Bitcoins Are An Acceptable Mode of Payment….Where?

Bitcoins Are An Acceptable Mode of Payment….Where?

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Decade back, in November 2008, a headline “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System.” had gone viral. At that time, lot many speculations were carried out. Since then till now, commonly used terms like Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain, etc. have become the talk of the town. Initially, it was looked upon as a mode of investment. But, no, it is a digital currency as well that can be used as a mode of payment.

Did you know: the first Bitcoin transactions were negotiated by individuals on the bitcointalk forums with one notable transaction of 10,000 BTC used to indirectly purchase two pizzas in 2008?

At that time, its worth was around $30.

If you are thinking where you can find bitcoin payment gateway to spend bitcoin and what you can buy from it, here you go. These are the platforms where digital currencies are accepted.

bitcoin as a mode of payment

These are the places where you can use bitcoin as a mode of payment:

1. Microsoft

Yes, the giant Microsoft allows it users to use Bitcoin as a mode of payment. A Microsoft user can use bitcoin to buy apps, games and movies in the Windows and Xbox stores. So, if a user is passionate about games or movies, s/he should definitely go for this option. Further, Microsoft has pretty streamlined processes so there isn’t any inherent risk. However, a user cannot use bitcoins to buy products / services from the Microsoft online stores. In addition, all bitcoins funds are non-refundable.

As per the recent news, Starbucks is partnering with Microsoft and ICE on a new cryptocurrency platform called Bakkt aimed at consumer use.


According to CNN Money, Overstock is turning into a Bitcoin tech company. has successfully managed to grab eyeballs in news headlines in 2014 when it partnered with Coinbase. It is the very first online retailer to accept Bitcoins as a mode of payment starting from January 2014. It permits users to pay bitcoin on online purchases, ranging from TV sets and laptops to cushions and pillows.

In fact, not only bitcoins, allows it users to pay via varied digital currencies. These include Monero, Litecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

The CEO of Overstock, Patrick M. Byrne, prefers using blockchain technology in today’s world to provide trusted technological environment with an intention to prevent institutional mischief happening across the globe.

3. eGifter

As name suggests, the eGifter is a popular mobile app and website of gift cards. Here, users can purchase gift cards and pay the amount via bitcoins.  eGifter offers wide range of largest brands gift cards to buy with bitcoin. Few of those well known brands are: iTunes Code, Uber, Dominos, Target, The Home Depot and others.

A user can choose the gift card which s/he wants to buy and while clearing off shopping cart, they can pay the price of cards through bitcoin. The bitcoin payment gateway enables users to pay from either Bitpay wallet or via QR code scanner.

4. Shopify stores

There is hardly anyone who is not aware of shopify – an ecommerce platform.  Shopify allows merchants to set-up their shops online to sell their products in a pretty similar way to Etsy or eBay.

Since the month of November 2013, merchants listed on Shopify have started receiving options of cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment.

5. Roadway moving company

Roadway moving company is one of the highest-rated moving companies in the New York Metro area. At the end of year 2017, became the first moving company in NY to accept digital currency as a valid payment option.  However, the company doesn’t accept cold wallet payments. On the other hand, the lack of sales tax is an added benefit for this payment system. And hence, only payments are accepted from hot wallet holders; who have connected their digital assets to the internet.

6. PizzaForCoins

Pizza and digital coins – this duo obviously sounds interesting! Remember the headlines: “10000 bitcoins could buy 2 pizzas…”?

The team at PizzaForCoins are very passionate about the use, potential and future of digital currency. They started accepting bitcoin as a mode of payment for selling pizzas since February 2013.  In fact, they created a designated website to expand the utilisation and usability of this digital currency aka bitcoin in an open market. Bitcoin is the only accepted payment option here.

Signing off…!

Though the article has listed only 6 names that accepts bitcoin as a mode of payment, these are not the only places that proceeds  payments in cryptos. Other names that are in the race are Zynga,, Virgin Galactic,, Reeds Jewelers Inc., Gyft, CheapAir, Intuit PayByCoin services and Dish to name a few.

Your name can also join this list. Are you ready to explore the world of cryptocurrency as a mode of trusted payment?

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