Top Blockchain and AI Projects

Top Blockchain and AI Projects

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Blockchain and artificial intelligence or AI have been the two hottest topics of discussion in recent times. The popularity of these two technologies is majorly due to their immense potential. Blockchain and AI have emerged to be two of the most promising technologies that have the ability to bring about a change in our lives. Most interestingly, combining blockchain and AI is what happens to be an extremely interesting proposition in this regard.

AI has played a significant role in completely transforming the way how machines interact with us. Artificial intelligence deals with the practice of making machines capable of doing tasks that need cognitive intelligence. On the other hand, the technology of blockchain helps document digital information in a highly secure and transparent manner. The encryption and distribution of information across various computers with extremely robust as well as tamper-proof databases in blockchain are also bringing about massive changes in the way businesses and people used to store information. Therefore, a combination of the two is something that can be further beneficial in a number of ways.

There are already a number of combined blockchain and AI projects that have succeeded which gives a clear idea about the potential of the combination. Let us now analyze a few of the top blockchain and AI projects.


SingularityNET certainly finds the top rank when it comes to a combination of blockchain and AI projects. SingularityNET helps create a decentralized AI marketplace that facilitates the creation as well as financing of different projects based on AI. Most importantly, SingularityNET has been created to serve the role of a global network for various AI-based algorithms. There are many who have some doubts regarding the complexities of using AI in blockchain with SingularityNET. However, the marketplace for AI services with SingularityNET initially focused only on three areas that are listed below.

  1. Cyber security
  2. Cloud robotics
  3. Biomedical research

This marketplace plays a significant role in helping the developers as well as companies to create their AI projects along with enabling them to sell data, tools, services, and algorithms. Moreover, SingularityNET points out the use of smart contracts directly. SingularityNET has emerged to be the top blockchain and AI project because of its role in decreasing the gap between researchers associated with the development of AI tools and businesses depending on the technology for specific objectives. It can help in a wide array of projects that require datasets for the purpose of creating very powerful AI solutions. Additionally, it can support businesses that wish to have customized AI solutions.

Matrix AI

Matrix AI is another top blockchain and AI project that simply cannot be left out or ignored at the time of creating the list for the same. Matrix AI has the ability to capitalize on functionalities of different technologies based on artificial intelligence like NLP or Natural Language Processing. Additionally, it also provides the basic functionalities desired with blockchain. Some of the top features of Matrix AI are listed below.

  • Adaptive blockchain parameters.
  • Auto-coding intelligent contracts.
  • Dynamic delegation networks.
  • AI-based blockchain security.

Moreover, Matrix AI also features a secure virtual machine based on artificial intelligence that helps recognize the possible loopholes as well as the negative intentions at the time of addressing the requirements of robustness.

DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain is another name that makes it to the list of the top blockchain and AI projects. It is nothing but a decentralized AI computing platform that has much better cost efficiency and safeguards to privacy. DeepBrain Chain makes use of blockchain technology and serves the functions of a decentralized neural network. Therefore, it happens to be one of the most preferred sources for the purpose of availing of a decentralized cloud computing network that supports AI development.

The developers of the project suggested that its primary aim is to focus on moving from the existing NEP-5 chain. At the same time, it also brings blockchain governance. Most importantly, the DeepBrain Chain project serves essential functionalities to make sure that data trading is highly secure. In addition to this, DeepBrain Chain also makes sure that there is an improvement in the value of data along with ensuring the privacy of data by differentiating between usage of data and ownership of data.


It is very common to see that different websites as well as other online resources have flooded the internet to fake news. It is precisely the reason why users find it extremely difficult in differentiating between genuine news and fake news. Blackbird.AI comes to the rescue of users in this regard which happens to be one of the top projects that have combined blockchain and AI to analyze content. The project is extremely helpful in verifying the credibility of content which in turn conveniently filters fake news without any kind of trouble. Blackbird.AI makes the best use of blockchain technology for the purpose of filtering and classifying content as per certain credibility indicators. These indicators for credibility play a crucial role in helping to determine whether a particular piece of news carries misinformation, hate speech, or satire.

Thought AI

Thought AI is another top project that has appropriately combined blockchain and artificial intelligence. This project happens to be a unique take on the entire concept of the combination of blockchain and AI. Thought AI creates an entirely new type of analytics approach using AI, blockchain, and embedded data. Moreover, it plays a vital role in helping the digital information to act independently without requiring the application layer. This approach appropriately combines logic and data to create an AI solution that is highly efficient, responsive, as well as helpful. Thought AI helps scale artificial intelligence across different businesses, speed development times, generate meaningful value, and govern the AI without any kind of difficulties.


Now, it is quite clear that a combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence can have far-reaching effects. But it is to be kept in mind that the use of combined technologies is still in the phase of development. In addition to the projects mentioned above, there are a number of other examples in different industrial sectors. It is expected that the use of combined technology would go through further research and advancements to amplify its usage in the time to come.

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