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Blockchain for Clinical Trials2023-03-03T14:36:14+05:30

Blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry to improve quality and reliability of clinical trials data.

Clinical trials Business Overview

Business Overview

The Challenge

Our Approach

Implementing blockchain in pharma to improve the quality and reliability of clinical trial indeed require matured approach. We produced a prototype that uses distinct blockchain perks in managing authentication, confidentiality, nobility, and ease of sharing of data. It works on a decentralized records management system, and claims to provide patients a detailed, immutable history. Also, it allows easy access to their respective healthcare information across various providers and treatment institutions.

We created a system which doesn’t store medical records or require an adjustment time. But, it stores a mark of the record on a blockchain and advises the patient, who is eventually responsible for where that record can move. The mark guarantees that an unchanged duplicate of the record was acquired

We developed a protocol that provides smart contract functionality in blockchain and is used parallel to clinic-based data management system. Our primary focus of the study was to address the issue of the patient enrolment problem.
Ethereum resulted in quicker transactions, as compared to bitcoin, and hence the derived conclusion proposed the use of Ethereum smart contracts for transparency of data management systems in clinical trials

USP of our project:

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