Top 20 Real Estate Startups using Blockchain

Top 20 Real Estate Startups using Blockchain

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Top 20 Blockchain Based Real Estate Startups

Blockchain technology’s inherent system of trust makes it absolutely perfect for real estate. It is precisely the reason why several estate companies have started to incorporate blockchain technology into their business. Real estate companies all around the world are using blockchain’s smart contracts & distributed ledger capabilities to transparently as well as efficiently facilitate buying, renting, investing, and even lending.

The demand for blockchain services in the real estate sector has dramatically risen over the past few years, which is exactly why there has been a rise in the number of blockchain-based startups in the field of real estate. So, it will be a very good idea to have a look at the top 20 blockchain-based startups in the field of real estate.  

1.  Propy Inc.


Propy is a Silicon Valley leader in real estate transactions and offers management for brokers and agents. We cover the entire transaction process securely and simply, from offer to close. Brokerages across the country trust Propy SaaS platform for our automated notifications, e-signature, analytics, and compliance tracking to ensure that property deals are closed quicker, easier, and cheaper.

2.  Harbor Inc


Harbor is a digital investment management platform for alternative assets that streamlines onboarding and subscription processing, simplifies investor communications, and unlocks enhanced liquidity options through branded private marketplaces. Harbor’s easy-to-use software enables issuers and broker-dealers to remove friction and inefficiencies from the fundraising process and ongoing investor and placement agent management. 

3.  ShelterZoom


ShelterZoom launched an industry-first, blockchain-based real estate online offer and acceptance platform to enable buyers and buyer agents to submit offers from any online real estate listing website instantly. Since then ShelterZoom has built an end-to-end product suite enabling secure transaction management and the first email extension to tokenize attachments, allowing senders to revoke download and share permissions to their files even after they have pressed Send.



UBITQUITY offers a simple user experience for securely recording, tracking, and transferring deeds with our SaaS blockchain platform. We are helping financial institutions, title, and mortgage companies benefit from reduced title search time, increased confidence, and transparency.

5.  Blocksquare


Blocksquare, real estate companies can create and offer tokenized real estate investment deals directly on their websites. According to Blocksquare CEO Denis Petrovcic, tokenized blockchain for real estate tears down the financial barriers between investors and properties. Blocksquare’s tokenization model allows selling a real estate asset to up to 100 buyers.



ATLANT is addressing two of the most pertinent problems in real estate with its decentralized blockchain platform: Tokenized Ownership and global P2P Rentals. Everybody can buy or sell even the smallest part of the property by buying or selling the corresponding PTO tokens.



CPROP is a blockchain-based real estate transaction management system that allows the buyer, seller, and their respective service providers to transparently and securely close real estate deals. The platform promises to clearly display each step of the entire transaction process, accompanied by information about all required documents to complete the transaction.

8.  SMARTRealty


SMARTRealty applies smart contract technology to everyday real estate transactions such as rental, purchase, and sale. Two parties conclude a real estate sales, purchase, or rental agreement via the SmartRealty platform by using smart contract technology. The agreement includes all necessary terms and conditions, such as payment dates and amounts, the validity period of the agreement, penalties, termination, etc

9.  Imbrex


Imbrex connects vendors, buyers, and agents over a powerful open network that rewards you for your contributions. Imbrex combines three innovative technologies – The Blockchain, Data Distribution, and Digital Currencies – to create the world’s most advanced Global Real Estate Listing Service. And it’s completely free.

Instead of money, imbrex uses a digital currency, the Imbrex token, which enables frictionless transactions. Users are paid in imbrex tokens to list properties or provide market data, and tokens can be exchanged within the platform for features and services.

10.  Blocknative


Blocknative is a real-time Web3 infrastructure company, that enables dynamic user experiences and better decisions via pre-chain insights. Blocknative democratizes access to Memolo data across multiple chains, including Ethereum, xDai, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, and Bitcoin, empowering users to see what is happening and what will happen next on public blockchain networks.

11.  Everyrealm Inc.


Everyrealm is building the gateway to the entire metaverse ecosystem. Their mission is to become the leading and most trusted metaverse & NFT innovation and investment platform by building or buying companies in order to grow.

12.  Rex  


Rex is a technology, investment, and real estate company whose mission is to empower the billions of people who use real estate to work, play, and call home. Rex has launched Tech Ventures Real Estate (TVRE), a venture to disrupt real estate – the world’s largest asset class. TVRE leverages Rex’s access to 10k+ apartments, an in-house startup studio, and an elite tech team that conceives of launches, and scales revenue-generating businesses at an industry-leading pace. 

13.  RealBlocks


RealBlocks has built an advanced alternative investment experience for fund managers and their investors worldwide through its online platform. RealBlocks is a pioneer in using Web3 Blockchain Technology to offer a fully digital, white-label solution for today’s fund managers wishing to expand their firm’s investor base by allowing them to offer more funds in more locations with lower investor minimums.

14.  RealtyBits


RealtyBits is a Y-Combinator-backed finance platform powered by blockchain. Their goal is to create a decentralized platform for investors to purchase commercial properties, and to open up investment in American real estate assets to global investors. By enabling real estate funds to raise capital through cryptocurrency investments, they hope to lower the costs of investing in commercial real estate.

15.  Global REIT


Global REIT is modeled after the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), a popular real estate investment tool. Global REIT plans to leverage blockchain to pay investors in their REIT token dividends, increasing the liquidity of their investments. By tokenizing a successful investment vehicle, they can provide investors new to crypto with a more stable and liquid asset.

16.  Nobul


Nobul is the world’s first and only technology-driven real estate marketplace where every agent, from every brokerage, can compete for the consumer’s business. They deliver consumer choice, agent accountability, and overall real estate transparency.       

17.  The Bee Token


Beenest is a part of the growing movement of home-sharing platforms like Airbnb working to decentralize home sharing and make it more egalitarian for both homeowners and renters. They leverage their token, The Bee Token, to facilitate transactions on the platform. 

18.  Wealth Migrate


Wealth Migrate is a digital marketplace for real estate that allows investors to crowdfund different real estate assets. Their wealth coin will help facilitate transactions on their recent blockchain integrations to the platform.

19.  Meridio


Meridio is a platform to create, manage, and trade fractional ownership shares in real estate assets. Investors gain access to a variety of properties with greater liquidity and lower capital requirements than traditional real estate investing. Asset owners and investors benefit from the easy-to-use web application that houses property dashboards, due diligence, and peer-to-peer trades. Their mission is to make real estate investing simple and accessible to all.

20.  SwissRealCoin 


SwissRealCoin is the flagship project of Crypto Real Estate. It is a token closely linked to Swiss Commercial Real Estate, and its value is tied to real-world assets. Their primary goal is to automate the management of real estate assets through digital platforms powered by their token.

Closing Thoughts

All the startups mentioned have made significant contributions to the real estate sector by making effective use of the potential of blockchain technology. However, the fullest potential of blockchain technology in the real estate sector has not yet been utilized, but it is expected that better utilization will take place in the time to come.

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