How much would it cost to develop on-demand house cleaning app?

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How much would it cost to develop on-demand house cleaning app?

In today’s world , where each one of us is too occupied with our busy lives and various tasks to make ends and because of this  we do not get time and energy to perform household chores. The competitive market has taken it as an opportunity to help people and make a new platform for app developers. On-demand house cleaning apps are getting into fashion and people are increasingly adopting this latest trend due to various reasons. 

Not only these apps provide you door to door service but also it comes with certain  features for the privilege of users and service providers.These apps not only help users to find the perfect house  but also has provided a platform for the maids and cleaners to find jobs which are suitable for them and are located at their nearest distance. 

Considering all the different features the apps  will offer, there is a need to briefly look for how each user will be benefited and how  the app will help in finding new jobs . Also, there is a different panel which is handled by the admin to attend all the queries and feedback of the users. 

So, if you are too impressed by the idea of house cleaning app development, then in some time you will have a clear view about what should be added in-app to make it feasible for the users, house help and the admin itself to operate the app with having the utmost experience within the app!

Cost for developing an On-demand cleaner app

Uber for Maids

Cost of developing the app varies from country to country. Per hour charge for the app is mentioned below   of certain countries.

 India is known for being the most reasonable country for the On-demand cleaning app.

North America charges $100-150 per hour

Europe charges $100-130 per hour

Australia charges $80-130 per hour

In India, it is $25-80 per hour. 

In India developers not only charge less compared to other countries,  but also provide quality service. The percentage of developers who have been coding at a professional capacity for 0–5 years, it is more than 78% in India whereas it is ~48% in the US, ~46% in the UK, ~55% in Germany and ~57% in the entire world taken together. 

The average cost of developing an On-demand cleaner app is around $15000-$20000. This cost may rise in cases when app provides special and additional features.


Development FeatureiOS in hoursAndroid in hours
Users / vendors / products / services profile creation100110
Feature Integration180130
Promotions and Offers 4860

Note: The timeline is given from broad perspective. It includes, but is not limited to:

  • UI/UX designing
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
  • Tasks performed by Quality Analyst, Business Analyst, DevOps Engineer and Project Manager

on-demand cleaning app

Platform-wise cost to develop on-demand cleaning app 

The following is an approximation of the cost to develop on-demand cleaning app. 

Function Cost
Android app platform USD 23k
Windows app platformUSD 18k
ioS app platform USD 28k
Hiring DevelopersUSD 107k/year

Features for the users 


This section provides a space for the user to sign in/up with required details to make an account and be able to avail the facilities provided by the app.

One-tap Booking

This feature provides the users with an opportunity to find the cleaners and send them a request directly from that page. 

Type of Services

The services provided by the app and different cleaners are mentioned in this category. 

Push notifications

These are some of the important messages to be sent to the users that include promotions and offers and requests.

In-app account details

All the details related to bookings that are the payment details, destination and time schedule related to the user is signified under this category.

Booking cancellation 

In case of any emergencies, booking could be canceled from the app itself.

Modes of payments

Payment modes can be decided and there are various ways through which payment could be made through debit/credit cards, wallets, and cash.

Ratings and reviews

A user can have a look about the previous ratings given by other users to the cleaners and can accordingly book the cleaners which are most suitable to them

Availability of cleaner/s

A user can see the availability of the cleaner according to the timings scheduled by the cleaner to avoid any last minute discrepancies. 

Features for the Cleaners’ App


This feature works similar to the user’s app and it helps the cleaner to sign up/into the app.

Profile builder

In this section, the cleaner can add all the details related to location, background and previous jobs to help users find suitable cleaners according to the services they want to avail.

Accepting / rejecting user requests 

Cleaners can accept or reject the user’s request after analyzing if the user’s demand matches the demands with the cleaner.

Manage orders and requests

This feature helps the cleaner to stay organized about the requests and services that they have to perform according to the different time schedule.

Payment receipt 

Under this section, a cleaner can have a record of the money received in their account and other pending payments with the users if any.

Rating and reviews

Cleaners can check the reviews of the users given by the previous cleaners for a healthy and safe experience.

Notifications regarding bookings

Cleaners can be notified with the requests and other information through the app to be able to stay well connected with the app as well as other users.

Features for the Admin panel

Schedule management

All the registered users and cleaners would be managed online by the admin.

Customer service

All the assistance and queries will be cleared by the admin.

Dashboards and other statistics

Dashboard and statistics are maintained by the admin.

Manage users and service providers 

A link between the users and service providers is maintained by the admin.

Managing services as per prices 

All the services are given defined prices.

Tasks allocation 

Services are managed with cleaners by the admin; and, transactions and invoices are also maintained by the admin.

Payments to cleaners 

Cleaners are paid according to the invoices generated and their payment schedules are managed by the admin.

App monetization 

In-app promotions and offers are posted by the admin. 

Additional features in on-demand house cleaning app

  • Live consultation
  • Subscription packages
  • Multilingual
  • In-app navigation
  • Promotion and offers
  • Online invoicing and billing facilities
  • GPS tracking
  • Job history details

Making a way for a perfect app for the convenience of the users and cleaners, it is important to focus on all the aspects of the app. The highest priority is the technology to be used and improvised in the app.

Here’s a list that might drive the app to a perfect vital track:

GWT For Powerful Programming
Datastax Data Management
SMS, Voice, and Phone Verification Nexmo, Twilio
Mandrill For everything related to emails
Push Notifications Google Cloud Messaging Service, Twilio,
Payments Braintree & PayPal, Stripe, EWallets
Streaming Media System Helix Universal Server, Wowza Streaming Engine, Nimble Streamer
Database MongoDB, HBase, Cassandra, Postgress, MailChimp Integration
Debian The Universal Operating System
Real-time Analytics Hadoop, Spark, BigData, Apache Flink, Cisco, IBM
Cloud Environment AWS

Team structure to develop an on-demand house cleaning app

For creating and maintaining the best on-demand cleaning mobile app, there is a need to hire perfectly qualified people in certain cases. The quality of the team will help in building the app better .

So, for the desired app, the team structure required is as follows:

Project Managers

Manages all the business tactics and provides skilled solutions for all the problems according to the business insight.


 Android App Developer, IOS App Developer, Back-end App Developers


Expert UX/UI designers, Graphic Designer


They are responsible for the testing process and a smooth experience for the users.

Tools and Technologies used for development 

IntelliJ IDEA

Increase the productivity of the app with faster performance 

Android studio 

Integrate tools and APIs that support environmental variables easily 


Develop hybrid applications by using ionic and open source APIs

Trending features you can incorporate in an On-demand house cleaning app 

QR code 

Provide cashless and contactless payment approach to the users through QR code scanning.Making payments this way generally work by scanning a QR code displayed by the users or merchants through the e-wallet app.

Blockchain payments 

 Blockchain technology provides the means to make transactions securely, faster and also the processing fee for using blockchain services is very low. This is due to the decentralized operating system of blockchain. 

Passbook statements 

Contemplating, controlling and monitoring transactions can be accessed through the passbook. Passbook provides transactions statements on a monthly basis or a customized periodical basis.

Encryption of Secure Element (SE) 

Safety and privacy of transactions can be ensured by integrating the e-wallet security features with the embedded secure element functionalities. These secure element chips are typically in-built with every smart device.

Over to you!

Manpower holds the top most priority in shaping the app and its features. Let us know if we missed something that you took a privilege of the house cleaning on-demand apps! 


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