adding more features brings complexity and requires more effort to audit the smart contract project so that the cost will be higher.

Tech Stack

The Tech stack used to audit a smart contract is a factor on which the cost depends. The general tech stack used in this regard is listed below.

Auditors' Cost

The next factor on which the cost of smart contract audit depends is the cost of auditors. Auditors' costs increase with experience and expertise. The cost is lowest for junior auditors, moderate for intermediate auditors, & maximum for senior auditors.

How to Use the Cost Calculator?

Our smart contract audit cost calculator is easy to use and productive enough to bring accuracy to your mind. You only need to follow these steps -

Here are the steps to follow.

How to Proceed with Smart Contract Audit?

Documentation of the Project

Detailed documentation brings transparency and visibility to the entire smart contract audit project. Moreover, documentation helps remove unwanted efforts, so you'll save money. The documentation step includes prototyping, development, testing & execution, and ultimately deployment.

Hire Development Team

Finally, you need a professional auditing team to build your project. The auditing team will develop, examine and execute your smart contract auditing project, making it feature-rich and efficient. Auditing services are available on a fixed price and hourly bill basis; you can choose any plan.

How to Reduce the Cost of Smart Contract Audit?

An accurate estimate automatically pulls down the cost through proper budgeting strategies. Moreover, you can follow these tips to save some more without compromising your Smart Contract Audit project.