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How Salesforce can help your business in improving sales

How Salesforce can help your business in improving sales

Are you wondering whether your business should start using Salesforce as a tool to boost sales and profitability? Not sure if it’s the right tool for your needs? There are plenty of CRMs on the market, but Salesforce often emerges as a leader, and for a good reason. Here are some of the benefits of Salesforce technology.

Why Use Salesforce Over Other CRMs?

It can help you generate more leads and close more deals.

Do you ever feel like sales is a game of chance? If you’re looking to improve your sales, ROI, or even your processes, Salesforce is designed to assist your business throughout the entire customer lifecycle. One of Salesforce’s standout features is its ability to help you track customer (and potential customer) lifecycle from lead generation to closing sales. You can leverage the technology to look deep into your data and get customizable insights. You can even anticipate customer needs before they happen, allowing you to stay proactive. Salesforce is truly designed to help you find the right customers, build relationships with them, and offer stellar customer service while keeping costs down.

It allows you to keep up with rising customer expectations and serve your customers better.

Customers expectations have changed tremendously in the last decade and today’s customer is demanding more throughout the entire customer journey: they expect proactive service, user-friendly interfaces, reliable support, and interactions that are personalized to their needs. Salesforce can help you gain a competitive advantage by connecting with your customers in the most optimal way. It allows for customization, a connected journey, data protection, and a proactive approach to meeting customer needs. The best part is that you can do all of that at scale and at a much lower cost.

It can help increase sales.

Did you know that 66% of consumers say they’re likely to switch brands if they feel treated like a number, not an individual? Imagine if you could retain all those customers by treating them with a personalized, custom approach. Salesforce helps your company to:

  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Keep important customer information all in one place
  • Manage sales tasks and set reminders to follow up
  • Track your performance over time
  • Quickly identify problems/issues to be fixed in the sales process

When used correctly, a CRM can help improve productivity by 30%, helping you in turn increase sales and close more deals. You would also see a significant increase in brand loyalty and a subsequent increase in revenue as a result of using Salesforce.

It works for businesses large and small.

Salesforce is an adaptable technology that is used by over 150,000 businesses of all sizes across many different industries. Whether you have a startup, a small business, a medium-sized enterprise or a large corporation, Salesforce makes it easy to deliver personalized experiences to your customers.

It’s ideal for many different industries.

Wondering what industries use Salesforce? The answer is, almost any company can take advantage of its benefits. Financial services, communications, media, consumer goods, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, nonprofit, retail, hospitality—all these industries and more are using Salesforce as their CRM.

It is easy to customize and scale to your unique needs.

All businesses are different, and Salesforce seems to understand this. The cloud-based software is very customizable and modifiable. Not only can you configure it to your requirements from the start, but you can also add or extend functionalities as your business needs grow or change over time. You can integrate your own apps, add in custom objects or fields, integrate third-party extensions and more. All this can help you achieve the ideal complete solution for your company.

It has a long track record.

Can you believe that Salesforce has been around for twenty years? That’s an impressive length of time, and Salesforce has grown exponentially and remained a leader in the CRM industry for many years. Based on Salesforce’s steadfast presence in the industry, it is safe to say that the company isn’t going to leave you high and dry anytime soon. And when you use Salesforce, you’re benefiting from two decades of knowledge and experience to back you up.
It harnesses AI and other emerging technologies.

As one of the early investors in AI, Salesforce is hard at work improving its unique artificial intelligence technologies and integrating them with its CRM platform. Salesforce’s AI can help your business learn from trends and show you how you can take the best course of action in a variety of situations.

It provides more than just CRM tools.

Most people think of Salesforce as strictly a customer relationship management software, but it offers more than that.

  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a B2B/B2C commerce solution that lets you create unified buying experiences across mobile, social, web and physical channels.
  • Salesforce’s productivity platform Quip has been generating a buzz with its easy-to-use collaboration tools that keep teams on the same page.
  • Salesforce Ventures is the venture capital and investment arm of Salesforce.
  • Salesforce for Startups can help your brand-new business get off the ground with helpful resources and technology. It is focused on building startups that give back to their communities.
  • The AI Innovation Fund has invested several million dollars into startups whose products incorporate AI with Salesforce.
  • The AppExchange is Salesforce’s own app store. Like the Apple store or the Google Play store, it lets you find a wide variety of free and paid apps (around 3,000!) that will integrate with Salesforce and meet your business needs.
  • The 1-1-1 model of philanthropy is one of Salesforce’s defining characteristics. This company is dedicated to giving away time, products and resources for the good of the community. With millions of dollars donated and millions of hours of community service on the books, Salesforce has shown itself to be far more than your regular profits-centered corporation.

You can attend the largest software conference in the world each year.

Salesforce puts on an annual user conference that attracts more than a hundred thousand attendees each year! There are dozens of experts on hand, leading hundreds of sessions to educate and inspire professionals across many different industries. You can network with other professionals, learn from the experts, and learn more about how Salesforce can help your business.

Expert consulting is available to help you get the most out of Salesforce.

Is your company going through rapid expansion and struggling to stay ahead? To help you get started with Salesforce and get the most out of it.

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