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A Compilation of Best App Marketing Techniques2024-05-01T13:55:20+05:30

A Compilation of Best App Marketing Techniques

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Once upon a time, major brands saw mobile apps as something separate, something apart from their brand. Mobile apps were treated like something outside the business. However, that’s changed today. Now, big brands are being forced to rethink their mobile app marketing strategy, as well as the way they view their apps. Increasingly, consumers see mobile apps as extensions of the business itself, a part of the larger whole.

There are numerous advantages to be gained by integrating a mobile app with your overall marketing strategy and then building closer customer relationships, including building a better, stronger business. Mobile apps have the potential to create an enormous impact on an entire brand, which makes it essential for companies to stop promoting apps through traditional channels and instead focus on strategic marketing.

Apps are not just another marketing channel. They’re a business in and of themselves. They tie directly into the core of your brand, and they deserve their own marketing efforts that tie in with your strategy. Some of today’s largest companies are talking openly about just how great an impact their mobile apps have had not only on profitability but on their ability to engage with existing customers and reach new ones.

Within this book, we’ll highlight what those companies are doing in terms of app marketing, and provide 10 specific, strategic steps you can utilize to be more strategic in your own mobile app marketing.


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