How To Increase Productivity While Working From Home Through E-learning/Video conferencing Applications.

How To Increase Productivity While Working From Home Through E-learning/Video conferencing Applications.

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With the rise of a novel coronavirus, various global companies have shifted to remote work. Whether you are new to it or an expert, here are some tips that will help you to stay productive while working from home.


  • All the global companies such as Spotify, Salesforce, Chevron, Amazon and many more have rolled out to remote work policies amid the COVID 19 disease spread. Many of us would be new to this, but soon this thing will become normal. As per the WHO announcement, the disease has reached pandemic status. 
  • Various employees would be doing work from home for the first time, and due to this, productivity would be affected since many people would try to adjust themselves in the new environment. All employees must be comfortable while doing work from home.
  • If you are looking to increase productivity using mobile applications, then you are in the right place, because in this blog we will discuss how video meeting applications would help you to increase productivity.

How mobile communication applications help people while working from home?

  • You must be aware of google suite applications well various large scale and small scale businesses use these applications with a large number of features such as cloud computing, collaboration and productivity.
  •  It also helps while working from home, and it leads to more productive work. Many people use google docs for all the collaboration in real-time, whereas keep helps to keep short notes and handouts for communication.
  • Another famous tool is Microsoft, called Microsoft Teams. It is another video meeting apps or chat-based workplace that helps team members to collaborate. It is quite beneficial since it offers application integration, collaboration, workplace chat and many video meeting. 
  • It is the part of Office 365 that can be integrated with various services available. The Microsoft team lets you collaborate with all the team members. Everyone can schedule and create channels for meetings. It is available for all devices.
  • Slack is another messaging tool which acts as an alternative to emails. Such tools offer several channels for chatting. You can have private groups and many more.

In short, all such tools make it easy for all the team members to communicate with each other while they are located in different locations. For example, you and all your employees live in different areas, and you feel the need to conduct meetings. Well, these tools would help you a lot. With the installation of such an application, you would be able to organize meetings with all members and employees.

Various areas where such tools can be useful for business.

Easily Share Information.

  • All the team members need to stay on the same page. Hence everyone should receive the same information. All such productivity tools would help you to share all the information with all the team members despite different locations.

Task Management.

  • Many times, when team members are located in different places, it becomes difficult to manage tasks. Well, with the help of productivity applications, you can easily assign tasks to all team members and follow up with them easily. It also lets you prioritize tasks according to requirements. 

Reproductivity and reporting.

  • With all such tools, it will help to boost all the team member’s productivity, and one can keep track of everyone’s progress. You can easily manage and indicate performance and success. Also, the working of your team from home would be analogous to working on a well-oiled machine. 
  • All such tools would help to boost peoples’ confidence and keep track of individual progress. 

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

  • Well, all such tools would be great to start work from home. Despite lack of proximity, remote workers would have more freedom, and they would be accountable. You can make use of all video conferencing tools to communicate with all your team members whenever you want. 

Do you run an online business and want to make sales of your product. Well, with the help of various online conferencing applications, you can give a demo of the product to your clients and make huge sales. 

Some benefits of Elearning Learning in the workplaces.

Elearning applications save a good amount of time as well as money.

  • In Elearning for employees, an individual does not need to travel to different places; all the content related to education is available at single places. One more advantage of elearning application is that you don’t need to have any time constraints.
  • Since all the class lessons are uploaded, and one can easily access them at any time. It saves accommodation costs for both instructors as well as instructors. It prevents a good amount of carbon footprint since it requires no hard copies of materials.

E-Learning applications help in Better retention.

  • Nowadays, many learners prefer to have interactive sessions. One can watch videos and listen to several podcasts, and this is what learners prefer instead of going through big manuals. Content available in online courses are much more interactive and engaging, which helps users to remember things in a better way. 

Elearning applications are highly scalable.

  • It is one of the best advantages of eLearning applications, it is highly scalable, as one can roll out a huge number of employees, and you need to make a one-time investment. With less investment, you can give courses to a huge number of employees.

Elearning application makes learning personalized.

  • Every learner has unique preferences and various learning goals. One of the benefits of Elearning for employees is that elearning application makes it possible to fulfil individual needs. Also, it allows learners to choose the best learning path and navigate when they want.

Elearning application makes learning very consistent.

  • Several times in offline sessions, instructors use different methods of teaching, and their approach is quite different and susceptible to errors and mistakes. But e-learning employees eliminate such issues since it provides standardized and consistent training.

How to build such an application for your business?

Online conferences tools increase productivity and offer large numbers of advantages for businesses working from home. If you run an online business and are looking for a cost-effective solution. Don’t worry!

If you want to set up a web conferencing tool, you need to set up a server that would run Internet Locator services. Well, ILS has two different features, one is that it provides a list of all the users that are connected in a meeting, whereas the other one is to speed up the connectivity.Different servers that have both the features of ILS are Windows 2000 and XP servers. It makes it very easy to set up any online web conferencing infrastructure in less time. 

Once you have set up a server, you need to set up a web conferencing platform. You need to have a presentation and NetMeeting, for presentation, tools like MS PowerPoint are preferable. So when both of them are set up. One needs to develop the training content which could demonstrate a document for discussion or presentation. All the Microsoft official tools work well with Netmeeting applications.

Another main task is to inform all the participants about the meeting details like what tools you will be using and what all are the timings. You need to tell them quite prior so that they can prepare well for meeting and configure devices. Another way to organize a meeting is by using outlook. It will be handled with an exchange server, and all the participants will use the Outlook.

Some famous online conferencing tools.

Well, there are many conferencing tools available online such as skype, google, zoom and many more. Many of them do have paid features as well as free features. It includes a large number of videos, features, restrictions and much more.

If you are looking to organize meetings on a large scale, then you might require a premium version of the best meeting applications such as zoom pro. It is better for enterprises such as large businesses, universities.

You need to choose the best video conferencing application for your business. If you run a business and want a customized application, then you should list down all the requirements that will be useful to make the application.


Work from home is not an easy task since there are constraints like people are not able to talk with each other, no regular meetings are held, everyone is not on the same page and many more. But with the help of technology, all such constraints are abolished since many best online conferencing and e-learning applications have come up that makes the work very easy for us. 

Whatever issue you face, there could be no infrastructure for the office, low budget or some other. You don’t need to worry since you can easily do your work without any constraint from home with productivity tools. In case you run a business and need a cost-effective solution for your business, well you can take assistance from companies like SoluLab who have expertise in building such online meeting applications.

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