Hire a Solidity Developer – Everything You Need to Know

Hire a Solidity Developer – Everything You Need to Know

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Are you looking forward to hiring Solidity developers? Then it is evident that you must have a project for which you require Solidity developers. Hiring a developer seems to be an easy task, but it is not as easy as it seems. If you are planning to get the best out of your project, it is extremely important to hire the best Solidity developers for the same.

Hiring top-notch developers for your project will provide you with the confidence that the entire task will be taken care of in the best possible manner, assuring you of a hundred percent satisfaction. However, before proceeding with the task of hiring developers, it would be a very good idea to have some understanding of Solidity, its features, its uses, and other important things. A clear concept of these would play a significant role in choosing the right Solidity developer for your project.

Table of Contents

A Brief on Solidity Programming

Solidity is an object-oriented programming language. It is used for constructing, designing, and implementing smart contracts on different blockchain platforms, most commonly, Ethereum. It was developed by Christian Reitwiessner, Alex Beregszaszi, and other former core contributors of Ethereum. The programming language was first proposed in August 2014 by Gavin Wood.

The language was later developed by the Solidity team of the Ethereum project under the leadership of Christian Reitwiessner. Solidity is Ethereum’s primary language. It is the primary language for several other private blockchains on the platforms that compete with Ethereum, like Monax. The popularity of Solidity has been rising over the past few years, which in turn, has resulted in increasing demand for developers. Becoming a Solidity developer has become a top choice in recent times owing to the huge scope or opportunities it offers.

Let us learn a bit more about Solidity in the following points.

  • Solidity is used for the creation of smart contracts which implement logic in business and, at the same time, help generate a series of records of transactions on the blockchain system.
  • Solidity plays the role of a strong tool used for the purpose of creating machine-level code and compiling the same on the EMV or Ethereum Virtual Machine.
  • Like other object-oriented programming languages such as C and C++, Solidity has a lot of similarities. Moreover, it is quite simple to learn and easy to understand. For instance, a “main” in C language is equivalent to a “contract” in Solidity.
  • Similar to other programming languages, Solidity also consists of functions, variables, classes, string manipulation, arithmetic operations, and a number of other concepts.

Data Types Supported By Solidity Programming

Before we proceed, it is important to know the data types supported by Solidity programming. It supports all the usual data types as seen in other object-oriented programming languages.

Integers – Solidity supports both signed and unsigned integer domains. For instance, keywords like “unit8” & “uint256” can be used for the purpose of allocating sizes of 8 bits & 256 bits, respectively. Solidity also supports runtime exceptions.

Booleans – The data type Boolean returns the value “0” when the condition is false and returns the value “1” when the condition is true, depending on the accuracy or status of a condition. At the time when the logical operators are used, the output is usually generated as a Boolean value.

String Literals – Double or single quotes can denote a string literal.

Modifiers – These are used for the purpose of identification of the consistency of the conditions prior to the execution of the code of the smart contract.

Arrays – The syntax of Solidity is similar to that of other object-oriented programming languages, and it is able to support both single and multidimensional arrays.

In addition to the above, Solidity also permits us to ‘map’ data structures with the help of operators, enums, and hash values to return values stored in particular storage locations.

Now, it becomes easy to understand what Solidity programming is all about and the data type it supports. So, let us proceed to the next step in getting a fair idea about Solidity developers.

Who is a Solidity Developer?

Solidity developers are the ones who make use of the object-oriented programming language to create and deploy smart contracts applications based on Ethereum. It is the native language of Ethereum that provides the developers with the complete benefit of launching various projects on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The developers possess comprehensive knowledge of the development of smart contracts via the programming language. They also possess the required skill set as well as the expertise with the language and are able to make the best use of it in a wide array of projects. Over the past few years, certified developers have been the most sought-after in the blockchain market space.

Technical Skills That a Solidity Developer Must Possess

Technical skills required to be a solidity developer

Becoming a Solidity developer requires certain technical skills, without which being successful would prove to be quite difficult in this field. Here are some of the major skills required for Solidity developers.

·- A clear concept of blockchain technology and all the associated or related concepts is important.

– A formal understanding of the Ethereum blockchain, its process of working, and the use cases are required.

– An understanding of other programming languages proves to be beneficial for dealing with Solidity programming.

– An in-depth understanding of smart contracts and associated topics such as the architecture of smart contracts, development of smart contracts, and their applications since Solidity is a smart contract programming language.

–  Core knowledge of different blockchain platforms and their working process.

– A clear concept of the design or architecture of blockchain projects based on Solidity is extremely helpful.

– Steady commitment to the web 3.0 landscape and distributed ledger technology or DLT is vital.

– High enthusiasm for learning more about the emerging blockchain technologies and staying updated with the current trends in the industry is needed.

– Lastly, generalized skills such as the spirit to work in a team that is multidisciplinary in nature, along with very good client as well as project management skills, are essential to be a successful developer.

With the skill set mentioned above, Solidity developers have a high chance to be successful in their careers and specific job roles.

Advantages of Hiring Dedicated Solidity Developers for Your Project

Advantages of hiring a solidity developer

Once you have got a fair idea about Solidity programming and developers, it is time to start with the hiring journey. At the time when you begin the hiring process, you will find developers having specialization in more than one programming language. So, there arises confusion about whether to hire a dedicated Solidity developer or just a skilled developer. Here you should keep in mind that hiring a skilled developer is good to go, but experts recommend hiring dedicated developers for your project. If you are still confused, let us help you with the advantages of hiring dedicated Solidity developers.

Possess Specialized Skills, Expertise, and Knowledge

Hiring a dedicated developer gives you access to their specialized set of skills, expertise, and knowledge to take care of your project in the right way. This, in turn, plays a vital role in the overall success of the project. In addition to this, hiring dedicated developers for the project will readily improve the overall quality of work, infusing the project with an array of unique and innovative ideas as well as fresh perspectives.
You can get flexible models and a proper team structure for the project when you hire dedicated experts. Moreover, the team has in-depth knowledge of the subject and easily understands all the variations in the project to come up with the most suitable solution as per the specific needs of the project.

All Approaches and Strategies are Business Oriented

A Solidity developer has several years of experience in the field and is able to gain deeper insights into the project along with the complexities involved. At the same time, the expert makes sure that all the approaches to the project are business-oriented so that they are able to deliver the intended results within the stipulated frame of time.

In addition to this, the developers formulated strategies that are strictly business-oriented. They know exactly what needs to be done, when, where, and how as per the specific needs of the project. Thus, bringing in a dedicated Solidity development team makes sure that there is simply nothing to worry about their professionalism, strategy, approach, and experience. You can be sure to see your project getting completed within the timeline as per the exact requirements.

Better Turnaround Time for the Project

At the time when you hire a dedicated development team for your project, you can certainly expect a much better turnaround time for the project. The team is able to present you with the highest quality work in the quickest possible period of time. This, in turn, leads to much faster shipping of the product, quicker time to market, and speedier iterations. For this reason, project owners are always looking forward to hiring a dedicated team of experts for their projects. Moreover, the team would be capable of delivering the project on time, adhering to the delivery KPIs regardless of its size.

The Return on Investment is Better

The market competition is indeed huge. It is precisely the reason why business owners are always looking forward to making wise investments that come with better returns. In this regard, a dedicated Solidity development team helps with the successful completion of the project without any kind of additional investment. Therefore, it proves to be a cost-effective option for business owners. In addition to this, hiring a core Solidity team makes sure that you get all relevant as well as informative content that brings about great results. Thus, it allows you to obtain a much better return on investment or ROI.

Tips to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Solidity Developer

Tips to Keep in Mind While Hiring a Solidity Developer

Now, you are clear about the advantages that you get from hiring dedicated Solidity developers for your project. However, before hiring a developer or a team of developers, it is extremely important to remember a few important tips that will help you make the ideal selection. Here are the pointers to follow.

Skip Asking Stereotypic Questions

When you are hiring Solidity developers, it is obvious that you need to ask questions since it is extremely important. However, it would always be great to skip asking any stereotypical questions like the following.

  • What is Solidity programming?
  • Who first proposed Solidity and its evolution?
  • When was it first launched?

Instead of taking such a type of memory test by asking these stereotypical questions, it would be better to ask relevant questions to gain a better understanding of their technical knowledge and expertise on Solidity. You can ask the following questions that would not only help you gauge the technical knowledge of the developers but also make the most appropriate choice for your project.

  • Is Solidity compiled or interpreted?
  • What is the corresponding JavaScript console.log in Solidity for debugging?
  • What is the usual layout of a Solidity smart contract?

Ask Them to Brief About Their Previous Projects

While hiring Solidity Developers, it is very important to ask them about their previous projects and experiences. It happens to be of great help in obtaining a detailed idea about their skillset and particular areas of expertise. You can also ask the developers to share or give a brief about their relevant past projects. The answers to these questions from the developers play a significant role in identifying their suitability for your project. Simply telling the developers to share their portfolios also works well in this regard and helps them make an appropriate choice.

Try to Assess Their Knowledge Base and Skills to Learn

When you decide to narrow down your search for Solidity developers, it is crucial to try and assess their knowledge base, especially technical knowledge. It is one of the primary things to do while hiring a developer for your project. Moreover, it is also necessary to evaluate their skills to learn and speed of learning. You would certainly agree that technology is constantly changing.

So, it becomes necessary to hire a developer who not only has the potential to work on your project but also stays updated with all the latest trends in the field by gathering new skills along the way. Most importantly, your project requirement might change during the course of development. Hence, the developers you select should possess the flexibility to learn and adapt to the changing needs of the project.

Judge the Communication Skills of the Developers

Proper communication has always been the stepping stone towards success regardless of the type, size, and complexity of the project. Therefore, it becomes highly important to judge the communication skills of the Solidity developers before hiring. They should possess the ability to communicate seamlessly without any kind of interruption through various modes of communication such as emails, audio, video, web, etc.

The presence of any kind of gaps in communication can prove to be detrimental to the overall results of the project. Therefore, it becomes very important to have an understanding of the communication skills of developers before hiring from the point of view of successful completion of the project.

Attitude is the Key to Success

Ultimately, you need to have a fair idea about the attitude of the Solidity developers. It is because of the fact that attitude matters a lot in this regard. It is to be kept in mind that you can train a developer with specific skills required for a particular project but providing training with attitude is impossible since it is the characteristic of a person which cannot be changed easily with training.

You might find a developer who is great at Solidity development but does not possess soft skills, does not have an optimistic mindset, or lacks the attitude to learn; then, it becomes difficult to move ahead with that developer and work together on the project.

Keeping in mind all the tips mentioned above while hiring Solidity developers will ensure that you are able to make the most appropriate selection.


Hiring a dedicated Solidity developer is certainly the new future to thrive. The dedicated developers make sure to work on your project with the highest amount of care in order to maximize the end results. At the time when you hire proficient Solidity developers, you get very easy access to the best pool of highly talented developers who possess high-level technical skills.

At the same time, you get a very good value for money and a hassle-free delivery of the project within the deadline allotted for the same. One of the best parts here is that you are able to get the complete package together at a pocket-friendly price. Hence there is simply no need to worry about the operational expenses of the project.

So, what are you waiting for? You are now all set to hire Solidity developers since you have a complete know-how of the entire. Just go ahead and have a seamless hiring journey to make your project a great success!

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