Solidus Ai Tech Announces New Partnership With Metaverse Giants Galaxy Arena

Solidus Ai Tech Announces New Partnership With Metaverse Giants Galaxy Arena

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Solidus Ai Tech Announces New Partnership With Metaverse Giants Galaxy Arena

Solidus Ai Tech has just proclaimed a new strategic partnership or coalition with Galaxy Arena, and they have presented the foremost VR Earn game aggregator metaverse hub shortly. Galaxy Arena is giving rise to several discussions in the Meta sector and Play2Earn by uniting or bridging the void between reality and virtual by drawing tournaments, enterprises, events, and attractions inside the metaverse. Galaxy Arena and its partners will progress from operating Solidus Ai Tech’s gigantic computer capability. Whereas Solidus Ai Tech will have a substantial gateway for the consumers and players of its play to procure games from the metaverse.

There are three special, distinct categories of Galaxy Arena. An explorable digital atmosphere’s 30,000 square meters ‘Entertainment Venue’ is divided into six action-filled phases or levels. Every phase will possess diverse structures, interests, purposes, experiences, and ordeals. The stadium will include a virtual reality background for real-world star shows, warfare training, and numerous arrangements for entertainment and recreation. The world’s first state of art meta-structure that conveys a combination of interactive virtual reality health objectives and fitness campaign mini or small games is the ‘Galaxy Gym’. The gym furnishes a fully immersive fitness and health studio connecting stars, world-recognized athletes, and instructors to consumers while delivering classes and courses in VR.

The ‘Galaxy Tower’ is positioned opposite the arena and gym, and the tower is a masterwork on its own. The prime tier will comprise a Celestial Casino and a Sky Lounge Social club. The remnant of the building constitutes an anthology and collection of 20,000 NFT units segregated between offices, digital real estate, and luxury areas. The platform is remarkable, where users and customers may sing, study, play, dance, move and partake to obtain capital under one cover. It makes the Galaxy Arena the deluxe ‘X to earn’ hub. 

Paul Farhi, the technological founder of  Solidus Ai, spoke about the recent pact and said that they are and have been vigorously pursuing Web 3.0 corporations operating in gaming or the metaverse. Galaxy Arena fulfils a lot of benchmarks for them. Galaxy Arena is an extremely skilled and competent company with an amazing product. It is also certain that they have added 150 partners and collaborators to whom they procure gateways to their events, games, and metaverses. Furthermore, we have admission to these corporations who will also benefit from our unrivalled computer potential. Galaxy Arena ecosystem’s users and customers will be eligible to play their game, play-to-earn. So it’s pretty vastly a mutually advantageous partnership or cooperation.

The residing untapped capability of the metaverse, Farhi said that in its easiest phrases, the metaverse is practically a 3D interpretation of the internet. It is a category of digital dealings where networked virtual experiences may mimic our reality or re-imagine realms. He views the metaverse as an enormous force for good in that it is a device that can associate us as human beings via stories and experiences. However, it can also link us with our world. The metaverse and the technologies that are provoking us towards it can have an exceptionally strong and positive impact on the world, deducing that we put what is promising for the earth and its civilisation at the nucleus of its structure.

Solidus Ai Tech has had an unprecedented run of plaudits and victories accommodating successful alliances with business bigwigs since its founding. Recent accomplishments entail achieving the Top Initial Coin Offering (AI) at the 2022 World Blockchain Summit in Singapore for its AITECH coin. It is the earth’s first deflationary artificial intelligence utility token and numerous high-profile partnerships and coalitions, such as its current declaration of an alliance with Blockchain business leader Herbert Sim who is one of the less than 100 verified ‘blue tick’ social figures across all leading social media outlets in Blockchain industry, in the world. 

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