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Project Description

Collection Account Management Application (CAMA) – Blockchain-based solutions for Media Industry



CAMA is a legal document, being prepared for our client The Union Edge, a prominent name in Media Industry. we were hired to develop a blockchain-based platform that provides The Union Edge CAMA stakeholders a full control of the payment waterfall for film and television production with enhanced transparency, trust, analytics and speed of payment.

The Union Edge CAMA guarantees that all stakeholders with a financial interest in a film or television production, from producer to investor to profit participant, will receive their pre-agreed share of the revenues collected – timely, securely and with full distributed ledger transparency.



Our blockchain enthusiasts developed a hyperledger fabric based decentralized application for Media Industry to keep major financial transactions among stakeholders transparent and secure.

The challenge (rather an opportunity) was integrating third party banks API.



Let’s see what CAMA is all about!

Transparency and trust

sales graph and global sales report is accessible to the users. All real-time transaction data is available to all stakeholders. Smart Contracts and peer-to-peer connectivity empowers trust between all participants.


Smart contracts enabled automated sales distribution process ensures no latency in payments since it dictate payment immediately upon contractual triggers and display information in doughnut charts.

Analytics Dashboard

Users can fetch robust information about transactions and distribution data like weekly increase in gross revenue per screen, weekly boost i