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Blockchain-powered framework for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) – Success Story

Leveraging Blockchain based EHR platforms & Data Analytics to create quality workflow in Healthcare

Business Overview

Healthcare has got tremendous potential for improvement worldwide. USA alone, had $3.55 trillion expenditure in healthcare in 2017, and predicted to reach more than $5.5 trillion in 2025. The main source of these outrageous costs are high administrative fees, overpriced medical tests, useless treatments, medical fraud and missed prevention opportunities. According to some estimations, around $800+ Billion are spent on duplicating services due to poor communications between doctors and hospitals. More than $500 Billion are allocated for administration of healthcare; substantial budgets are needed to provide protection of health data. Only Billing and Insurance Related costs are projected to reach $315 billion dollars by 2018.

Blockchain technology holds the potential to provide economical alternative to humongous costs that are involved in Electronic Health Record management and transparent medical billing.

blockchain in healthcare
Challenge for BlockChain in healthcare

The Challenge

Electronic Health Records (EHRs) were designed to make record keeping more seamless and standardised but it has open pandora’s box when it comes to managing multiple providers and maintaining patient records for life.

Current system does not provide patients with kind of portability they enjoy in other aspects of life like communication, non medical insurance and business in general.

Providers — not patients are enjoying greater control over EHRs and patients face major bottlenecks while viewing their reports, correcting erroneous data, and distributing the information.

The situation is similar to finance, where an individual may deal with many banks and credit agencies but not a uniform interface to access the information at the fingertip. Current State of EHR demands for technology like Blockchain to bring in much required changes for seamless access of Patient information for better informed decisions.

Our Approach

Solutions developed in the field of Blockchain for HealthCare in general and specifically for EHR to achieve the following benefits.

Patient Data can only be accessed by the patient’s private key, even if the database is hacked, the data will be unreadable.

Patient to have full control over accessing their healthcare data. The patient will be in total control when it comes to his data access and how much data being accessed.

Transfer of medical data will become more seamless and instant. All the stakeholders in distributed network of EHR blockchain will have same set of patient’s data.

Our Blockchain solution along with smart contract tech would provide for standardization and scalability, while tackling the inflated costs, limited access to adequate services and stop misuse of patient data. The platform will operate on the Ethereum blockchain using an ERC20 standard to deploy smart contracts for health-related services.

Delivery Time: 3 Months

640 Hours: 640 Hours

Technologies we used:

  1. Ethereum private Blockchain to ensure data security
  2. Smart contracts written over Solidity and Truffle Framework
  3. Web3JS to act as communication layer between web app and Blockchain
  4. Node JS and React JS with MongoDB for front-end Distributed Apps for Patients and Service Providers
  5. OpenEMR open source platform

Results – A journey from Ideas to Success

Innovative analytics and real-time data visibility

Clinical Health Data Exchange and Interoperability

Claims Adjudication and Billing Management

Drug Supply Chain Integrity and Provenance

Pharma Clinical Trials and Population Health Research

Client Testimonial

“The blockchain-powered healthcare solution developed by SoluLab allows us to achieve a global view of the patient’s medical history in an efficient, verifiable, and permanent way. Indeed a great experience working with them”

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