Can Chatbots replace customer care executives in the future?

Can Chatbots replace customer care executives in the future?

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Well, it’s the time for reality check and understanding that chatbots are killing the sector of customer care services. Are you a customer? Well, you should know that several computer programs have come up which provide clumsy answers when you ask them some questions. But if you work on the other side as a customer care service provider, then you might lose your job since chatbots are taking your place. 

According to a survey done by the CGS on outsourcing services company, learning, and business applications, some results were found. Chatbot usage has increased, but still, various consumers like to talk with humans rather than an AI-based robot or chatbot. Several points were concluded, such as the following.

  • Various customers still prefer to talk to companies through social media and email. Whereas only a few will use chatbots.
  • Several customers do need humans to solve their queries. If we talk about the UK alone, around 50 percent of people prefer a person like the USA.
  • CGS promotes the use of AI-powered solutions and prefers humans to take other strategic roles in contact centers that focus more on complex and detailed inquiry for customers.

What Are Chatbots and How Do They work?

According to the definition provided by Chatbots Magazine, it is a service or set of rules and many times Artificial Intelligence that interacts with you when you hit a chat button on the website. It provides services, could be any, and it ranges from fun to several functions. Many times chatbots are integrated with social media applications like Text Messages, telegram, Slack, and Facebook Messengers. 

Chatbots specialize in many different ways. FAQs do contain valuable information, whereas chatbots engage customers digitally. All the questions are answered by chatbots in real-time. Based on the model, how they are trained, answers questions on solutions, recommendations, concerns, and much more. From the point of view of any retailer, it guides the customers with which all products to buy from the channel.

What are the technologies behind chatbots

Many times chatbots are modeled on various machine learning algorithms. A chatbot is trained with several rules, and it is really limited. Since it is programmed, it can only answer all those questions whose answer is provided to it. Whereas, An Artificial Intelligence or machine learning-powered AI understands all the natural languages and learns on its own. Using A chatbot could be a two edged sword since it has advantages, but also affects the customer services.

Several Advantages of Chatbots

Several chatbots are functional all the time, and cost-effective. Sometimes customers get into problems after the working hours of customer care services, and they want to solve queries as early as possible. Chatbots solves the problem of customers at any corner of time and leaves a positive impact on them even when staff is not working.

It quickly solves the query of customers. With features like quick responses, a chatbot provides the answers to questions immediately and at any point of time. Also, Chatbot reduces the work of all the agents. 

The chatbot provides instant responses to all customers when they ask any query. Customers do not need to wait until and unless the problem is not that complex and needs assistance from the executive. Chatbots should be considered as the immediate point of contact since it will reduce the concern of customers.

It reduces the company’s operation cost and improves morale. As chatbots do the work of customer care executives, hence companies need to spend less on staff. A full time staff for customer care service is quite costly, but with the help of chatbot, the cost can be reduced.

Since chatbots need to handle queries of various customers, well, with the help of programming, we can teach them to provide solutions in any language. it makes chatbots more versatile and answers all the queries easily in any language. 

But do you think that chatbot will Kill Customer Services?

Well, chatbots do have a large number of advantages, but still, they have the potential to kill customer care services. The technology behind chatbots is making an impact in the industry. Several firms have adopted Artificial Intelligence since it is more productive and makes better decisions. 

With the involvement of new technologies, there are chances that people will lose their jobs. And similarly is with chatbots, since chatbots reduce the cost of the company’s operation, hence the company will spend more on chatbots rather on hiring employees.

In industries, like banks, many are going for automated chat messages and several alerts. According to surveys done by Econsultancy, around half of the financial industries are focusing more on creating the best customer experience. 

Chatbots are fast and scalable; various job tasks would be replaced by the chatbots. And it will lead to unemployment for various employees. Also, since bots are much more productive than humans, hence to reduce overhead, companies would hire fewer employees. But on the other side, developers building chatbots would be in demand.

How chatbot is revolutionizing Customer Care services

Gives Better Services All chatbots and virtual assistants solved customer’s problems in less time. A chatbot can handle several customers at a single time; hence customers don’t need to wait anymore. Chatbots can handle all such pressure. Chatbots can handle all the generic questions and repeated questions.

Better navigation on the websiteChatbots not only like to fix problems, but it assists all the future customers and helps them to decide which products to buy.  for example, if a customer is looking to buy a product, it will land it on that page only. A chatbot also helps in routine transactions such as buying, returns, or exchanges.

Gives better data analyticsAI-based chatbots monitors, browsing patterns, user queries. Also, they gather huge amounts of data and analyze it in real-time. It helps companies to perform surveys and get to know their customers. All the issues of customers, and what all products they like to buy, all the data is given to the company.

Chatbots promise a large number of servicesChatbots provide the best solutions to several customers and demand companies. According to research, chatbot resolves more than 80% of issues without any human intervention. Also, in case if the chatbot is not able to solve the problem, then it redirects to the customer care executive.

Chatbots also customizes the customer’s experience in real-time. Based on various recommendation systems, customers get suggestions in personalized ways. Also, chatbots solve queries and matter in very little time. 

Chatbots are automated services, and it does not need any resources. It also does not function manually like agents and handles all the customers at once. Several BPOs want cost-effective solutions. Hence, they use chatbots. Also, if they will use chatbots instead of exe Cyrus, they won’t need to provide training and teach executives about handling the call, hence it will save a lot of time. Various customers do things that chatbots are much easier to deal with than live chat executives because of its numerous features.

How they are beneficial than live chat agents

There is no doubt that live chats are convenient and efficient, but at the same time, there are many errors such as human capacity. All the live chats are handled using tickets, which makes it limited, whereas chatbots do not have any limit. Chatbots reduce the overall cost since chatbot needs only one-time investment, whereas any live chat agent would need a salary every month. Also, the time taken by live chat agents is more than the chatbot to respond .hence chatbots are much better than the live chat agents. Also, it bridges the gap between customers and the company.

Various examples of chatbots

Well, several chatbots have revolutionized the way of doing business with clients and interactions. Chatbots use AI and ML for self-learning. Some of the best examples of chatbots are IBM Watson, Live Chat, Amazon lex, CLiengo, and Liveperson.


Although chatbots are killing jobs in customer care, they are also opening new opportunities for people. AI-powered chatbots are useful for customers since it provides them instant solutions. According to a study done, 1.3 trillion are spent by customer care service, Hence chatbots would be great, and would add huge value to the business, as it will reduce cost. 

Chatbots also aim to trim down the wait time and queue size. If you own a business and are looking for a chatbot for your website, well, you can consult with several companies like Solulab, which will provide you a one-stop solution. You can integrate chatbots with several social media and your website to get a better experience.

Well, with so many advantages of chatbots, there are chances that the chatbots will replace customer care executives, but also will generate new jobs for maintaining them. And in case if there is any complex query, then there is a need of customer care executive hence, chatbots will work on customer care executive, and efficiency will be increased.

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