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We provide the best end to end Cloud Hosting Consultation

Join hands with us to get the best consultation on cloud hosting and cloud computing. We provide cloud consultation on Google Cloud, Azure, and AWS. Find the right cloud consultants at SoluLab.

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80% of USA Companies are actively increasing the use of Cloud Managed Services!

The Internet is evolving! And cloud computing is the stage where businesses are heavily focusing right now. Cloud computing powers the infrastructure, applications, business software, ease out the process without being present at any physical location, ease out collaborations between teams, Data can be accessed, managed & delivered to you as a service at any time and place.

SoluLab provides the finest cloud computing services for your business software or applications that will give a boost to your business in many ways. Most of the projects that we have completed for our clients are hosted on the cloud. 80% of the businesses have witnessed improvements, and here are the major reasons why:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Disaster Recovery
  3. Automatic Software Updates
  4. Increased Collaborations
  5. Better Document Management
  6. Increased Levels of Security
  7. Environment Friendly

Cloud Business Solutions Provider

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting

Amazon Web Services are the bunch of amazing cloud services provided by Amazon. AWS is one of the favorite platforms for mobile app and e-commerce cloud saving. Apart from providing class cloud services, Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) is where the web applications and mobile applications are hosted.

SoluLab provides AWS Cloud Computing Consultation from the start to end. You don’t have to worry about a single thing because we have AWS experts at SoluLab who will consult through an entire process of shifting your application on cloud.

Google Cloud Engine (GEC) Consulting

Besides Amazon Web Services (AWS) amazing benefits, Google Cloud Engine (GEC) has their own followership because of its high-end performance and affordable pricing. Google Cloud Services provide Virtual Machine for to your business that hosts your application and data. GEC has the number of availability zone where you can pick your Virtual Machine and host your web application on cloud.

SoluLab provides Google Cloud Experts who will help you transport your business to the cloud. We provide Google Cloud Consulting in major areas of GEC. We have a vast experience in hosting application on Google Cloud in areas like Media, Mobile Apps, Big Data, Financial Services, Gaming, etc. We are one of the trusted Google Cloud Computing Consultants in USA and Canada.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

Azure is a trusted platform for cloud computing by Microsoft. Just like AWS, Azure also has a lot to offer to transport your business application on cloud. Just like another cloud platform, Azure has the same infrastructure. Depending on the requirements and data quantity, our Azure Experts will give you right consulting on Microsoft Azure.

SoluLab has a wide experience in working with Microsoft Azure, hence we will be a right choice for your next cloud project. Microsoft Azure Cloud Consultants at SoluLab will guide you throughout the entire process, so you can shift your business to the cloud and take the maximum advantage!

Why SoluLab as your Cloud Computing Consultant?

As a Cloud Computing Consultant, SoluLab has a balanced experience in working with all three platforms – Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google cloud Engine (GCE), and Microsoft Azure. Working with these platforms for multiple applications has given us a rich experience in every genre. So, whether your requirement is a gaming app or a giant business application, we can help you shift your business on cloud.

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