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Project Description

B2B Portal- A platform to enhance business communication



Our client, Ashnoor, is based in India. Ashnoor is a leading textile manufacturer and exporter of terry towels across US and Europe. Our expert developers gave their best to come up with a robust and smart B2B communication portal that surpassed all our client’s expectations and is quite effective in carrying out timely communication.

Our development team created an effective B2B communication platform (Intrazap) that gets a complete control over supply chain. All sorts of communications like asking for quotations, requesting proposals, placing an order, sending invoices, etc is now easier than ever for Ashnoor.



Our client wanted to create a one-stop station wherein user can communicate with each other without exchanging chain of emails. The main aim was to eliminate wrangling spreadsheets and pinging suppliers for constant updates. The portal was expected to have a chat feature wherein internal members can have chat within themselves as well as with external members. From the interface point of view chat feature seems simple, but implementing a reliable backend to support it poses many interesting software design challenges. Our problem was even more demanding due to client’s scaling requirements: hundreds of internal members and thousands of suppliers, customers should be able to talk to each other in real-time.



This is what we have come up with:

Make Communications Easy

The project is for Textile industry aimed to eliminate exchange of countless emails, wrangling spreadsheets and pinging your supplier for constant updates. No more email or Skype conversations for sampling, PO and delivery tracking and having single platform for them.

Transactions Easier than Ever

Vendors, suppliers and buyers can share details of their prices, quotations, catalogues without any fear of it getting disclosed to non-members.

Secure and compliant

The entire buying and selling process is safe and secured on this B2B portal. B2B portal is updated frequently and that makes it harder for hackers to breach your data/device.

Easy upload/sharing of documents

Be it RFP or PO, it is very convenient for users to upload files, they can either Drag & drop the document OR Browse the device location to upload.

Integrated platform

The complexity of supply chain is reduced by straightforward communication between the buyer and supplier. Users can take control of daily updates on PO’s, RFP’s and shipments on Intrazap.

Chat feature

One-to-one chat as well as group chat is possible on Intrazap wherein suppliers and buyers, internal team members regarding purchase orders, quotations, shipments, new products updates, etc.

Technology Stack


Amazon EC2

Node JS

Amazon S3


Amazon DynamoDB


Amazon Load Balancing







Adobe Photoshop


Dream viewer


The portal is just launched and still within a month it has gained good amount of traction. The developed product is scalable and can be used for any industry, not just Textile!

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