How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-Demand Laundry App Like Cleanly?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-Demand Laundry App Like Cleanly?

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Laundry App Development Solution

Among the daily busy working schedules of everyday, handling a household chore makes the day even busier and tired. Working all day by itself stresses out an individual both physically and mentally and when does an individual have time to accomplish trivial household tasks such as cleaning laundry? Even if there is time available at the end of the day, it just feels comfortable to lie back and binge watch in Netflix. But, what if I tell you that there is a way to accomplish this small task without having to move an inch from your cozy couch and still watch Netflix. You want to know badly isn’t it? The best solution is use laundry app services.


These laundry app services pick up your laundry from your doorstep for cleaning, washing and ironing. They also deliver it back at your doorstep quickly within the scheduled time. This has led to the increase in demand for on-demand laundry app development services. SoluLab is a highly clientele recommended laundry app development company with an enhanced competitive advantage. SoluLab is available for laundry app development services if you are looking for laundry app development USA, laundry app development New York or even laundry app development California.

This article discusses about the cost of developing an on-demand laundry app like cleanly.


Process of how an on-demand laundry app works

  • Step 1 – Customers choose their preferred laundry services near them for pick up or drop off
  • Step 2 – Customer place their order (or) drop off their laundry at the store themselves
  • Step 3 – Laundry service provider chosen by your customer picks up their laundry at their doorstep
  • Step 4 – Chosen laundry service provider cleans, washes and iron the picked-up laundry
  • Step 5 – Chosen laundry service provider delivers the folded clean laundry at your customers doorstep or they can pick up at the store themselves

Features to be developed for on-demand laundry apps that adds up to the cost of investment

Customer panel

Order tracking features

Once your customers place the order, they must be able to track their order in real-time. This status should keep them informed such as order has been picked, order is out for delivery, order is under ironing, time taken for each laundry service, etc.

/Sing-up features

Your new customers must be able to sign-up and create a portfolio for themselves which will be used by the laundry service provider to locate the customer for contact and delivery. Existing customers must be able to sign-in and use the in-app features to track their order, place an order or update their portfolio, etc.

Payment features

This section of your laundry app service must calculate the total price your customer has to pay for the laundry services availed through your laundry app. Develop multiple payment options such as debit cards, credit cards, e-wallet, cryptocurrency, etc. Customers must be able to choose a payment option they feel comfortable with.

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Laundry service provider panel

/Sign-up features

New laundry service providers must be able sign-up and create a portfolio for themselves which can be used by the customers to locate nearby laundry services, calculate laundry service price charged by the laundry service providers, etc. Existing laundry service providers must be able to sign-in and update the order status or update their profile, etc.

Customer support features

Customers must be able to use this feature to connect with laundry service providers for any refund of goods damaged or complaints to be made or resolve queries, etc.

Billing and Invoice features

For every order placed and laundry dropped off, customers must receive a respective bill of laundry services availed and also receive an invoice for the successful payments made for the laundry services availed.

Administrator panel

Payment verification features

Your laundry app must go through a payment gateway channel when a customer tries to pay for the service availed or when a laundry app service provider is trying to send back refunds to the customer. This is because, payment gateways secure the channel of payment transactions and keeps the payment credential of involved party private, eliminating identity theft.

Development of database

All data of your customers and laundry app service providers who are a part of your laundry app must be stored in a database for verification or offer personalized discounts, etc. Without a proper database, even if you have a million customers it does not matter as you wouldn’t know who is ordering from where and it leads miscommunication and confusion.

Cost of developing laundry app like cleanly by different countries

Price charged by SoluLab for developing laundry apps like cleanly is less than USD 25 per hour and the total cost would be USD 5000 and plus.

According to Hackernoon, the following is an approximate estimate of price charged on hourly basis by different countries for developing laundry apps like Cleanly.


Hourly charge for development


USD 50 to USD 99


USD 25 to USD 49


USD 100 to USD 115


USD 15 to USD 30

In a nutshell: Ondemand laundry apps are time saviours

In the modern era, where every industry is transforming digitally, it is high time that we of all people transform our household chores to be accomplished digitally without any hassles too. Sit back, relax, choose your laundry service provider, choose your laundry service, schedule your pick up and wait for your delivery patiently. Your delivery would be delivered even before your finish watching one episode of Stranger Things in Netflix. So, what are you waiting for? Get your free quotation now.

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