A Future Based On Metaverse – A Solulab Take

A Future Based On Metaverse – A Solulab Take

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The Metaverse is a network of three-dimensional virtual environments where users can build their unique avatars and explore them across various platforms and environments. The term was invented by author Neal Stephenson in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, but it gained unexpected popularity when Facebook announced its rebranding as Meta. According to Meta creator Mark Zuckerberg and other enthusiasts of the Metaverse, the ultimate goal is to create a sort of second digital world for everybody to live online.

In an ideal situation, the technology would allow users to feel as if they were physically present at an event, with high-definition, three-dimensional environments accessible via virtual reality eyewear, as well as other avatars you can approach and interact with, and even physical things you can pick up and examine using haptic gloves or game controllers. While such technology may not yet exist—or, at the very least, maybe too expensive for the typical event attendee—several tech businesses and virtual event sites have already begun to develop their own, relatively minimal versions of the Metaverse.

Metaverse and the Future


The impact of globalization on human civilization as a whole is well known. Products from all over the world made their way to practically every corner of the globe, elevating our living level. When virtual worlds work together to build one Metaverse, the same impact, if not greater, may be predicted. Let’s look at how Metaverse can affect many aspects of human life and its future.

Business and Shopping

Traditional shopping poses several problems, which is why shopping online has become so popular. When users purchase online, you don’t have to worry about closing hours or waiting in a huge queue of people to get their needs met. Virtual Reality will soon be available in our everyday browsers, making it easier than ever to check out the things users love. Websites do, however, have limits. Adding all of the items and variants to the website as a company entity isn’t exactly appealing. People don’t expect a website to function as a retail mall, either. Here’s when virtual retailers come in handy.

Virtual Stores

Virtual stores will give customers the precise shopping mall experience, with no time or geographical constraints. Imagine taking a virtual view of a retail mall in China or the United Kingdom while staying at a different location. Furthermore, there will be bespoke digital shop staff in every metaverse shopping mall that can communicate in any language to give customers one-on-one support. With a simple tap of a finger, users will make them appear or disappear.

Users will be able to see in-depth information on how the items were created, where they were manufactured, which materials have been used, how long they’re expected to last, and so on. Users may even test how well the product will perform in various settings and environments. For example, if a user plans to purchase a motorcycle from a showroom in England, they can see how it will perform in their city depending on the roads and traffic! Furthermore, as the amount of data collected each day grows, clever digital assistants will be able to instantaneously give users things that you may enjoy when you visit a certain store. Virtual intelligent assistants, such as Siri and Alexa, will play an increasingly important role in the future.


Advertising has always been about viewing rather than an experience, but that is about to change. Today, we are aware that advertisements are everywhere and that most of them are so irritating that we choose to ignore a significant number of them. However, advertising agencies may soon be able to provide viewers with a more personalized advertisement viewing experience, all thanks to the in-depth and comprehensive data that is being collected through gadgets including smartphones, wearables, IOT devices such as the user’s age, purchase history, brands followed on social media, a network of friends, and so on.

Advertisers can even figure out what commercials we enjoy most using technologies like smartwatches that measure our heart rate. Instead of the current advertising network, every advertisement we encounter will be based on who we are!

Users can browse adverts while on the road and be informed about any changes or updates to their favorite product. So, based on where the user is in the Metaverse, everyone will be promptly told about an intriguing product or store which the user may want to check out. Changes that users may make to a product’s appearance, layout, or other attributes will also influence the content and storyline of the advertisement. Furthermore, sponsors will provide users with virtual tickets to significant events like the World Championships or a huge live performance.

Travel and Tourism

Though we would all welcome the opportunity to travel with our family members in the real world, some may believe that real-life tourism might be problematic. First and foremost, it is quite costly. It is impossible to travel to an exotic destination without paying a large sum of money. Then there are the numerous legal processes that must be completed to visit a location outside of your country.

The quantity of the luggage might also cause problems, based on the number of people traveling. Those who find this tiresome may find that Metaverse has a solution for them. Users may go to a virtual travel agency, choose their location, and relax while on vacation! There will be no discernible difference between visiting the location in person and accessing it online.


Users can’t modify the sound system specifically for themselves in the real world while watching a movie in a multiplex. However, certainly, they can participate in the Metaverse! Users may enter any virtual show and customize the screen, sound, and seats to their liking. As a result, each participant in a virtual movie theater will have a unique experience with the same film. Even movies may require your full immersion, and the plot may proceed based on how users engage with the characters. Similarly, users may use their Metaverse avatar to visit any bars, DJ parties, concerts, or live events worldwide.

Office and Work-Life

How many times have you felt exhausted after attending a slew of interviews in various locations? Aspirants put in the effort, time, and money in the hopes of pursuing a profession that they enjoy. This is something that everyone who has ever been unemployed has experienced. There are numerous drawbacks of Physical interviews. One can only travel as far as the railway, air, and financial resources will allow. Yes, anyone can send an email or make a phone call to any company globally, but the responses to such requests are often poor.

Unleashing new experiences in the corporate world

What if one could go to a company’s virtual corporate headquarters in the Metaverse and check if they’re hiring? Users may truly visit offices in the United States or the United Kingdom from the comfort of their homes! Users do not have to squander their valuable time, money, or energy to get interviewed by the world’s most prestigious firms. Even if a person is recruited by a firm located in another part of the globe, one wouldn’t be forced to sell his fortune to obtain the work permit visa, tickets, or other necessary documents. Users may work from the comfort of home by logging into the metaverse workplace. The boss may be on the other side of the globe, but with a near-lifelike 3D avatar, he can sit next to the staff and coach them through their tasks.

In other words, the Metaverse may soon become the one site of convergence for all workplaces. As a result, there will be relatively little need for actual buildings or office structures in the outer world. Consider how much money, space, and personnel humans could save!


Whether we want it or not, we must face the fact that today’s life is somewhat computer-driven with the influence of significant upheaval, even our perspective of reality shifts. We cannot imagine a world lacking social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter nowadays!

Consider a world without the internet. How about one that isn’t based on computers? We really can’t imagine anything else, can we?

Technology has had such an influence on mankind. To borrow a phrase from Marc Andreessen, technology is a magical box. It’s up to us to make the most of the opportunity. With its great possibilities, Metaverse is the future and might play a significant part in human existence and lifestyle. Like all of its brilliant predecessors, it hopes it will make us wiser, happier, and connected.

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