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Prevention of counterfeit drugs and medical devices with blockchain technology.


Business Overview

The Challenge

Our Approach

We created a Certifying Authority System, i.e., a client-server system which is accountable for identity management and also supports features such as registration of user and node identities, issuance of enrolment certificates and certificate lifecycle management.

Our expert developers created a network where each new transaction is added to a block, every transaction is immutable and time-stamped to track the end-to-end chain, and ensure that the information is not modified.

All stakeholders (supply chain people, valetudinarian, regulatory authorities) can have access to this system and check the origin and integrity of healthcare products. At the same time, the implementation of smart contracts would enable the acknowledgment of receipt and dispatch of medicines and trigger the payment process initially defined and prevention of counterfeit drugs.

USP of our project:

About our blockchain-based solutions for pharma industry

Results – a journey from ideas to success

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Client’s Testimonial

“In the initial phases, we weren’t much convinced with this unexplored technology. But, I must say, creation of unique ID for each and every drug has not only helped us to protect our customers but also augmented our brand value and overall revenue.”

Dr David
Owner at Pharma Company


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