Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2022

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Companies in 2022


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In our technology-driven world, the use of artificial intelligence in business is growing. Every major tech corporation, from Google and Amazon to Apple and Microsoft, is striving hard to establish its supremacy in the artificial intelligence area. The formation of new artificial intelligence enterprises has access to many AI applications via corporate acquisitions and in-house AI development.

Today, the most promising artificial intelligence firms provide innovative and powerful AI algorithms at a rapid pace and more trustworthy solutions at reasonable prices. Businesses worldwide are harnessing the advantages of AI to improve operations or automate workflow. These firms are adopting an innovative approach to machine learning and AI; their foresight has resulted in novel methods to use artificial intelligence.

Here are the top 10 artificial intelligence companies for 2022:



Solulab Inc. was founded by a former vice president of Goldman Sachs and a former lead software architect of Citrix. The company assists businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs in making their visions a reality by providing full-stack, 360-degree strategies. 

SoluLab’s award-winning enterprise software solutions provide full-spectrum, 360-degree services to startups and small and large enterprises via emerging technologies such as Cloud, Blockchain, Chatbot, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Machine Learning (ML), etc. 


Open AI

OpenAI is a 2015 AI company based on research and development. Its purpose is to guarantee that artificial general intelligence (AGI) benefits everyone. Ilya Sutskever, its director, is a machine learning specialist. The creators are motivated by fear of the existential threat posed by AGI. As a non-profit, the firm wishes to cooperate freely and engage with other companies to develop innovative technologies.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc.


The mission of Cyber Infrastructure Inc. is to use cutting-edge technology to empower and enhance the lives of billions of people. Cyber Infrastructure Inc’s services are intended to assist you in taking your organization to the next level, bridging the gap between you and the success you want. Because of its 12+ years of expertise in the area of IT, CIS is qualified to help you with any of your technical demands.


Unicsoft is a reputable technology consulting firm that provides Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain solutions for startups and corporations. People working at Unicsoft have extensive knowledge in ML (Machine Learning), NLP (Natural Language Processing), Computer Vision, Blockchain, Big Data, Data Science, and Data Analytics. 

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Unicsoft assists entrepreneurs in validating concepts, building an MVP, and scaling. Unicsoft offers technical advice to businesses, including the development of business-led solutions.

The NineHertz


NineHertz is mobile application development, online development, and web design business founded in 2008. Since its inception, The NineHertz provides the moaptestolutions at an affordable rate all around the globe. They have a staff of 50+ full-time professionals, including project managers, developers (mobile app, web design, development), and Quality Analyst (QA) specialists. In the last 8+ years, NineHertz has delivered exceptional outcomes for customers while also earning ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.



It is a contemporary Blockchain Consulting Business. It is a rising tech company that pioneers comprehensive blockchain-based solutions. They guarantee that their customers gain new opportunities across enterprises by using tailored Blockchain solutions. Their methodology is meant to make their clients’ journey from concept to execution seamless and error-free.

As a Blockchain Solution and Services Provider, they concentrate on their clients’ ideas and how they may be better executed using Blockchain Technology, VR, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and IoT. Their comprehensive spectrum of services includes Modern Whitepaper Solutions, Tokenomics, Smart Contract Creation, Pitch DecSolutions, New DLT Solutions, and other Blockchain consulting services. Their goal is to use the potential of blockchain to create new ground in business and redesign company models to meet current business solutions.


HQ Software

HQSoftware is a reputable international custom software developer that brings Digital Transformation to your organisation. HQSoftware specialises in IoT, Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, AR and VR solutions, and online and mobile application development and offers specialised development teams to help companies progress. HQSoftware provides comprehensive services ranging from consultation and prototyping to maintenance and upgrade. The firm offers services to manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education & e-learning, insurance, and other sectors.

MindGap MindGap

MindGap combines extensive knowledge in Strategy Consulting with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies and frameworks.

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MindGap’s flexible and results-oriented strategy enables us to design a custom experience for each client while realizing the full potential of the data. The MindGap team combines the commercial emphasis of top-tier strategy consulting companies with the cutting-edge technology capabilities of computer science academics at major tech colleges.

Script All DNA Technologies

Script All DNA

Script All DNA Technologies have been providing Application Development Services (Web & Mobile App Development) to customers worldwide since its start.

With years of experieorganizationnological growth, they have hands-on knowledge of cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, Data Security, Cloud Services, and DevOps.

Because they believe in quality, they never compromise on their work procedures. In addition, they teach their staff the most modern technologies, secure software and application development structures, best coding standards, and security measures. Use agile technique, which enables us to provide the best product on time.

Script All DNA also provides powerful goods for the Healthcare Industry. They have exclusive Healthcare Domain expertise. They include products for Radiology, Cardiology, Inventory Management, Mammography, Patient Engagement, and many more.

Quy Technology


Quy Technology Pvt. Ltd. is an award-winning IT consulting firm. Utech develops IT solutions to assist organizations in generating optimum ROI and accomplishing the intended goal, with experience in advising and designing customized software for customers.

With their cost-effective and dependable services, such as Mobile App Development, Artificial Intelligence, Game apps, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Enterprise Mobility Solutions, we ensure that businesses establish and expand their digital footprints.

Their client base includes startups and corporations in eCommerce, Healthcare, Training & Development, Retail, Real Estate, Entertainment, Education, Manufacturing, FMCG, and other industries. We have completed over 250 projects for companies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, European nations, and other areas of the globe.


Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most interesting frontiers of technology, and every top AI company uses this technology in unique and fascinating ways.

AI is well on its way to realizing its long-promised promise, from increasing the value of the real estate and architectural design to enhancing cancer screenings.

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