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How Salesforce helps in transforming Healthcare Sector

How Salesforce helps in transforming Healthcare Sector

Though all businesses have some things in common, each sector has quite unique needs and thus has different requirements as per software. Let’s take healthcare as an example. Here, just as with other industry domains, organizations also need some tools to facilitate interactions with customers and besides they require tools for team collaboration, workflow management, etc.

Salesforce is a great CRM for all types of medical organizations, be it a provider, payer, or a pharmaceutical company. And not so long ago it introduced Health Cloud – a great patient relationship management solution for healthcare providers. Here are a few reasons why medical companies now consider it an indispensable tool.

Benefits of Using Salesforce Health Cloud

Health Cloud offers ample integration opportunities. Membership, insurance claims systems, EHR (electronic health records) solutions and other applications can be integrated with Salesforce seamlessly, eliminating the need to open several apps to see the full patient profile. This in its turn provides a number of advantages.

Unified view of the patient

All information concerning a specific patient is stored in a single place in the cloud. These data are secured and available only to those workers who have been granted access.Consequently, a medical worker with access can easily get a single view of the patient history. Care plans, timelines, clinical and nonclinical data, records all these are available to physicians in a matter of a few clicks. Moreover, the system provides an opportunity to share this information with the patient, and vice versa, for the patient to share some information with their doctor.A great thing about Salesforce Health Cloud is that it can be integrated with end users’ medical devices and wearables. For example, a patient can set up their wearable device to pass the data from a healthcare app directly to the Cloud, making it accessible to their care team. This is especially great for post-discharge care, for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy, and other chronic medical conditions, as well as the elderly.

Faster service

Having the necessary information always at hand can significantly reduce the lines in hospitals and clinics, which is of paramount importance to organizations with large workloads. Besides, in critical situations fast access to patient history can actually save the person their life.

New ways to interact with patients

With the pace of modern life getting faster each day, people value every tool that allows them to save time for important things in their lives. Of course, one’s health isn’t something to cut corners on, but if there is a chance to skip driving to the doctor’s, standing in lines and waiting for an appointment, hardly anyone will miss it. Salesforce offers great opportunities to adopt telemedicine and home health. Moreover, for some patients the availability of virtual care options might be a decisive factor when choosing a healthcare provider.

Personalized care

Health Cloud can actually help medical organizations better react to and even anticipate patient needs. This is achieved thanks to custom assessments and surveys, as well as Einstein AI. Advanced predictive analytics algorithms allow segmenting patients into groups and lists, surfacing risks, and offering specific services based on this information. As a result, there are opportunities to offer highly personalized care plans, which brings service at hospitals and clinics to a whole new level of excellence. Doctor-patient relationships evolve far beyond scheduled appointments, driving patient satisfaction up significantly.

Enhanced collaboration

Salesforce provides numerous tools to enhance care team productivity. These are task management, case management and tracking, care plan management, assessments, mobile apps integration and a lot more. Besides, Salesforce Health Cloud can be integrated with EHR legacy tools and HL7 standards.What is more, Salesforce AppExchange offers countless applications specifically tailored to the needs of medical organizations. These are collaboration solutions, workforce management tools, electronic patient records (EPR) apps and more.Salesforce Health Cloud is an advanced healthcare CRM with unlimited potential for enhancing patient relationships and increasing the quality of medical services provided. However, in order to make the most of the solution, it is necessary to properly set it up, integrating the Cloud into the existing software infrastructure of the medical organization and customizing it to meet the needs of the hospital or clinic through the required add-ons and tailor-made apps.

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