Blockchain in Media And Entertainment: Overview & Projects Across Industry

Blockchain in Media And Entertainment: Overview & Projects Across Industry

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Everyone in the world wants to access data, information, media and entertainment digitally. People prefer to access digital content without any legal restriction or limitation. But, how many of us consider the possibility of digital piracy too? Everyone is so quick to blame the security threats and digital hacking concerns in internet when they run into digital troubles. As of today, all digital concerns are overwhelming and getting noisy rising the need for a solution. Here comes blockchain in media and entertainment world as superhero.

Blockchain development services for media and entertainment brings potential solutions in protecting digital content against digital duplication and digital theft. This is easier said than done but blockchain makes it look easier than saying it. Blockchain in media and entertainment uses proof of authenticity, proof of work and proof of evidence to authorize digital content. It provides artists with originality for all their work. By now, you might be one of the followers of blockchain development technology too.

Innovative Projects That Use Blockchain in Media And Entertainment Sector

This article discusses about blockchain projects in entertainment and media industry. The below ones are real life projects that are operating using blockchain development technology. Let’s get into industry overview from an eagle’s eye view from the perception of blockchain.


It is a journalism based reformulated project. This project uses blockchain in media and entertainment to provide readers and subscribers with original news in real-time without any manipulation of the content. It operates using Ethereum-based decentralized networks to start and create a transparent newsroom station where public and journalists can be in one single community. Blockchain also allows this project to self-govern and make intense decisions.


It is a blockchain-based digital media rewarding platform. Everyone uses digital platform and social media for various purposes. However, only few of the companies reward digital users. This project focuses on using the opportunities provided by blockchain to reward artists, content creators and journalists to share stories and creative works without any censorship. With Steemit, say goodbye to traditional media infrastructure where artists were clashing with each other’s differences in interests. Now, every artist can express their thoughts with freedom.

Decentralized News Network (DNN)

It uses blockchain to combine content with blogs to create an open and transparent organizations for the news industry as well as digital reviews, writers and readers. Blockchain helps this project by providing independency in creating news and reviewing content for originality using proof of content. Applications and news submissions can be reviewed quickly than ever before and news can reach readers in real-time.


It is a blockchain-based spokesman project. i.e. this particular project uses blockchain to digitally market content across boundaries without any restriction.  It is sole goal is to disintegrate information to ensure integrity, originality and let makers have control on what is to be marketed and how their content should be marketed digitally. This project also helping in prevention of fake-news by detecting them through a thorough digital verification with the help of an encrypted community. This community validates, evaluates and also predicts interests of readers.


The Union Edge CAMA (collection account management application) guarantees that all stakeholders with a financial interest in a film or television production, from producer to investor to profit participant, will receive their pre-agreed share of the revenues collected – timely, securely and with full distributed ledger transparency.

Entertainment And Media Industry Overview With Blockchain

Industry of Music

Blockchain in Music

Musicians can now create music’s, sing and host digital orchestra events through encrypted recordings and digital ledgers to secure their content and monitor operations in real-time. Settling disputed between parties in achieving consensus to release a music album is easier through blockchain rather than going through a traditional process that involved a zoo of middlemen or even better to state as madmen.

Industry of News

Blockchain in News media

All of us see, read and hear a lot of news regarding political, technical, technological, scientific, automotive, cultural trend changes, etc. But, how many of those news articles are true? Or, how do we know that they are fake? Blockchain ensures that every single news article released and published is original. This can be accomplished by allowing journalists as well as readers to trace back every content back to its original source.

Industry of Media

Blockchain in digital media

Media industry can be divided into digital marketing media and entertainment media.

  • The digital marketing media sector is able to market idea, prototypes and even conduct marketing simulation in privacy and secrecy to save time and cost.
  • The entertainment media sector is able to release their media content globally at a lower cost. It can even reach remote area and expand their audience base with complete transparency.

Further, blockchain development technology allows animators to create better animations today by allowing them to share computational resources and without any border limitations. Professional animators can, now, rent computers instead of buying new systems. And, this is possible through a strong P2P network that comes in handy with blockchain.

Industry of Telecommunication

Blockchain in telecom

Blockchain allow tele-operators to set up telecommunication towers quickly, instantly and implement tele-networks with perfect certainty in quality. They use KYC integrated with blockchain to validate users and users can validate credibility of tele-operations by KPIs. Telecoms are able to have a well monetized and managed environment with blockchain.

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Conclusion: Blockchain provides identity as a service

One of the major concerns and challenges faced in digital platform is the security protection to protect digital identities. Blockchain encrypts identity of makers and users under public or private network. Distributing content and conducting research has also become easier with blockchain in media and entertainment. What is your overview about blockchain in media and entertainment industry? Are you trying to consult any blockchain development company to explore further opportunities? Express your views and concerns with us.

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