Top 3 Crypto ICOs to Invest in 2022

Top 3 Crypto ICOs to Invest in 2022

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Top 3 Crypto ICOs to Invest in 2022

Initial coin offering (ICO) is a prevalent approach for crypto enterprises to get attention and raise capital. Similar to crowdsourcing, initial coin offerings (ICOs) allow the community to have a tangible impact on the development of a project while simultaneously providing investors with the opportunity to make substantial profits in the future.

This article discusses 3 of the highest-rated crypto ICOs presently available, describing what they are and why they are so well regarded, and then reviewing the most essential factors to consider when selecting whether to join an ICO.

The Top 3 Initial Coin Offerings to Invest in Immediately

As decided by significant research and analysis, the three best ICO platform cryptocurrencies available to investors are listed below. In the section that follows, we will analyze each of these ICOs and give the information required to make an informed investment decision.

  • IMPT (IMPT) is the finest ICO tackling global warming.
  • Tamadoge (TAMA) is a leading ICO that is surging on exchanges.
  • Battle Infinity (IBAT) — Exciting New ICO on the Metaverse Market

Evaluation of the Leading New ICO Cryptocurrency Initiatives

Investing in an ICO might be risky since the business in issue is likely still in its infancy and has a stable basis. Those with a higher risk tolerance are often rewarded handsomely since the biggest ICOs have the potential to generate tremendous gains in the future.

In light of this, let’s investigate why the aforementioned top crypto ICOs are so prevalent in further detail.

1. IMPT (IMPT) is the Most Effective ICO in Fighting Climate Catastrophe:

IMPT is a new initiative with a potential future. However, many ICOs are risky because crypto businesses fail to deliver on their promises or lose momentum when it becomes apparent that they have no practical use case. The climate crisis is perhaps the most significant concern of the 21st century, and IMPT plans to confront it head-on.

The program has already built relationships with more than 10,000 retailers and businesses, many of which are globally recognized, enabling users to earn carbon credits by purchasing.

Carbon credits may offset a user’s carbon footprint by financing environmentally-friendly actions certified by a third party. The credits will have inherent value and may be sold, held, or retired, with each retired carbon credit giving a unique NFT with intrinsic value. The IMPT team is fully doxxed and has years of senior-level experience in a variety of commerce and telecoms organizations, making this one of the best crypto presale projects of the year.

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The first round of the presale has just started, and over $150,000 has already been raised in less than 24 hours. A $100 investment will produce 5,555 IMPT tokens at a price of $0.018 per token. The first phase will include the sale of 600 million tokens until November 25 or until they are expended, whichever comes first. In Phases 2 and 3, an additional 1.2 billion tokens will be sold at a price increase to $0.023 and then $0.028.

  • Linked Ethereum
  • Standard ERC-20
  • Coin Cost $0.0180
  • End Date: November 25 (stage 1)
  • Vesting Unlock Token Generation Event
  • Hugh Phelan, Mike English, and Denis Creighton make up Team Denis Creighton (CLO)

2. Tamadoge (TAMA) is a Market-leading ICO That is Surging on Exchanges:

Tamadoge, which completed its ICO in under eight weeks and raised $19 million, is one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies. It is pumping following its initial exchange offering (IEO) on OKX. Tamadoge is a first-of-its-kind “hybrid meme currency” that blends play-to-earn (P2E) capabilities with one of the most innovative non-fungible tokens to create a rich metaverse. Within the Tamadoge world, players may build “Tamadoge Pets” and deploy them in the PvP combat mechanism of the ecosystem.

Talented players may earn TAMA, Tamadoge’s native ERC-20 token, by participating in battles with other players.

TAMA will be used to purchase in-game items and more Tamadoge Pets, and its presale has been dubbed the largest of 2022. Nonetheless, this new ICO coin for 2022 seems to have fascinating investment potential since only two billion TAMA tokens are available. In addition, 5% of the tokens used for in-game transactions will be destroyed, reducing the supply and adding to the price rise. Given the team’s future objectives, this burn mechanism might be highly helpful. The third quarter of 2023 will see the release of an augmented reality (AR) app and Tamadoge-themed arcade games, which will attract additional users to the platform.

Tamadoge’s presale was extraordinarily successful, raising $19 million and selling out its entire supply in less than eight weeks, despite the general weakness of the cryptocurrency market. Prior to the presale, SolidProof extensively analyzed the project’s contract, and CoinSniper verified the team’s KYC. The founders are doxxed with the heads of growth, game development, blockchain development, and interface design: Carl Dawkins, Thomas Seabrook, Siphamandla Mjoli, and Neil Palethorpe.

In addition, Eric Lamontagne was just named the Web3 Full Stack Developer OKX currently offers the currency on its centralized and decentralized exchanges. The week after the launch, TAMA achieved an all-time high of $0.16, an increase of almost 1,600% above its presale price. The cryptocurrency will be offered on LBank and MEXC on October 5, and Binance has received a listing request.

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Due to the large trading volume, which is only exceeded by Dogecoin and Shiba Inu in the meme currency category, and the imminent release of the NFT collection, analysts foresee more price rises over the next few weeks. To discover more about Tamadoge, prospective investors may join its Telegram group or follow its Twitter feed.

3. Battle Infinity (IBAT) Is an Exciting New ICO in the Metaverse Market Segment:

Battle Infinity is another of the leading new cryptocurrency projects you should be aware of. Battle Infinity’s revolutionary P2E procedures and fantasy sports aspects have made it one of the most intriguing metaverse projects debuting in 2022. The IBAT Premier League fantasy sports component allows users to construct sports teams and earn tokenized rewards in a decentralized way.

This initial coin offering (ICO) will initially focus on cricket, but the Battle Infinity team has stated that more sports may be added in the future. This enables anybody with in-depth knowledge of a sport and its players to use their expertise and generate recurring money in IBAT — Battle Infinity’s native BEP-20 currency. In addition to the IBAT Premier League, Battle Infinity’s ecosystem includes a P2E multiplayer gaming store, a Defi token exchange mechanism, an NFT marketplace, and a staking service.

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All these elements combine to create Battle Infinity, an “all-in-one” platform where gamers can play, earn, and interact. Battle Infinity emerged as one of the best ICO crypto projects in January of this year when its presale allocation sold out 66 days early. Battle Infinity’s founders hastened IBAT’s placement on PancakeSwap as a consequence of this ICO’s great popularity.

Since being listed on PancakeSwap, IBAT has also been listed on the prestigious cryptocurrency exchange LBank, causing the token’s price to double within a few days. There are further postings planned over the following months. Those interested in learning more about Battle Infinity and IBAT are welcome to join the project’s official Telegram group.

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