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Excalibur – Delve Into the Experience of a Metaverse Cruise Ship2024-03-29T16:32:09+05:30

Excalibur – Delve Into the Experience of a Metaverse Cruise Ship

Experience “Excalibur” virtually, which allows guests to explore a digital version of their newest ship and interact with designers and even the captain as digital avatars.

Business Overview

  • In a groundbreaking industry-first, travellers can immerse themselves in a celebrity ship before they ever set to sail.
  • Visitors can also explore and book vacation itineraries; chat with ship designers and leaders.

The Challenges

  • Settings speeds and angles for the avatars to move about in the desired directions.
  • Creating different spaces like the bar, restaurant, gaming zone etc., to provide varying experiences to the avatars.


  • Signature spaces

    The experience features the ship’s Martini Bar Flair Show and allows guests to visit top destinations.

  • Book vacation

    Website visitors can explore and book vacation itineraries and learn more about how the ship was designed by chatting with the interior designer.

  • Magic Carpet

    Enjoy the virtual cocktails or dinner here. It also doubles as a meeting space, providing a dynamic way for users to interact virtually.

  • Grand Plaza

    Spanning three decks with the brand's signature Martini Bar at the heart of it all, it will serve as a social-first lounge where passengers can connect, listen to music, and enjoy the iconic Martini Bar Flair Show.

  • The Resort Deck

    It features a rooftop garden, the ship's main pool, unique cantilevered float pools and sunken seating that offer interactions with the captain. Visitors can also relax in lounge chairs, jump in the pool, and get a drink from the bar.

  • Sunset Bar

    Personal travel experiences are reflected in the internationally-inspired ambience at the multi-level, multi-terraced outdoor space.

Project Features

  • Excalibur redefines luxury cruise travel with cool, contemporary design and accommodation.

  • It also has a dining, spa and entertainment experience for modern tastes; and culturally rich and diverse destination experiences.

Project Outcome

  • A next-generation ship that goes further than ever-imagined possible for a cruise ship.

  • It gives guests endless opportunities to connect with the wonders of the world around them.

  • Inspirational design from the world’s leading architects and interior designers with fine dining experiences.

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