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Go scales for products and teams

Go is a language designed for the modern world, where services are connected and always-on and teams are diverse and distributed.

Hero Decorative Curves

We love the simple, reliable, and efficient software Go helps us write.

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We Love Swift

We have been on the Swift bandwagon since the day Apple announced it. We use Swift for all our new projects, have used Swift to add functionality to existing apps, and have rewritten Objective-C code in Swift when necessary.

func apply[U](f: Decoded[T -] U])
  -] Decoded[U] {
  switch f {
  case let .Success(function):
  case let .Failure(error):
  		return .Failure(error)

Beautifully designed native feel

Android apps that have fluid, modern, responsive transitions.

RX / Reactive Java

On many projects, we prefer to bring functional and reactive programming to Java, which makes our codebases more stable and scalable.