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Blockchain based payment solution

Collection Account Management Application (CAMA) is a Hyperledger fabric based decentralised application for Media Industry to help keeping major financial transactions among stakeholders transparent and secure.

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Crypto Wallet Solution

SoluLab has huge expertise in Cryptocurrency exchange and wallet exchange solutions using Blockchain.

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ICO and Token

We offer all-inclusive development support for your ICO, from conceptual token design and ICO smart contracts to website deployment and maintenance of infrastructure.

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Crypto Exchange

It is an online marketplace where users can buy, sell or trade virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ether or Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, etc. Crypto exchanges can convert digital currency to any other fiat currency.

Blockchain Development Services

Smart Contract Development

Designing, development, auditing and optimization of self-executing smart contracts systems based on Ethereum and other platforms to automate transactions without involving middlemen.

Dapps Development

Development of smart and tailored decentralized ethereum apps (Dapps) based on blockchain technology that are scalable, advanced and high-proficient.

Private Blockchain Development

Building permissioned private blockchain applications for any industry, any organization and save costs of infrastructure and operations.

Blockchain Consulting

Sharing of experience and expertise to advise you on your blockchain journey whether you are prepared for blockchain and how can you achieve the best in the industry.

ICO Development And Launch

End-to-end ICO launch and development services including evaluation of token model, whitepapers, website designing, smart contracts, Pre and Post ICO services.

Exchange Platforms

Assistance in buying, selling and exchanging various digital currencies through a cryptocurrency exchange.

Crypto Wallet Development

Assistance to develop digital wallets wherein cryptocurrencies are stored, transacted and maintained with the use of meticulous programming.

Hyperledger And Multichain Development

Assistance to the clients in setting up enterprise grade blockchain via open source blockchain framework i.e. hyperledger development tools and platforms.

DApps Development and Deployment

Aladin – Blockchain Ecosystem

Aladin is a complete blockchain ecosystem. Aladin provides leverage to the Dapp Developer to establish their DApps from scratch, Using the SDK provided to them they would be able to make world-class DApps that can be used in varied use cases.

Highlights of Project

  • High performance blockchain with Smart Contracts and DLT
  • Easy to use SDK and APIs to build and publish DApps in different industries
  • Cryptocurrency payment support to earn money from DApps
  • Integration of Oracle for data interaction with other blockchain networks
  • Decentralised data storage solution inbuilt with platform
  • Integration of IoT and third party API to extend DApp features
  • Domain Registration for DApps
  • Apps store to publish DApps built by third-party developers
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Real Estate Industry

Acreage – Property Tokenization

Acreage uses Blockchain Tokenization to digitize the real estate properties and makes possible for the buyers to invest in the portion of properties and sellers to sell portions of their properties.

Highlights of Project

  • Invest & Sell out different types of assets such as Apartments, Commercial Offices etc.
  • Keeping asset legal documents in PDF or in JPEG format on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) Seamless change of ownership with help of smart contract
  • Keeping transaction records over Blockchain which is more secure
  • Different Investment options (Investment using Crypto Tokens, Fiat Currency as well as Offline Payment)
  • Quarterly asset rent distribution to the Investors based on their investment stacks
  • Verify the Investors and Asset Owners using KYC Documents before doing any transaction
  • Tokenized the Asset using ERC-20 tokens and trade them using Ethers
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Blockchain-based solutions for Media Industry

Collection Account Management Application (CAMA)

A hyperledger fabric based decentralized application for Media Industry to keep major financial transactions among stakeholders transparent and secure.

Highlights of Project

  • Secure connection with City National Bank (USA)
  • Third-party Banks’ API integration
  • dApp development for automatic transfers of fund
  • Smart contracts development for payment pay-out terms
  • Admin panel, Super admin panel and stakeholders panel
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Blockchain-based solutions for Mortgage Industry

Padgett Law Group

Hyperledger based transparent and secure solution for companies involved in managing real estate loans.

Highlights of Project

  • Universal format for mortgage loan data
  • Bulk upload of loans
  • Easy transfer of ownership of loan portfolio
  • Smart contracts development for event codes
  • Admin panel, desktop manager and loan manager
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World’s first decentralised online advt platform


A digital marketing platform powered by blockchain that enables users to receive detailed web traffic insights.

Highlights of Project

  • ERC 20 based smart contracts for Tokens and ICO
  • Android, iOS and Web wallet (HD Cryptocurrency Wallet)
  • APIs for Admin Dashboard
  • Crowdfunding website
  • Investor Dashboard with KYC / AML
  • Admin Panel to monitor and control ICO
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