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With our network of top blockchain developers, we help you build and optimize your business, unlock competitive advantages and scale up.

From dynamic startups to SMEs and Fortune 500 organizations, we’ll help you achieve better ROI from your blockchain journey.

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Led by industry experts from Goldman Sachs and Citrix, our blockchain development team has
collaborated with top brands across various industries.

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Hire in under 24 hours. We offer flexible work engagements from full-time, to part-time and hourly. Scale-up your business today with us and unlock better ROI from your blockchain journey.

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Every blockchain developer is rigorously evaluated, vetted and uses advanced blockchain + AI skills to meet the growing industry needs. Our highly selective process gives your business >97% trial-to-hire success rate.

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Our team of top-rated blockchain developers help you tap into secure blockchain solutions for your business with a hiring speed that’s 400% better than the industry.

Perks? You’ll get access to top 3% talent that’s 3X cost-efficient than the industry with a zero-risk free trial – no strings attached.

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60% of the Blockchain experts have more than 5 years of industry experience.

Easily approachable via email, instant message, and even face-to-face video chats.

They align with your timezone and get work done around the clock.

Cost Synergies

Cost Synergies of
Over 50%

No need to worry about absentees, work breaks, paid or sick leave or paid vacations.

Huge amount of savings on office space, tools and equipment.

You won’t lose employees even if they transition out – we will have the next replacement ready for you.

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Leverage Advanced

Our team of full-stack blockchain developers are adept at using the latest technologies.

They are all certified and have hands-on using Ethereum, Hyperledger, IOTA.

Have delivered high-tech solutions for more than 25 industry verticals.

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What Do We Offer?

Custom Blockchain Development Service Icon

Custom Blockchain Development

With us, you’ll get access to explore, ideate, develop and implement secure and automated blockchain solutions powered by smart contracts, decentralized apps, digital identities and strong P2P networks.

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As your blockchain technology partner, we assess your technical status and identify key areas where you can leverage blockchain. These critical metrics are aimed at adding value and enhancing efficiency for your business.

Crypto Blockchain Development Service Icon

Crypto Blockchain Development

When you collaborate with us, our team of full-stack blockchain developers add value by building platforms that can be utilized for cryptocurrency-based projects. From ICOs and secure wallets to cryptocurrency exchanges, our team helps you capitalize on the cryptocurrency success wave.

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Access To Advanced Blockchain Development Solutions

Blockchain network

Custom Blockchain Development

Scalable and decentralized network from scratch using POW/ POS/DPOS/Customised consensus

Parallel and Sequential Processing for faster transactions

Smart contract

Custom Smart Contract Development

Smart contract to automate business process on various platforms

Solidity and DeFi contracts on Ethereum

 Hyperledger chaincode development for healthcare, mortgage, supply chain, etc

EOS smart contract for scaling Apps development, performance & efficiency

Custom Governance and Tokenomics

Custom Governance and Tokenomics

Governance model for blockchain rules

Tokenomics model for the reward distributions among block producers, witnesses, voters and App developers

ICO development

ICO Development

Create your own token with industry standards: (ERC – 20, ERC – 721)

White paper creation and design

ICO fundraising and website design

Token development

Smart Contract Development

Listing Services

Build Ecosystem

Build Ecosystem on Custom Network

Decentralized Storage system Smart Contract Development

dApp Store

Blockchain Naming System similar to DNS

Blockchain Wallets

Explore block

Block Explorer for Public and Private Network

Blockchain/EOSIO/ Ethereum explorer

Hyperledger explorer

Customised explorer/queries

Our Work

Digital Lending Capital Corp (DLCC)

Blockchain solution for lending and borrowing funds


Build a blockchain-based lending solution where crypto investors could tap into liquidity for a defined cost and simplify lending while adhering to regulatory compliance.

We delivered

A blockchain solution that codifies Lender and Borrower relationships in a regulatory-compliant format and reduces the upfront cost to the client.


Collection Account Management Application (CAMA)

Blockchain-based solutions for Media Industry


Develop a hyperledger fabric-based decentralized application for the media industry to keep financial transactions transparent and secure.

We delivered

dApp development for automatic transfers of funds, smart contracts, secure connection with City National Bank (USA) and third-party banks’ API integration.

Alcracity – Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain Ecosystem DApps Development and Deployment


A complete blockchain ecosystem that provides features used by internet applications and brings them to a decentralized network.

We delivered

Alcracity enables developers to establish their dApps from scratch. Using the SDK provided to them, they can make world-class DApps which can be implemented across multiple use cases.



World’s first decentralised online advertising platform


Develop HD wallet and build a blockchain-based decentralized optimization tool to increase profits for paid online marketing campaigns.

We delivered

A digital marketing platform powered by blockchain that enables users to receive detailed web traffic insights.

How we collaborate. A peek into our work process.

From competitive pricing, building a scalable prototype, flexible hiring and testing to signing NDAs, our agile work process helps you meet your blockchain development goals.

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Reach out to us with your business requirement and one of our blockchain experts will work with your business to understand your goals, blockchain needs and technical requirements.



In under a day, we’ll interview the right talent to match your project needs.


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We work to guarantee you the right fit and ensure you get access to a free-trial for your new team of blockchain developers – no strings attached.

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What services are offered by your company for blockchain development?2022-04-07T08:24:46+05:30

We offer private blockchain, blockchain technology consulting, ICO, IEO and STO, dApps development service, blockchain with IoT, and Blockchain in AI. We work in almost all industry verticals including finance, healthcare, education, government, media, publication, real estate and supply chain.

Will your Blockchain Developers work as per my timezone?2022-04-07T08:23:20+05:30

Yes, all our blockchain developers will work as per your timezone. We make sure to provide our clients with a hassle-free experience. Hence, our whole team of blockchain is committed to working as per the needs and demands of the client.

Do you provide remote blockchain developers for hire?2022-04-07T08:21:57+05:30

Yes, we do provide remote blockchain developers for hiring. Communication is very easy and smooth as all our developers are flexible in working as per the client’s timezone.

Why should I hire blockchain developers from SoluLab?2022-04-07T08:20:28+05:30

You will never regret hiring developers form SoluLab. Our whole team is equipped with developers who ace in their programming skills and are updated with all the tools related to blockchain technology to provide a smooth and efficiently running development project for your company.

How much does it cost to hire blockchain developers?2022-04-07T08:18:54+05:30

Typically, blockchain engineers charge between $81 and $100 per hour. As the need for blockchain coders grows, the hourly rate they demand may rise along with it.

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