How is blockchain useful in the educational sector?

Blockchain adoption in education could assist increase the efficiency of the school ecosystem and optimise the utilisation of people and physical resources. Concerns like data privacy, cost, scalability, and interoperability with older systems will have to be addressed in the process. It is well worth the money since it will help users in a more secure, transparent, collaborative, creative, and future-ready educational system that can handle increasing enrolment.

Blockchain technology can provide a great framework for managing student records from ranging day-to-day information like assignments, attendance, and extracurricular activities to information about degrees and universities they’ve attended. It would be a secure system that ensured the integrity of educational records. Similarly, information on teachers can be carefully preserved, allowing an educational institution to keep track of their performance. The blockchain ledger would give a time-stamped and tamper-proof record of faculty performance — attendance, student evaluations, number of students choosing electives, research output, and publications. These recordings could be linked to faculty evaluation systems, resulting in increased accountability. A blockchain ecosystem can potentially be utilised to create a scholarship system that rewards students for maintaining consistency and academic performance.

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