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Mobility Solutions for Retail Industry to keep Small Businesses & Retailers ahead of the Competition2022-05-21T10:03:29+05:30

Retail Mobility Solutions for Retail Industry

70% of the millennials prefer buying online. Are you leveraging today’s powerful shopping apps to your benefit with the same efficiency as your customers are? Retail app development like Walmart and Shipstation to provide better experience for shoppers and boost your ROI.

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An Impeccable Mobility Enterprise Suite that reshapes customer experience

Mobile and Cloud-based Support to shape new markets, reach new customers and revamp supply chain

Get customised retail mobility solutions to drive new revenue channels with the right technological solutions

Solulab has a seasoned team of developers and designers that boffer an agile platform to the online merchants regardless of business model or size. Create an ecosystem that can equally attract existing and prospective customers and establish your brand with fewer efforts.

Why build a Mobility Solutions for retail industry?

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Benefits of Retail Mobility Solutions


  • Reminders, scanners and shopping lists
  • Reward benefits and loyalty points
  • Hasslefree payments
  • Discount vouchers and special deals
  • Geolocation benefits
  • Enhanced in-store experience
  • View product catalogues
  • Wish list buttons, product finder and QR code scanners
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Retailers App

  • Add and remove products
  • Order manager to process requests
  • Push notifications for new products and promotions
  • Loyalty stamps
  • Image gallery
  • Customer reviews
  • Social integration
  • GEO auto-push messaging when customers are nearby your store
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Admin Dashboard

  • A unified dashboard
  • Manage order and inventory
  • Manage users and requests
  • Manage feedback and reviews
  • Handle customer details and delivery channels
  • Actionable data and predictive analysis
  • Measuring & monitoring of key metrics
  • Transparency due to geo-coding
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