Top features that any mobile application must have

Top features that any mobile application must have

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We are in an era when many of us are using mobile. Most of us use mobile applications that help us to assist, interact, and manage several tasks. Most of the applications are designed in such a way that they are very attractive. Many people do prefer applications that do have an attractive user interface and user experience than lousy design and expertise. It is sometimes quite frustrating when users do not find it easy to use the user interface and experience. Hence for designing a mobile application, it is essential to make sure, user design is designed in the best way. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best mobile application features which would bring more users.

An introduction to mobile application

As we know, technology is advancing, and application developers’ needs have been increased. Most of the people do want to have an application for their business. Also, many people don’t use their mobile for making calls but also to conduct several activities. Most of the mobile applications are used for information services, fax, emails, web browsing, and many more activities.

Are you looking to create a mobile application? If you want to create a mobile application, several new technologies are available, which do need less amount of coding and designing. Several techniques could be used to build mobile applications.

If you are looking to build a mobile application, you need to consider what all different platforms are available. Many apps cannot run on different platforms. Hence most of the mobile applications are unique and only run on the specific platform. For example, an android application cannot run on an Apple phone. Several mobile application developments is possible due to expertise in a functional and technical area. Several companies do have in-depth experience in mobile application development.

Best features every mobile application should consider

  • A Flexible Application

All the mobile applications are available for several OS like iOS, Android, and Windows so that they can achieve best out of any mobile application. It is easy to upload applications to the playstore, but it is not the same for iOS, as a check is done on the application before uploading it to the app store. Most of the application development does not require special coding. But it is needed to make sure that all the applications do have size flexibility according to different devices.

  • An application must be secure

As most of the applications, nowadays use the internet, hence one should consider developing an application, which is secure to use. Since most of the applications do need sensitive information and personal information such as credit card details and debit card details, security is a must for mobile applications.

  1. Several malware attacks are made on application access to users’ information. 
  2. Much sensitive information is traveled over the network.
  3. Several malicious activities are made to steal data.
  4. Several business details could be destroyed or stolen.

Hence it is essential to make sure that all the security issues of the applications are covered with the best code.

  • Simplicity

Many people do prefer an application that is simple to use and easy to navigate. If a user is not able to access information quickly, it would lose interest and become frustrated. Many people would prefer applications of competitors that are easy to use. Hence it would help if you design applications that are fast and simple.

  • Speed

Speed is the most important factor while designing an application. Many users do like to use applications which are fast and take very less time to load. Speed does mean that all the graphics, large tables as well as storage databases should be simple and quick.

  • Images with High Resolution

While you manage the speed of the application, it is really important that you use high-quality images for your applications. Since an image does affect the user experience hence, an image should be of high quality. And many people will download images with good graphics.

  • Search

A mobile application does store a large amount of information. Users might need to search for information. Hence make sure your application does contain a search is really important for an application to have the ability to search any data available on device or internet.

  • Bold and bright scheme colours

All the fundamental colours of a mobile application should be eye grabbing and hence it will attract more customers. It is required to use complementary colours which can be used and several applications would look stylish and professional.

  • Notifications

Notifications are much easier than sending emails and many times, it does end in a spam folder. A combination of text, graphic or both can be used to send notifications. Such personalized and relevant messages would be much better than unsolicited messages as it would be relevant to users.

  • Feedback Form

It is really important to take users’ feedback as it helps several developers to improve their applications. The best way is to ask feedback from users, give information about how the application is working and its design. A feedback form should be made available in the application or asked separately.

  • Regular Updates

Updates are very essential. Since technology advances, you should send updates regularly. It would help you to turn up your product better. Several security issues do rise hence it becomes necessary to solve such issues.

All such are necessary features in the application and it does need high cost. So, before developing any application, it is necessary to know about several different costs that could come before you code. Several mobile application cost calculators are available online which helps our customers to look at the cost. 

Some best platforms to build mobile applications

If you are looking to build a mobile application, several hybrid platforms are available for building applications for both ios and Android. Some of the following platforms are:

  • Flutter

Flutter is a new platform to build mobile applications. It lets users build mobile applications for both ioS and android. Most people do prefer using flutter nowadays.

  • Ionic

It is another platform, which is used to build mobile applications using web technologies. It includes CSS and JS components for developers to design native applications. 

  • Xcode

Xcode is the latest software to build mobile applications and different softwares. Swift is an innovative new programming language for building mobile applications for iOS.

  • AWS

Aws mobile SDK helps users to build mobile applications easily. It does bring several services available such as Amazon Lambda, S3, Machine Learning and many more.

  • Salesforce Mobile

It let users. To build native, web and hybrid applications for mobile for both platforms like Android and iOS. It is an opersouces platform by Salesforce.

All such platforms are really best for people who want to build great mobile applications for businesses. Such platforms are easy to use and many developers do recommend all such platforms for building mobile applications.


Android OS and iPhone OS do have much impact on the application implementation and development in the application industry. While designing, it is really important to consider, users’ satisfaction and make sure the application is user friendly and easy to use.

All the top 10 essential features are made available. Hence it would really help developers to build the best mobile application. All the above-mentioned features do need to be available in all the applications, available for ios or Android.

If you are looking for a mobile application for your business to increase your reach. We would recommend you to outsource projects to several companies like SoluLab. Because such companies do have great experience in mobile application development and have a great portfolio. Such companies have worked for several clients and have great applications.

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