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Metaverse Project2

Metaverse Project2


– Metaverse enterprise Solution for Photo Enhacement

This metaverse marketplace enables anyone to turn their photos into art, providing features like morphing, FX, and overlays. PlotaVerse is a suite of 6 professional patented software. Its roadmap includes adding an NFT creative kit, marketplace, and ecosystem to the application. SoluLab is helping them ignite the technologies of digital art, NFTs, and MP4 by adding a layer of security to digital art not available with JPEGs.

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SoluLab is a market-leading digital & technological solution provider with the upper hand in Blockchain, AI / ML, IoT, Data Science, and Digital Transformation. Proudly recognized as the number one global enterprise blockchain development company, we have a prominent team of developers & designers displaying extensive experience in their domains. Our UI/UX team is qualified to come out with pixel perfection in each project. The company is co-founded and mentored by the well-seasoned duo in the tech-business landscape, ex-vice president of Goldman Sachs and principal solution architect of Citrix, with over 30 years of software industry experience.

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