Insights on Enterprise Blockchain Development With Hyperledger Fabric And Composer

Insights on Enterprise Blockchain Development With Hyperledger Fabric And Composer

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Enterprise blockchain refers to the usage of blockchain in an enterprise level for the benefits that blockchain offer organizations. These benefits including usage of decentralized platform for enhancing the client server model that allows clients and customers to operate without having to worry about any third-party involvement. It also helps in enhancing the transparency in operations and increases the accountability, thus enhancing the security and privacy in return.

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Enterprise Blockchain Development With Hyperledger Fabric And Composer

So, what is this hyperledger that people keep talking about that is used in enterprise blockchain development? Hyperledger is an open source blockchain platform that is supported by big giant such as Intel and IBM for supporting and developing distributed ledgers that operates with blockchain. Now, that we know what is enterprise blockchain and hyperledger, it is time to see what is blockchain development on hyperledger fabric using composer. This article discusses about hands-on enterprise blockchain development with hyperledger fabric and composer.

Hyperledger Fabric For Enterprise Blockchain Development

Hyperledger fabric is a framework of blockchain that is implemented by the foundation of Linux. It is a framework of blockchain that has the permission to provide an enterprise level application for efficient transaction handling. Developers familiar with the concepts of blockchain feel easier to use hyperledger fabric because its concepts are similar to blockchain platform.

Enterprise blockchain developers use hyperledger fabric because it uses cryptographic techniques and also support smart contracts for enhancing the operations. They increase the traceability and track operations in real-time.

Benefits of Developing Enterprise Blockchain With Hyperledger Fabric

Increased privacy and enhanced security

Hyperledger fabric uses hardware security module (HSM) and thus ability to safeguard data and provide unique decryption keys is easier. This provides a strong process of authentication. Hyperledger fabric uses PKCS11 which is an unmodified authentication tool, for generating the unique decryption key. This supports and enhances digital identity protection and protection of any and all sensitive data.

Provide multiple plug-ins for customization

Unlike other tools, hyperledger fabric provides enterprise blockchain developers with the ability to use a modular architecture that supports multiple plug-ins and components. Thus, developers can customize and develop infrastructures and private network according to the preferences of your enterprise. With this ability, developers are able to re-use and re-build the blockchain code. These plug-ins include encryption and consensus tool. Developers can even create their own standards of encryption for catering to your need.

No digital identity theft with permissioned membership

With hyperledger fabric, enterprise blockchain developers can provide you with an infrastructure where all the stored data becomes a need to know basis. With hyperledger fabric, developers build a framework with permissioned network. With this permissioned network, sectors like finance and healthcare industry can store data with high protection and only authorized personnel will have access to specific data.

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Hyperledger composer for enterprise blockchain development

Hyperledger composer has the ability to combine different tools together and provide you with enhanced smart contracts that increase the rate of operability for any and all of your business functions. Thus, it suffices to say that hyperledger composer allows enterprise blockchain developers to create a robust infrastructure and organize operations to provide a structured operational alignment for your business requirements.

The important pros of using hyperledger composer is to speed up the process of development and also speed up business operations. The important notable features are that, hyperledger composer provides a pool of high-end API’s and components.This makes communication easier with the built network, especially if it has an underlying hyperledger fabric that is used for running the enterprise blockchain.

Enhanced collaboration between developers

Hyperledger composer has a pool of existing guidelines and experts with high-skills and experience in enterprise hyperledger blockchain development. Thus, even a beginner or a person without any knowledge on enterprise blockchain development can get the help existing experts and develop a robust and client favorable enterprise blockchain.

Hyperledger composer

Easier configuration that saves a lot of time

Hyperledger composer is used for easy building and development of enterprise blockchain. This is because of its ability to combine multiple tools and components with ease. With this ability enterprise blockchain developers can configure even the core components for developing digital networks and provide accessibility to network control according to your preference. Enterprise blockchain developers find it easier to generate scripts and use API’s to cater to the requirement of your enterprise.

Faster real-time testing

Unlike other tools, hyperledger composer does not require a local installation or a web-based component to build, develop and perform a real-time testing.  Hyperledger composes provides enterprise blockchain developers to create their own blockchain environment and run a sample tests hassle-free. These sample tests also is given the appropriate permissions and granted a restriction free testing environment. Thus, defining roles for each user and validating the results is quick and easier.

Conclusion: Step up your enterprise blockchain development with Hyperledger Fabric and Hyperledger composer

Hyperledger fabric and hyperledger composer has its own characteristics and benefits of its own that provide enterprise blockchain developers with different features and functionalities.

In simple words, hyperledger fabric focuses more on privacy and security and hyperledger composer focuses more in providing faster operability. Hyperledger composer supports more combination of APIs, components and tools compared to hyperledger fabric.

Hyperledger fabric allows developing customized privacy and secured network which is not possible with hyperledger composer. Choose the right fit for your enterprise blockchain development. Good Luck.

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