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Cannabis Inventory Management System

Forecast, plan, track and register your marijuana and cannabis products. Build cannabis seed-to-sale software and marijuana dispensary management software that manages your inventory and delivery processes. Establish a legal cannabis marketplace where your customers can interact, share, and discuss cannabis without the worry of getting their accounts terminated for doing so.

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An Impeccable Mobility Enterprise Suite that Empowers Cannabis Sector

Enterprise Mobility for Cannabis & Dispensary Inventory Management

Why build a management software for Cannabis Industry

Solulab has an expert team of developers and designers that build can build mobility solutions that smoothly run your cannabis business. You will be able to optimise your inventory management and enhance without violating any regulation.

Get your cannabis business online today with the right technological solutions that protect your dispensaries and boost your growth

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Benefits of Cannabis Suite – Inventory and Delivery Management Solutions

User Panel

  • Registration and simple verification
  • Manage appointments
  • Find a doctor
  • Locate nearby dispensaries
  • Explore products
  • Easy ordering and payment options
  • Track live status of driver / servicemen
  • Ratings and review
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Employee Panel

  • User registrations
  • Set cost of services and deliveries
  • Manage appointments
  • Instant new order notifications
  • Manage notifications and order fulfilment status
  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Route optimisation for drivers
  • Live updates and tracking of status
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Admin Dashboard

  • Check runtime and live status of employees
  • Full-fledged analytics
  • Real-time detailed insights
  • Monitor current engagements
  • Create / edit on-demand bookings
  • Push notifications
  • Performance monitoring
  • Analysis and sales reports
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