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The system we built could monitor the behavior of objects with its movement patterns to analyze the insights from a live video. Vega is a smart real-time video analytics program. It converts actionable data into meaningful information with the help of Machine Learning (ML).

Business Overview

The Challenge

Our Approach

We reserved digital rights management to provide uninterrupted real-time video analysis. A pool of data scientists and machine learning experts invested significant amounts of their time in labeling data appropriately. This labeled data helps Vega in accurately identifying objects and displaying necessary information in real-time accordingly.

USP of our Project

Project Highlights

Results – A journey from Ideas to Success

Technologies we used


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure

Tensor Flow

Tensor Flow

Amazon Rekognition

Amazon Rekognition

Client Testimonial

“It was impressive to witness the quick turnaround time in completion of the project and the approaches taken by SoluLab’s Machine Learning team to eliminate the bottlenecks faced in building Vega. “

David Golub
David Golub
Artificial Intelligence Expert, Accenture


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