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SoluLab’s FlexiWorks System2021-03-25T10:52:29+05:30

SoluLab’s FlexiWorks System – A Flexible Approach For Our Clients

As a business, we understand that plans do change. SoluLab has adopted a flexible approach for our clients where we are completely fine if the plans get changed. Join hands with us where development isn’t bounded!

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SoluLab’s FlexiWorks System

Why is flexibility in development so critical to success?

75% of successful startups pivoted from their original founding idea. Many pivoted to a completely different concept.

Examples of startups that pivoted

  • Started out as a video dating site and completely changed their model to let users upload video and become the #1 source of video on the internet.Sold to Google for $1.65 Billion
  • Started as location-based service called ‘Burbn’, most comparable to Foursquare pivoted to become a social photo editing app. Today there are over 300m+ active users.Sold to Facebook for $1 Billion
  • Used to be a social good fundraising site called ‘The Point’. Changed their concept to local deals: if enough people pledged to do an activity, they would unlock a discount on it. Peak Valuation: $25 Billion
  • Started as Confinity, a cryptography company designed for exchanging money over Palm Pilots. Pivoted to the lucrative market space of enabling people to take credit card payments online. Acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion
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