MHealth Apps That Ensure The Success of Your Hospitals And Clinics

MHealth Apps That Ensure The Success of Your Hospitals And Clinics

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If we talk about technological advancements and their influence on healthcare industry, mHealth apps today have made a strong position in the industry.

According to Zion market research,  the global market for the mHealth will reach $102.43 billion by 2022.

With the help of these mHealth apps, the patients are just a fingertip away from the doctors. These healthcare mobile apps provide an  instant chat and video call options to the patients to connect with the doctors. Due to these salient mHealth apps features,  their popularity and demand are increasing day by day.

Popular mHealth Apps That Ensure The Success of Hospitals And Clinics

Here is a list of mHealth apps that are currently popular in the field of healthcare and patient care. These mHealth apps play a major role in ensuring the success of hospitals and clinics.



This is one of the most popular medical apps that is available with millions of downloads. This mobile application is available in both versions for iOS as well as Android. With the help of this mobile application doctors can find out the information related to the drug and how it is interacting with the body of the patient. Also, with the help of this app BMI measurements of the patients can be quickly calculated.

Coming to this pricing the app is available for free to be downloaded from the store and most of its contents are free. However, access to some additional features requires a purchase.

In all, it costs for around $174.99 annually.     


This another popular mobile application is beneficial for a larger group of people be it physicians, students, nurses, residents, pharmacists etc. It also allows the user to earn credits while treating the patients.

One-time login is required for this app. The app comprises of a Symptom checker with the help of which diagnosis of the disease can be done much quickly and also suggest the possible treatments for the diseases with dosing suggestions too.

The app also consists of a number of videos that comprises of the physical examinations and clinical procedures. Coming to the pricing of this app the app is completely free for the users.


This mobile application is available for both the Android and iOS users. A million of physicians have opted for this application. The app is filled with vast information on medical and holds answer to several questions.

Coming to the pricing of this app the app is free to download for the user. However, to access the information inside this app it requires a subscription for it.

The subscription costs around $495 per year to a physician.


This health mobile app is by WebMD, which can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. This app provides several salient features such as diagnosis of the diseases, information about the drugs, medical news etc.

The app is completely free to use and can be downloaded for free as well from the stores.

pill reminder app features


This mobile application is sort of a social networking app for the physicians. Around 70% of the U.S physicians are claimed to be the members of this group and can communicate with other doctors through this app and several matters can be discussed. This app is also available for both the Android and iOS users. This app is one of the highly rated mobile health app. The app is free to download from the stores and all it requires is a sign-up to be the member in the app.


This mobile app which is available for download in both Android and iOS allows to view and share medical images with other physicians. With the help of this app physicians can have feedback from other physicians in certain cases. Along with this the privacy of the patients is maintained by this app as it has automatic face-blocking and also it removes the identifying information about the patient. The app is free to download at the stores for the users.


This mobile application is a medical journal for the physicians and researchers available in both Android and iOS versions. Medical journals can be read in your mobile phones with the help of this app easily. As of now the app supports 81 medical specialities and more than 100,000 keywords can be followed by this app. The articles are surfaced in this app based upon the user’s previous searches and interests. The app is totally free for the users to download it from the stores.

Read by QxMD

This mobile app comprises of data related to the medical literature and journals. This app is available for both Android and iOS users and various journals can be read and can also be downloaded through this. The app is quite popular with thousands of downloads and is free to download from the store however for some journals it does require a subscription.

Signing off!

Thus, with the help of all these mHealth apps, the traditional method of the medical sector is getting revolutionized. Nevertheless, this has shown a positive impact over patients.


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