How to Raise Capital Through an ICO?

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How to Raise Capital Through an ICO?

How to raise capital through an ICO

Presume you have an outlandish theory for a new blockchain corporation. Probably wish to create the world’s first decentralized computer on the blockchain, which will be operated to generate native digital properties and decentralized applications. Tokens or coins are digital properties generated using your blockchain, which system users will use to transact. That seems to be a nice concept, but like with every company, you must first raise funding which you can do by launching the ICO platform.

Initiating an ICO

The most profitable ICOs have a meaningful use case for a blockchain and estate or service that people prefer for any thriving corporation.

Hundreds of tokens and coin launches are scattered everywhere. Investors are hesitant to invest in poorly thought-out firms unless they have a highly effective solution to these fundamental difficulties.

  • Construct a group

An ICO is a gigantic and multifaceted business; to be triumphant, you will require a wonderful team or squad. The committee behind an ICO is one of the most responsible characteristics of whether it will accomplish or cease to function, and investors will scrutinize it closely.

  • Understand the legislation and choose the appropriate jurisdiction

Regulators and politicians are growing more sophisticated in their grasp of blockchain and crypto, but as a relatively young business fueled by new technology, it remains mostly unregulated, including ICOs.

However, you should not take this to suggest that your ICO will be exempt from local rules and regulations. It indicates that you will need legal expertise to deduce the critical legal perspective of your token, how it needs to be administered, and things to require to abide by the law, particularly when it comes to securities regulation, which regulates the issuance of monetary tools classified as securities (stocks and bonds), and anti-money laundering (AML) legislation, which strive to impede wealth laundering.

The constitution that will pertain to your ICO will vary according to the region in which you administer it.

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  • Developing and choosing suitable technology

Choosing the right technology for your ICO will be crucial for the technology to be profitable. While some corporations prefer to establish their blockchain and use it to operate their ICO platform, the substantial majority depend on prevailing programs like Ethereum. Assembling a blockchain is problematic and consumes a lot of time, so it is exclusively used in endeavors needing a personalized blockchain. While various blockchains may provide more flexibility and distinct features, they also need more work and experience.

  • Tokens

 Because tokens are code, they may be written with various functionalities. Utility, participation, investment, and asset-backed tokens are the four types. Each kind is governed by its legal constraints. Thus it’s critical to understand the state of your token.

  • Security

Blockchains are very safe, but cyberpunks may sabotage smart contracts or websites, and ICOs can be an attraction for fraudsters and hackers. Superior security will safeguard and reassure investors about your enterprise. Having a properly verified smart contract, high-quality, trustworthy hosting (with DDoS protection), domain monitoring for phishing, and purchasing comparable domain names yourself can all help safeguard your project and investors.

  • Infrastructure

In addition to the blockchain-specific technology required for your ICO, you’ll need servers to handle website traffic and onboard customers. This is common with Know Your Customer (KYC) services and manual verification.

  • Create your tokenomics

In general, for an ICO, you want to strike a balance between the supply and price of your coin. These elements are referred to as your ICO’s tokenomics.

Your project’s tokenomics should fund the essence of your property or service and the rate of your token or coin. The two important considerations are the distribution of tokens and the production of tokens.

  • Allotment and proportion

There are numerous factors to consider when allocating and distributing the token. Here, a balance must be achieved. Lock-up clauses will be included in many ICOs to stabilize the price in short to medium term. If a large portion of your token’s supply is owned by whales (anyone possessing a high fraction of the tokens), regular investors will fear being dumped.

  • Token supply

 Tokens will have an unlimited supply (the most tokens that can ever be mined), a cumulative store (the number of tokens that prevail now), and a circulating cache (the number of tokens presently in circulation that are not detained). The abundance of your token and your business’s agreement will impact its worth.

An inflationary strategy might cause your token to depreciate over time, motivating token holders to spend their tokens. Spending a deflationary approach helps to enhance, or at least sustain, the value of each token as demand grows. Still, it may also result in tokenholders hoarding their tokens rather than using them. You must pick which model is best for your project.

  • Select your token sale model

After settling on your project’s tokenomics, you must select how to organize the token sale. The token sale mechanism must strike a balance between simplicity and variety to attract and reward a diverse range of investors.

  • Make a product roadmap

Your initial coin offering platform (ICO) is only a means to a goal. Your investors will be curious about why you are raising these funds, what they will be utilized for, and where your firm is heading. A thorough product roadmap is required to persuade investors that your company is credible and likely to flourish.

The roadmap should include the following:

  • A clear vision for your project – employing a copywriter may assist you with this.
  • A set of specific, logical, measurable, and time-bound milestones.
  • Formulating your white paper

It will be the key data reference for investors working persistently on your operation. This white paper will be critical in certifying investors that your proposal is extensive and credible. You should prepare the white paper before solidifying your community and reaching out to investors, regardless of whether you are initiating a public or a confidential ICO.

How to prepare for the launch

How to Prepare for the Launch

It’s useless to have a fantastic product, a token everyone wants to purchase, and no place to sell it. Your cryptocurrency must be listed on exchanges before your ICO date. 

  • Finalize your website and name

Investors will analyze a proposal based on the integrity of its website. Hiring the finest web architects and designers, you can pay for is a must. Suppose you have an international project and want to attract foreign investors. You might contemplate employing professional translators to interpret your website in the different dialects of the jurisdictions you wish to focus on.

This page should include a summary of your project, its key selling features, and a link to your white paper.

  • Create your community.

In the crypto world, the community is everything. A committed, devoted, and passionate community will help promote your product and ICO. With a significant public relations (PR) and marketing push, you’ll aid in creating your community.

In general, you’ll be better served by ICO and cryptocurrency-focused public relations and marketing firms. The cryptoverse is distinct, and most corporate and conventional practitioners will lack an in-depth grasp of the ecosystem, investors, and media.

A competitive public associations squad has its finger on the pace of the crypto media and promising relationships within it. They can also have founders interviewed on podcasts and featured on YouTube channels operated by well-known cryptocurrency celebrities.

  • List your company on various exchanges

Exchanges have varying listing rules depending on the kind of token and firm. Exchanges make money by authorizing fees on trading and documenting in-demand new currencies that will privilege them. You should have no problem being listed on an exchange if you have a large community and high demand for your token.


You have the choice of raising a seed round by pitching an investment capital fund or seeking crowdsourcing via a platform in the case of a typical business or private investor.

An ICO, or initial coin offering platform (ICO), is a method of raising funds for your enterprise by selling digital assets based on blockchain technology.

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