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A Simple Way To Decentralize Medical Data

CoDocs is paving the immutable path for ledger management with the revolutionary blockchain technology. This platform provides a tamper-proof and seamless healthcare data management system—an easy and simplified case approval interface for patients.

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Business Overview

  • CoDocs is a transparent and highly scalable hyperledger-based healthcare platform to reduce data management time and costs.
  • This platform caters to a hassle-free and secure mode of getting approvals/signatures from the patient, which is immutable and stored in a secure data centre.
  • Communication functionality is added to the platform for patients to convey their concerns regarding the operation directly.
  • CoDocs uses blockchain technology to ensure security for health records and patient information that no other centralised data system can provide.

The Challenges

  • To create a blockchain-based ledger system that is tamper-proof and helps in effortless data management of health records.
  • To create a login based on role categorization (Roles: Master Admin, Facility Admin, Provider, Patient) for the data viewing.
  • To create a UI/UX which gives an immersive and interactive experience while using the platform.
  • Creating a chronological order-based system that can simplify health records and give easy access.

Our Solution

  • Effective Data Management

    SoluLab used blockchain technology to make the secure and transparent exchange of medical data possible. CoDocs can now easily manage the data across mediums.

  • Secure Transactions

    Any exchanges with health records are noted as network transactions. Only the people involved in the transaction have access to view transactions.

  • Encryption Cryptography

    Health records are protected with symmetric key encryption to protect privacy. These data are stored in a data store within the appropriate regulatory jurisdiction.

  • User Control

    To simplify data processing, SoluLab organised all of these records chronologically and sorted them into the aforementioned categories using a simple, clear system.

  • Data Structure

    The hyperledger modelling language was used by SoluLab to define the domain model for the network of the platform.

  • Elastic Load Balancing

    SoluLab created a load balancer to receive incoming traffic, check the health of its registered targets, and route requests to those targets.

  • Real-Time Monitoring

    We developed real-time monitoring to maintain and monitor the system in real-time in the event of any disruptions or faults in the platform.

  • Blockchain Technology

    To deal with latency, we used the immutable technology of blockchain. We finalised the testing phase of the platform once the network was up and running.

  • Immersive UX/UI

    A seamless user interface for users to flawlessly view health records, check and manage their approval, make inquiries, and inspect pill reminders.

Project Features

  • CoDocs uses blockchain technology for the ledger system, which gives excellent immutability and reliability.
  • A platform with a high user trust rating for private communication and interaction between hospitals and their patients.
  • CoDocs provides the user full access and control over their medical data and records with an added feature of anonymity.

Project Outcome

  • The proficient experts of SoluLab define the project’s comprehensive range and then divide the roles in the marketplace. By incorporating the hyperledger fabric with the CoDocs marketplace, the major intent was to make the working process more seamless and reliable.
  • In the next stage, SoluLab thoroughly develops a project map in order to save time and money while increasing profitability. We create superior user experiences by keeping the UI and UX elements in mind.
  • Lastly, SoluLab created a user-friendly interface in mind. Lastly, was to perform testing and execution to ensure no mistakes remained. After addressing all concerns, we put the CoDocs LIVE for use.
  • CoDocs is a pioneering platform in decentralised medical data management. The platform is helping the healthcare industry to secure health records and arrange them in chronological order without any hassle.

Technology Stack

Client Testimonial

“SoluLab has a team of skilled developers who handled all of the difficulties of our project flawlessly in order to produce the expected outcomes within the time frame specified. Kudos SoluLab!”

Rajpal Sagoo

Co-Founder, CoDocs

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