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How AI Is Impacting Mobile Apps Development Companies

How AI Is Impacting Mobile Apps Development Companies

AI-powered mobile apps have had a huge influence on all mobile app development companies in an optimistic manner.

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AI is set to transform the face of mobile app development companies, be it, virtual assistants, chatbots or automatic cars. That’s, the reason current buzzword in the market is artificial intelligence. In fact, numerous companies worldwide are investing their time, efforts and money into AI technology. Also, the impact of Artificial Intelligence on mobile app development companies is tremendous. Yet, why is AI integration needed for mobile app development? How will AI change app development in a positive way? Are AI-powered mobile apps benefiting people?

How AI is Revolutionizing Mobile App Development

Deloitte conducted a global consumer survey and found that 65% of smartphone owners across sixteen various developed markets have used machine-learning applications in the past, according to Statista.

So now, you will ask how Machine Learning applications are related to AI. In fact, AI and Machine Learning work hand in hand. All smart things, including smartphones, smart homes, and smart cities use both of these technologies. These machine-learning applications use predictive text and route suggestions. Thus, they make our mobile experiences more convenient and personalized. Yet, there is an improvement in algorithms, hardware, and underlying data-sets. This can give rise to the possibility of AI-infused services to have a brighter future.

Below is the chart that is a result based on Deloitte’s findings. It shows that predictive text is the most used application involving machine learning. However, most people remain ignorant of the Artificial Intelligence feature of such functionalities.

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It’s clear, that in future every sector will go towards AI. There will most certainly various considerable changes in the industrial world soon. AI is disrupting industries by providing greater personalization to users, automating processes, and disrupting how we work. Though AI will bring the next revolution in various business verticals, the most significant change is in the mobile economy. So, let’s take a detailed look at how AI will transform the mobile market.

In what ways AI has affected mobile app companies

There is no doubt that AI has affected mobile app development companies in many ways. In fact, there are several advantages of AI that your company can consider. This will also help your team to make an informed decision of AI integration in your mobile app development process. So, let’s know more about how Artificial Intelligence has influenced mobile app development companies.

Alexey Sapozhnikov, co-founder and CTO of Tel Aviv, Israel-based prooV points out that while virtually every industry is embracing AI, it’s the sectors that are stymied by well-worn processes and regulations — such as healthcare and government — that are likely to lag in AI adoption.

Enhanced user experience and superior engagement

The Internet of Things will be reaching more than 30 billion connected devices by the year 2020. This means that there will be a higher demand for AI apps to control these IoT devices.

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App development companies must think about adopting AI. This is because there has been a giant growth in the Internet of Things (IoT). This is because many people are using mobile phones. Users are more interested in using different connected devices. These can be sensors, TVs, more interesting watches, phones and computers that complete simple tasks. It is clear that customers prefer the convenience. They don’t want confusion due to the use of multiple devices.

AI can help in providing users with a single interface for connecting with every connected device on any network. Voice interfaces can help users to get what they need from their system via easy commands. Besides, mobile application development companies have benefitted a lot by virtual assistants too. The AI facilities can provide users with intuitive ways to interact with their apps.

Improves customer experience

AI can help in providing users with a single interface for connecting with every connected device on any network. Voice interfaces can help users to get what they need from their system via easy commands.

Ryan Lester is the director of customer engagement technologies at Boston-based LogMeIn. He said that customer experience is emerging as an early success story for AI across industries. While retail is the most common sector leveraging AI today, others are also getting aware. Travel companies, for example, are seeing real value in leveraging chatbots to create always-on, personalized concierge level service at scale. From airlines and hotels to travel agencies,

Besides, mobile application development companies have benefitted a lot by virtual assistants too. The AI facilities can provide users with intuitive ways to interact with their apps.

AI is helping lessen frustration during difficult travel situations by understanding the context of the customer’s circumstance and providing appropriate options to resolve the issue.

Used in our day to day life

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In the near future, everyone will have a robot for a variety of day to day activities. In fact, AI is already a part of our lives. Today, with the facility of augmented reality, artificially intelligent applications can detect areas. It helps in superimposing computer-generated pictures of the real world and enhances them. Moreover, augmented reality is also used in museums for more dynamic visitor experiences.

Improved marketing techniques

From behavioral patterns of customers to market trends, AI can help in providing real-time and detailed demographics. This actually cuts down the efforts of marketers in collecting data. It also minimizes the chances of errors. Further, it enables marketers to make marketing strategies with a futuristic approach too.  This helps in improving the conversion rates and sales.
Thus, investing in AI will increase in the near future. Even the statistics prove this fact. As per a Gartner Research, almost 30% of companies will use AI for sales by 2020.

AI can understand the behavior of users

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One of the most interesting advantages of consolidating AI with mobile app development companies. In fact, today there will be no need to guess your outcomes of marketing. In other words, companies do not need to worry about the needs of their customers. They also don’t need to research the locations of customers before launching their products or services. This is because AI can enable businesses to predict consumer behavior.

Signing off…

Regardless of the influence of AI on mobile app development companies seems positive, there is another side to it too. AI can lead to employment loss too. Also, it is very expensive to build and manage supported devices. Further, it lacks the touch of human emotions and understanding. But, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages here.

This present day, AI is revolutionizing various business verticals, including healthcare, finance, and education. But, the most significant change is in the mobile app development. Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the mobile app industry. Still, it is paving a new way to meet the users’ expectation.  Besides, users will reap the benefits of them with the introduction of AI-powered mobile apps. So, what do you think about AI and mobile app development?

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