Challenges We Faced During Fitness Mobile App Development

Challenges We Faced During Fitness Mobile App Development

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This article focus on the challenges we faced during fitness mobile app development and how our expert coders overcame each of them. It will serve as a guide to newvie developers.

Overview: Fitness app development challenges

At SoluLab, we dedicate ourselves day and night to develop and deliver various mobile apps that help meet goals of our clients. One of our most popular segment is fitness mobile app development services. Regardless of the project, budget or service, we always assign our best and experienced developers who share the same vision as our clients to ensure innovation and performance.

While trying to build fitness trainer app and develop a personal trainer app, our developers come across challenging hurdles, though they are highly experienced. No matter the size of the challenge or quantity of the challenge, our developers strive harder to provide an enhanced service by finding efficient solutions for every challenge they face.

With technological evolution, the world has been moving towards a digital revolution and we give our best to connect and bridge the gap between fitness and health by having the client’s best interests at heart. Yes, we do add heart to the technology as we claim! With technologies evolving every day, challenges faced in fitness mobile app development too increase and we handle them productively, climbing up to achieve the desired results.

Follow are some of the major challenges we face while developing fitness mobile apps and how we handle them.

Challenges Faced in Developing Fitness Mobile App

1. Providing privacy and security for the data

Challenge faced by our developers

While we try to develop fitness mobile app, we also need to focus on making sure that the patient data will be secured and will not be leaked through any loophole. Our clients want us to develop fitness mobile applications that users can use without having to worry about privacy and security breach.

Challenge handling approach undertaken by our developers

At SoluLab, our developers create fitness mobile apps with high encryption in such a way that, no data of the patient can be shared to anyone without the patient’s consent. Also, while a data is being shared, we use encrypted channels to ensure that there is no data leak while sending, receiving or transferring data.

We also develop a backup program in in order to archive important data. In order to prevent data leaks, we sue mobile application management tools, lightweight directory access protocols to ensue containerization. Containerization is a method of encrypting data at all levels, which can be decrypted only with authenticate appropriate permissions.

2. Providing innovative and simple interaction

Challenge faced by our developers

Our client wanted an innovative fitness mobile app that stands unique among the vast number of competitors out in the health market. We usually offer, interconnected in-app features to ensure unique selling proposition. We also ensure that while developing innovative features, we do not make the user interaction complicated. Creating an innovative fitness mobile app with simple interaction simultaneously is one of the creative challenges faced by our developers.

Challenge handling approach undertaken by our developers

At SoluLab, our developers ensure that the innovative features and designs are a part of the interface design. We incorporate interactive design along with the strategy that has been laid down by our developers and save a lot of time and cost for our clients too.  Some of the innovative and interactive design we could develop are interaction by shaking of device, physical gestures, etc.

3. Bridging the gap between client requirement and reality

Challenge faced by our developers

Our client was based in US, a tough market indeed! and hence had  specific requirement in their mind and a concept of as to how their fitness mobile app should look like and what are the features it should provide. In certain circumstances, the client’s concept and reality might not match. What clients envision might not be the same as what our developers see in reality.  For example, our clients may require our developers to build features that might be compatible only with certain devices and platforms.

Challenge handling approach undertaken by our developers

At SoluLab, our developers focus on developing fitness mobile apps with a responsive design in order to overcome this challenge. This way, our developers adjust the interface of the fitness mobile application across different platforms and ensure it is available to everyone as per the concept of our clients.

We keep our clients informed of the resources used and the resources that will be required in order to bridge the gap between their concept and reality. In complex cases, we also make our clients understand the adversities that might hinder the development process, if their concept does not match a realistic solution. For example, if our clients want action sheets for android, that is not possible because action sheet feature works only with iOS platforms.

4. Developing a fitness mobile app with aesthetics

Challenge faced by our developers

Our clients want to provide their customers and patients with a fitness mobile app of value and we focus on providing the best value to the maximum extent possible too. Adding maximum value might hinder the aesthetical feature of the fitness mobile app. Users and patients are drawn towards fitness mobile app that are eye-catching. Thus, our developers face the challenge of developing a fitness mobile app of maximum performance value and aesthetic value at the same time.

Challenge handling approach undertaken by our developers

At SoluLab, our developers always create prototype and beta version to test the fitness mobile app at different levels during its development stage to ensure quality and performance. We ensure to incorporate minimum viable product (MVP) within the fitness mobile app to reduce the damage or lag and glitches that may arise.

At every step of the development stage, our developers analyze and try to identify potential bugs, potential lag issues or potential glitching issues. After analyzing and identifying and potential performance hindering issue, our developers take necessary precautions and remedial actions to ensure enhanced performance and user experience at the same time. Quality is our best policy; our developers ensure that at every step of the development process.

In a nutshell: At SoluLab, we perceive challenges as stepping stones

With technologies, there are more than one way to develop a fitness mobile apps and numerous possibilities on developing features that attract users. At SoluLab, we do our homework of understand our client requirement and also understand the user behavior at the same time. This allows our developers to bridge the gap between our clients and their users too.

Even when encountering unforeseen challenges, our developers burn the midnight oil in order to provide high scales of innovation and creative fitness mobile app. At SoluLab, our developers are happy in making the world a better place with each client they work with.

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