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Top 10 Blockchain App Ideas For Businesses in 2022

In 2008, a person or group of people called Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the whitepaper explaining Blockchain and Bitcoin. Blockchain is disrupting technology and it has now become a buzzword due to the endless advancements in this technology. People have started using Blockchain technology with other technologies like IOT, AI, Extended reality and game development for creating useful applications. Blockchain technology could be the next important technology after the Internet. You will be surprised to know that several businesses use different applications of Blockchain to transform their traditional business models. This blog will help you get the best Blockchain app ideas to create new opportunities for making your business grow.

Why Blockchain technology has become such an important topic for people?

According to a recent research, a global Blockchain market would see a huge rise and it would be worth around $20 billion industry by the year 2027. Blockchain technology has opened various doors for all of us by transforming the way in which we operate businesses.

According to a survey conducted by McKinsey, people are spending a huge amount of money on Blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs all over the world are looking for great Blockchain app ideas 2020 to enjoy the business benefits. For example in 2018, people spent around billions of dollars for Blockchain-based applications. Also in 2019, the amount spent is around $2.9 billion that will turn to $12.4 billion by 2022. Companies like IBM have invested a huge amount of money for Blockchain-based solutions in the IOT industry and have been enjoying the amazing benefits already.

Also, various developing countries believe that Blockchain would give them a competitive advantage over others. If we look into a study done by Tata communications, it has been shown that many developing countries would make use of the latest technologies like IOT, Blockchain, and AI for simplifying peer-to-peer and B2B transactions. Various business leaders in countries like India, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE are convinced with the idea of integrating Blockchain into their infrastructure.

Here are some reasons why Blockchain has become an important topic.

  • It records and validates all the transactions and hence it is very secure and reliable.
  • It does not need any third party for confirming or approving the transactions.
  • Various users are in control of all the transactions and information.
  • It has features like accuracy, timeliness, consistency, and completeness.
  • This technology ensures greater transparency.
  • Blockchain reduces the transaction times.
  • It is a decentralized system; hence it is very less prone to hacking.

Blockchain technology has huge potential and it could be used in various industries where data is needed to be secured. Various industries that are affected by Blockchain are:

Healthcare Industry

  • Blockchain is used to provide transparency and automation of all the data transfer. This technology can be used for healthcare for storing and updating important patient data and track records. Doctors can monitor the patients 24x7 and alert the nurses or caretakers in case of emergency.
  • Even the pharmaceutical companies can use Blockchain platform to collect the data in real-time, and offer customized medical products and treatments to the patients.
  • Third party systems can be integrated with Blockchain technology to create useful healthcare apps.

Digital Identity of passports

  • Blockchain technology can transform the future of passport or visa verification. This tamper-proof technological innovation can reduce the paperwork and counterfeit all fake IDs
  • Using Blockchain, the data can be encoded and it can be accessed with the help of unique fingerprint scanning. Digital passports and visas generated by Blockchain can help to reduce the dangers of criminals and terrorists creating fake documents.
  • Government can save time, efforts, and money by identifying and preventing fraudulent activities using Blockchain apps.

Voting systems

  • Voting security is a highly debated topic. With Blockchain, a secure system for voting can be created.
  • Blockchain technology ensures transparency in voting processes. Fraud and corruption can be prevented with the help of Blockchain for voting.
  • It can prevent any kind of manipulations and fraudulent activities for voting.

Smart contracts

  • Smart contracts can be used to automate the transactions without the need for any third party application.
  • They can be used for simplifying monetary transactions.
  • Smart contracts help businesses build direct and transparent relationships with customers.
  • Agreements can be automatically executed and enforced using Smart Contracts. Such agreements are immutable and unbreakable.
  • All contract transactions are stored in chronological order in Blockchain. They can be accessed with a complete audit trail.

IOT or internet of things.

  • It has a huge ability to secure IOT applications since all transactions would take place in a Blockchain network.
  • Blockchain offers a scalable decentralized environment for IoT devices and platforms.
  • Integrating Blockchain in IoT devices can help you save costs on installing and managing servers for IoT network. It also ensures the security and confidentiality of data.
  • Agreements can be automatically executed and enforced using Smart Contracts. Such agreements are immutable and unbreakable.
  • All contract transactions are stored in chronological order in Blockchain. They can be accessed with a complete audit trail.

For many people, various questions would be coming in mind. Don’t worry, we have answers to your questions.

How blockchain could be used in businesses?

Various companies have started using Blockchain technology and they are finding trying to look for the best Blockchain app ideas 2020 to transform their existing processes. Blockchain technology can help to streamline the processes and ensure the security of the data. It would help them to create an advantage and stay competitive in the industry. Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize the whole business or a few sectors within an organization. Many companies are still scratching their heads wondering about various applications of Blockchain. Do some research and look out for the latest Blockchain mobile app ideas for your business.

Who will gain the maximum benefits from Blockchain technology?

Blockchain and its application is a trending topic on the internet. With the development of the Ethereum platform, many companies have begun to develop decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform. A lot of business owners have started to use Blockchain as it has the potential to establish efficient methods for secure transactions. Blockchain can benefit various industries like banks, Voting, real estate, retail, Healthcare and many more as discussed above.

How is the future of blockchain technology for different businesses?

Many people remember the world before emails, smartphones, and the internet. The Internet has proved to be a revolutionary technology since the last few decaces. Similarly, Blockchain would revolutionize if it comes into implementation since it is all about decentralization and centralization processes. It makes things more transparent and people can get real-time insights for money matters.

What are new types of businesses which will emerge with Blockchain technology?

Blockchain could bring various drastic changes. There will be an application but fully decentralized. Various industries such as banks and many more would look for the best Blockchain companies for transforming their Blockchain app ideas to a reality. Whether you want to prevent fraudulent claims for insurance or wish to make global payments less error-prone for banks, Blockchain technology can be the right fit. Supply chain industry can use sensors to get accurate data on location and condition of the supplies. Blockchain can also help healthcare providers to store and encode the patients’ data and deliver better treatments. Blockchain and smart contracts technology can help to protect the rights and ownership for the music industry. Blockchain can also facilitate better record-keeping for birth and death certification for the citizens of a country. One should brainstorm the best Blockchain app development ideas for 2020 and look for ways to improve the business.

Which Industries would make good use of applications over the next decade?

Many companies like real estate, small to medium-chain supply chain, healthcare, finance and banking, education, and others would make use of Blockchain technology in 2020. It has already been seen that various enterprises would make use of Blockchain applications.

According to various extensive research, we have listed various applications where Blockchain could be used in businesses.

Most basic application is a decentralized application.

  • It is one of the great examples of Blockchain. All the decentralized applications are also known as DApps and are made on the Ethereum platform. You could easily deploy smart contracts in solidity language. Solidity is a programming language for developing smart contracts.
  • Well, what is a smart contract?
  • A smart contract is a line of codes or different conditions that come into executions. Smart contracts eliminate the need of any third party and it offers transparency, trust, and authentication.

Supply chain Management.

  • Supply chain Management would be a great industry where we can make use of Blockchain applications. The supply chain has multilayer architecture which is created a huge number of dissimilarities in its operating cycle.
  • Industries like Pharmaceutical enterprises and food distribution are major industries, where many times goods get lost in transit. Many companies and businesses have started using Blockchain to reduce issues and problems.

Charities and Aid Organizations.

  • Many charities and different aid organizations are industries where huge corruption takes place. Many people who donate huge amounts do not even know where the money is spent
    Blockchain chain applications would help to resolve such ambiguity using Ethereum wallets and different applications that run on decentralized platforms. It does not need any third parties or intermediaries.

Ridesharing applications or Rental applications

  • Various startups such as Ola and Uber have become big giants that provide rental rides and sharing car rental services. Do you know how we may use Blockchain technology in these applications industries? It would help to develop to make a peer to peer decentralized network and thus help to reduce costs and inefficiency for the business processes.

Blockchain Applications for Education

  • Various Blockchain applications would help to minimize the discrepancies in an education system as it would help to monitor tracking and updating records.

Blockchain in the transportation Industry

  • Among various industries, the transportation industry is the biggest industry and many times it requires, order tracking, administrative efficiency, dispute resolution. In order to streamline all issues, a Blockchain application could be made on a decentralized framework that would help to record all details and data.

Entertainments Applications

  • In entertainment industries, various common issues like copyright infringement, transparency, censorship, ownership rights are faced by people. Blockchain technology could help to aid all these issues by providing a decentralized database that would provide centralized control over shared resources.

Real Estate Industry applications

  • Real estate is an industry that involves daunting tasks when it comes to the protection of data and its storage With Blockchain applications, all real estate issues could be streamlined. An example of the Blockchain-based mobile application is the Ubiquity Application. It is an application aim to reduce the time for searches and improves transparency in all different operations

Blockchain-Based applications for storing Medical records

  • It is very important to save all the patients’ information digitally. A Blockchain-based application would help to streamline the medical records storage and make everything transparent. All the data could be easily transferred without any intermediaries.

Various applications for digital Identity

  • According to various statistics, a huge amount of data is generated which needs to be secured since it is confidential. A Blockchain application could been developed that would secure all the digital identities based on the public-private key combination to safeguard all critical data.

Funds and payment transfer applications

  • Various Blockchain applications are available such as wallet applications for online payments and sending and receiving money. Various companies have made Blockchain-based applications for salary and funds transfer. Also, it eliminates the huge transaction costs and lowers down different transaction rates
  • We could also use Blockchain to develop distributed cloud storage. Companies like Storj are using Blockchain to provide secure, fast and affordable cloud storage. Blockchain-based applications for storage are a great choice for business.

Blockchain-based applications for Gift cards and different loyalty programs

  • Blockchain could be used for offering gift cards and many loyalty programs that would make process secure and cheap. No middlemen would be involved and it would require unique Blockchain verification capabilities.
  • Various companies like Gyft Block as partnered with a Blockchain API developer chain and company Gyft for offering digital gift cards that could be used for trade.

Network and IOT

  • Companies like IBM and Samsung have developed a concept called Autonomous Decentralized Peer to peer network. It makes use of proof of work and proof of stake for recurring transactions. It eliminates the need for multiple devices.
  • A Blockchain would be a public ledger for a huge number of devices and would help to build applications that will be compatible with smart devices like Google home or various similar IOT Devices.
  • Some more Blockchain-based application Ideas.

Blockchain-based application for automobiles

  • Blockchain would work well for the automobile industry in different ways. It would automate supply chain management work and also secure, transport and distribute whole storage of massive amounts of data. It will serve as cloud hosting services for automotive industry. Since you would be able to track vehicle location, operations and different types of maintenance work in vehicles’ lifetime.

Blockchain-Based application for securing Marriage certificate

  • You may think of an application that works well for the storage of marriage certificates. Getting a marriage certificate may be a tedious and time-consuming task for most citizens. Blockchain can help the users get their marriage certificates quickly without any delays.

Blockchain-based application for Insurances

  • With different use cases, insurance is another industry where we could implement a Blockchain-based application for securing the data. It will automate the execution of the agreement. Everyone would be benefited from this kind of insurance.
  • Various advantages of Blockchain-based application for insurance:
    • It would make the process simplified
    • Less turnaround time.
    • Huge efficiency and risk management with reduced premiums.
    • It helps in fraud detection and prevents various frauds.
    • All the policy information would be available with history.
  • A voting application based on Blockchain.
    • A ledger would make voting simpler and every vote would be secured. All individuals may conform about votes and confirm who all voted. It would help to save money, time, and efforts. A blockchain application for voting would provide a platform that will be a collection of responsive, open data, and help to make voting easier and more secure.

Various Blockchain-based applications

  • Companies like Kodak and Ujo music are using Blockchain technology that allows creating a record of ownership of the work of various artists. Also, various applications would make a long term venture since Blockchain offers huge potential. Even in industries like transport and tourism, you may use applications like Webjet - an online travel portal. Or Arcade city, it is an application that is next to Uber providing ride-sharing and car hire on the Blockchain-based application.


  • A blockchain is a powerful tool that would help to improve businesses and conduct a fair trade. It will also democratize the global economy and help people to support different societies. In fewer words, Blockchain technology could be applied to various processes and it also unlocks ways for different technologies. Various applications could be built on Blockchain technology and you need to think of unique Blockchain app ideas for 2020 matching your business requirements and expectations. It could be used for safe and secure money transactions or store digital Identity in safe manner. Hire expert Blockchain developers from SoluLab to help you with the best ideas for your next app.
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