Why Create More Engaging Mobile Apps With Virtual Reality?

Why Create More Engaging Mobile Apps With Virtual Reality?

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We are already in the future and experiencing it with our eyes wide open for astoundingly aspiring technologies that we come across every day. Virtual Reality, came into fashion through the trend of making people see the world beyond their imagination or the places they would have only dreamt about. There are many VR devices, mobile apps with virtual reality. There are public places where we have at least once experienced it or we want to. Oculus Rift is one of the most famous and common devices that make people experience virtual reality. It is absolutely familiar to gamers. Because the dimensions shown through this virtual reality device is much wider and has almost-real feels. Various activities like a 360-degree video or a 3D video animation uses VR devices.

Create More Engaging Mobile Apps With Virtual Reality

mobile apps with virtual reality

Before diving into the world of virtual reality, let’s take a thorough tour of it. 

Virtual Reality, in its raw form, is a world where one can enter through a device without actually visiting one. It is a future of many industries. It has an answer for many technologies finding their way into the world. Virtual Reality makes a person experience a totally different world. By sitting at the comfort of your sofa, you can more efficiently enjoy mobile apps with virtual reality. 

Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard are some of the highly rated VR devices that people use. It was initially designed for gamers to unite at a place and get the chilly and real-life experience of the games they have played only on the screens like mobile, computers and monitors. 

Benefits of Virtual Reality Based Mobile Apps

With amazingly admirable features, VR based mobile apps assures some of the benefits to the users:

  1. People would be engaged in the mobile apps with virtual reality in a way incomparable than any other kind of experience. This is because what could be better than entering the world merely to take an insight? There are a lot of efforts the designer put to make the virtual reality visualize for the users. Hence, there is no chance for the users getting disappointed by the VR experiences.  
  2. VR mobile shopping apps are game changing in the online shopping industry. These  apps provides an ultimate experience where user can take a 3D tour of the product. This 3D tour assures user about its look which ultimately makes them more satisfied. 
  3. Cutting up the cost of travelling and precious time of the employees, VR mobile apps and devices makes it easier for employees to attend business meetings from their home. This enhances the quality of the work and day to day processes in the office.
  4. With VR feature on your app, you can reach to the query of the user instantly. And, there won’t be any disruption created by the geographical barriers.
  5. Making the users take a real life tour of the products that they are thinking about buying creates a loyal reputation of the brand. All this is possible due to the development of the virtual reality in mobile apps.

Use-cases Where Mobile Apps With Virtual Reality Create More Engaging Experiences:

Gaming and virtual reality


How does it sound entering the world of game you have been playing on the screen through these years? VR devices give the gamer a dive into  the virtual world created by the game. It lays a gameplay in such a way that it leaves even the gamer to stay shocked in the first experience. Nothing can be a better gift for a gamer than a VR headset. 

Virtual Meetings

We all face a situation where we fail to reach the meetings on time. This leads our bosses to their red angry faces and makes us fear about losing our job. How does it sound to have a virtual meeting? It means a meeting you can attend sitting on a sofa, but feel the presence of all your colleagues and your boss. That would make the task easier to a very great extent also that would help to eliminate unnecessary time spent on travelling just for a single meeting. 

Virtual Events

Are you a hardcore sports fan? And is the match of your favourite player out of your league? Then this is an answer to all your problems. Well, you can experience the match while sitting on your sofa which is way more comfortable than those people sitting in the stands. Also it could be used in an event to show 3D effects or virtual videos to the audience. You could reach those stands through VR headsets and VR mobile apps.      

Virtual Education

All the theory,  learning the stuff, and making notes is cool but how about experiencing what you have been learning all these years? Haven’t this ever came across your mind that how some theory was proved or how did they make  that formula Of course, there is an answer to all the questions which is hidden behind your VR device! There are various VR mobile apps that have already been developed for students to give them interesting and interactive experience. 

Industries Using Virtual Reality 

Virtual meetings

Real Estate

Real estate industries are using VR headsets. And, these headsets make their customers get a virtual dive into the place they are going to buy without actually visiting it. Many industries in real estate have joined hands with this technology to make their business easier and convenient. In turn, customers also doesn’t   have to visit the houses or land pieces in real life. They can have the experience to visit numerous places at one go while sitting at the comfort of their sofa. They do not even have to visit the office for extra information about the house they are going to buy.

Travel and Tourism

There are specially transformed app that lets you connect to your Google Cardboard to get a view of the city without visiting it in real life. You can know about the city and have a tour within your house. Like, you can visit Prague from whichever country you live in. This helps the travel industry to assist their customers to decide about the place they want to go on vacation next. Tours and travel planners can themselves have a better opinion and knowledge about the place before making the customers to know the stuff about different places.


Automotive companies like Ford and Audi offer their customers a test drive from their houses. They actually don’t need to visit the showroom for test drive. Hence, this helps the customers to take decisions quickly without creating any hustle or bustle. Also, they provide both kinds of videos 360-degree dimension and 3D animation videos. It adds a benefit to those who have a knowledge about driving but aren’t confident to take a test drive. Further, it helps in taking a rough decision while gifting to someone.


Education is the most concentrated industry in each corner of the world. Now, this industry is blessed with giving the students a real-life experience about what they have been taught through these years. VR technology gives a proper representation of the topic being taught. Moreover, it keeps the student interest intact in whatever they learn. It helps in wiping away the burden that students have regarding studies. Because, the VR headsets make the learning interesting and eliminate the boring phases of it.

Features of Mobile Apps With Virtual Reality To Create More Engaging Experiences

Conversion of traffic

As half of the world is almost 24 hours online, it paves a way and opportunity for the business to provide a virtual experience online to attract customers to the concerned products and services. 

Efficient customer management

It is easier to give a demo to  customers with the help of VR gears. Not only does it saves time but also improves the efficiency of the business and its offering to the customers.

Enhanced virtual experiences

VR experience somehow attracts the customers as it is the new technology which is in launch phase. Also, it gives an exact and actual representation of the service that we offer the customers. On the other hand, customers also find this interesting and feel eager to know more about it. 

Reliable in business tactics

Except for inviting, attracting and impressing the customers, VR headsets could also be used for meetings and innovating and achieving new missions and planning them beforehand.

Closing thoughts :

Besides offering such an incredible experience to the customers it comes along with a procedure to be followed that requires some instruments or apps to support. There are cameras to capture a 360-degree video or images like Drone and 360Heroes. Recently, there are 2 devices that are being improved and launched. Those devices are Apple’s ARkit and Android’s ARCore. These are said to make the AR and VR experience much easily available through the mobile apps. So aren’t you already planning on buying a Virtual Reality device to make your life even more 3D than it already is? Do let us know your thoughts about Virtual Reality! 

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